Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Oak tree

Borrowing from my friend Mel, who does her wonderful lists all the time I thought I'd do 'a today what makes me happy' list, just cause....

Happiness is (Or perhaps thankfulness)....

A pot of coffee and warm croissant for breakfast

Opening, and using a new pot of lemon scented handcream.

Booking a long weekend in Krakow with my friend J for May

Being able to walk Trix this afternoon,it was too icy this morning.

Getting a surprise phone call from Munich to talk about the weather!!!

Allowing myself the luxury of an afternoon nap and not feeling guilty.

Knowing that it's not long till Friday.

Thinking I had, and finding Yellow Ribbon


Sorrow said...

Thats a short list of sunshines..
I like the part about the nap.
(best of all!)

Lyn said...

Great list ... it really is the simple things in life that make us happy, isn't it? Coffee and a croissant! Yum. Such comforting things. Now I am hungry!

Helen said...

No matter the size of the happiness list, it's so important to have one.

Angela said...

I`m glad you found the yellow ribbon. How about a cake, too? I am smiling with you.

Lia said...

I'm happy you made a happy list and that you found the yellow ribbon, yellow is such a happy colour and one of my favourites.
Mel is so funny at times, I have her Llama llama song stuck in my head, which is making me laugh.
Much love

Merry ME said...

I can almost smell the lemon hand cream. So clean and fresh.

I've been acting like a crazy woman.Everything around me seems to be in chaos. Perhaps the truth lies in my soul. I need to make a happiness list!

And maybe a nap, too!

Lori ann said...

Yummy croissants! nice to read your list Mandy. I have some organic lemon creme too that i really love!

Cait O'Connor said...

I love these sort of lists, I was nodding away. I haven't posted blessings for ages, you have inspired me now.

miss*R said...

a gorgeous list!!! brilliant, love it xx

Pam said...

I like your list Mandy - especially the nap. Why do we humans have such problems with the afternoon nap or "arvvo kip" as we say here, when animals do it all the time and seem much better for it! We can learn a lot from our furry friends - love to Trix and big hug to you - and enjoy those croissants, sounds wonderful!

Mel said...


Well, that made me happy!

It's always good when someone else gets the gumption to share those everyday things that really do bring joy.

Ohhhh....and I got one of those 'surprise' calls tonight WHILE having a stolen cuppa pressed coffee (himself's don'tchaknow)....and I was very, very happy. LOL

(((((((((((( the byrdie )))))))))))

Paula said...

Love reading your list. Love you got inspired to do so. Would go for a nap and surprise call at any time ;-)

karen said...

guilt-free nap, how fantastic! I like the idea of lists, too :)