Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hope on a Sunday

Waking with a start, she felt confused for a moment. What had woken her this way, and she realised her room was bathed in light, sun was streaming in through the window. The crystals that hung in her window were making dancing rainbows around her walls. It was one of these rainbows that had skited across her face,waking her.

Oh the joy of sunshine after the weeks of dreadful weather, grey skies that dragged your spirits down however hard you tried to stay optimistic. She rolled onto her back and stretched her legs down the bed, feeling the coolness of the sheets at the bottom.. She lay there wriggling her toes feeling their cool softness.

This was a moment to be savoured before she got on with her day. But her dog had heard her move and came bounding into the room. Peace and quiet was over, the day was starting. Kicking the covers off and greeting the dog, who was impatiently wagging her tail for attention, she grabbed her disreputable dog walking clothes, the ones she sincerely hoped she'd never meet anyone other than dog walkers in, and got dressed quickly.

They were so scruffy, old tatty joggers and jumpers with holes.Getting downstairs, the dog getting more excited by the minute, she opened the curtains letting light flood the house. Filled the kettle, and finally got as far the cupboard where the dogs lead and her coat gloves and hat where.

Jamming the hat on her head and getting the dog lead, the pair of them got to the door at the same time.The dog clutching her favourite orange ball, which was then put in her pocket till later.

Off they set, the ice had gone, she crossed the road for the first time in weeks without being scared of falling over. On the other side there was green grass visible after weeks of being underneath heavy snow. It's vibrancy of colour almost stopped her in her tracks. It was stunningly beautiful.

The Church bells were ringing in the distance, the birds were singing around her and the world was suddenly a gleaming and hopeful place.

So much had gone on recently, it had been a tough year all told. But this morning the world was sparkling and so was she. Anything was possible today, she felt. And whilst she walked, she allowed herself to let that hope, that had been creeping into her soul,become a voice in her head.

Surely her dreams would come true this spring. She just had to believe. There wasn't anything she could do to rush them, but she could prepare emotionally, and that she felt was the opportunity being given to her this morning.

To be able to see a future, a fresh start, a change in her life that would be so profound it was almost daunting, but one that she had yearned for, for years. This is what crept into her heart on this still cold, but gloriously sunny morning.

Getting home with rosy glow cheeks and a spring in her step, she finally after weeks of turgid coping suddenly had the thing that would see her through. She had hope and that with the sunshine, and the promise of spring eventually happening, was enough


Paula said...

It is such a great feeling to realise one made it through AGAIN and AGAIN. Even better if one can see it as a lesson on a glorious morning. Happy you feel so great.

Anonymous said...

wonderful :D


Lyn said...

Mandy - sounds like you are in the throes of a January thaw - literally and figuratively! I guess it's true -- it's darkest before the dawn. So happy for you.

Mel said...


Hope is a powerful thing.

I love that the rainbow awakened you with the promise.

(((((((( the byrdie ))))))))))

We need to get you some cool 'dog walking' clothes! ;-)
Just sayin'....LOL

Ruth said...

I had a dream the other day about rainbow coloured drinks, in chakra colours - this reminded me.

Ruth said...

Yes - I am the same Ruth from the Circle!

Lori ann said...

OMG. I have goosebumps. How perfectly lovely. The optimisim in your voice is positively sparkling just like those crystals.
this is a wonderful thing to read this early monday morning.

nitebyrd said...

Hope. Keeping hope is just like always having Spring just around the corner.

Beautiful, bright, hopeful post, Byrd!

Pam said...

I remember the encouragement to you "this too will pass" and it did. Fantastic Mandy. High five...and one more cliche...You go giiirrrllll!!xxx

Lia said...

It's good to hear you so upbeat and full of hope.
Much love

tattytiara said...

Yep, dreams have a funny habit of coming true when you make yourself ready for them.

"This was a moment to be savoured before she got on with her day. But her dog had heard her move and came bounding into the room."

Had to giggle. How well I know that moment!

miss*R said...

fantastic!!! i love this !! xo

Walker said...

There is always a rainbow after a rainstorm when the sun shines through.
Just skip down that road and the future will reveal it's self

Ronjazz said...

Good, good, good! SO glad to see the cold thawing, even a little bit. Your eloquence consistently is a marvel to me. Always has been, always will be.

Helen said...

Hello! I want you to know how much I enjoyed reading this post! It made me smile inside and outside.

Poetry and Hums said...

Perhaps the Divine One gave us cold winter months so that we'll awake renewed with the cming of Spring.

Poetry and Hums said...

P.S. Poetry & Hums aka Merry ME!