Wednesday, 7 April 2010


The light sparkled on the water droplets
A prism of colours twinkled back
The world was washed clean
The rain left rainbows in the sky
The earth smelt of burgeoning life
The grass mown for the first time that year
Smelt of childhood memories
The daffodils nodded their heavy heads,
their perfume fragrant on the breeze
The sun warmed the land
and hope was there of hot summer days to come.
Who knew what the future would hold
It was enough just to be right now
To claim this day, to be in the moment
Being alive, being glad, being me
What more does anyone need


Beatnheart said...

yes and if only we (I) could remember truer words spoken eh FB..

Lyn said...

Mandy - I hope your birthday was a good one. Don't you agree -- having a birthday beats the alternative! Onwards and upwards (our glasses) and cheers to another year of life - and all (love, pain, the whole damn thing) that goes with it! Hugs, Lyn
Happy Hump Day to you too sister! : )

Von said...

You sometimes don't know how good it is until you've had the pain.Good wishes...

Unknown said...

what a gorgeous ode to spring!
Hope you had a wonderful, happy and totally brilliant birthday! xxx

Merry ME said...

Beautiful poem.
What more can anyone need? Not much!

Did I miss the birthday? Dang? I thought I would be on top of it?

speck of dust said...

What a lovely lovely moment to capture. It reminds me that sometimes the difficulties seem to dominate and overwhelm our lives but if we can just stop and capture the wonderful moments and hold onto them... This is very familiar to me as I have these moments in the garden too. But tonight I have a red hot face, anxiety and sore guts from this weird virus, and a boy who has more energy than a rampaging herd of antalope. So thanks for the reminder!

Miss Robyn said...

lovely! but you know what I really love? how you spell colour like I do :) xo

Lia said...

That's a really lovely poem.
Did you write it?

much love

Mel said...

Perfect. As is. This moment.

Celebrate all that is.

Being present in the moment is such a powerfully freeing thing. I'm glad you had that--still hope it's happening for you, truth be told!

And Happy Birthday month to you, ma'am. :-)

Rosaria Williams said...

Beautiful Ode. It's good to be alive!

Pam said...

You're so right Mandy -mown grass does smell of childhood memories. How lucky we are to have our five senses. I would hate to lose my sight. Your post reminds me to seize the small pleasures of the day, and when the going gets tough, to at least appreciate the presence of those senses very much. Did you over-indulge the tastebuds for your birthday week? Hope so!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Indeed what more?

Lovely, lovely poem!!!

Happy Birthday!

karen said...

Great, springlike feelgood-ness! Hope the birthday celebrations were fab :)

Lori ann said...

Oh how lovely, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday too Mandy! Enjoy the beautiful weather.
xxx lori

Spadoman said...

Right now. What is happening right now. You can't change the past, you don't know the future. Now is the only thing you can be sure of.
Nice poetry.


Sorrow said...

This is beautiful.. You have such a gift!