Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The eternal cycle

The light cascades down like a waterfall through the stark bare branches.
It lands on the leaf cover still echoing shades of autumn
The merest hint of green shoots spikes through the mulch
Snowdrops nod their heads in the breeze.

The continuum of life goes on,the eternal circle
So through the pain comes light
Through the darkness, day.
The adventure of spring preparing itself to burst forth

The dark will go and leave only light that sparkles and shines on the world below
The world around will smell fresh and green
The sap will rise, the buds will open spilling forth their blossom
Preparing for the crop to come

The days get longer and the danger of winter starts to pass
The days get marked as they swiftly pass
And so the cycle continues it's path


Paula said...

There is security and tranquility in the circle of life. It is eternal magic to me. So nicely described. Hugs to you

Zan said...

I can feel the sunshine awakening me already from reading this. Beautiful!

trousers said...

I find this to be a good time of year, in the sense that though we still have some dark and wintry days ahead of us, then most of it is behind us. It's great to have tangible signs of what's to come - it's lighter when I get up, and on a clear day it's not dark til 5pm whereas a month ago it was 4pm. And so on.

Lovely post. x

Paula said...

Had to return for another peek at the blossoms. Gorgeous - time for Spring.

Von said...

Beautiful post, thank you for it and good wishes.

Angela said...

I am looking at your flower pictures! Thank you! No sign of spring here yet!

Lyn said...

Mandy -- you make me yearn for spring -- and in this neck of the woods -- springtime is a far way off! Lovely photos to set the mood though. Cheers to another wonderful English poet -- Mandy!

Pam said...

Spring is indeed a beautiful time, but would we appreciate it as much without the harshness of winter. There is certainly a place for the bleak times in our lives,tough as they are, but if we can ride them out...well, your writing says it all dear Mandy. I tried to upload your birdfeeder photo for my post,and had difficulty for some reason-funny because as a JPEG it should be fine. One of life's little mysteries I guess.

Linda said...

I had nearly forgotten just how special Springtime can be♥ Beautiful words, the circle of life indeed. xoxo

speck of dust said...

Beautiful poem. I have written similar sentiments myself today! Your neck of the woods must be warmer than mine. We have just got snowdrops through and nothing else.

miss*R said...

anyone can be a 'mother' it takes love & care to be a mum.

Mel said...




I'll live vicariously through your springtime hope--and wait patiently for mine.

Walker said...

Great post.
I feel a sense of impending freedom in the air.
Soon you will be able to fly down the countryside with the top down.
You got a convertible to don't you?