Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rudyard Lake Staffordshire

I've stopped throwing my toys out of my pram. And made myself stand in the corner until I knew what I was doing wrong!!!
And so I've put the comments back on. But may carry on with pics for a bit until i come up with something to say.


speck of dust said...

Hey Fire Byrd. Beautiful photo. I'm sorry to hear of the events with your son. I really hope it all works out well for him and you. Not nice to have that hanging over your head. I'm sorry to hear you have want to stop your blog. It's been lovely to meet you here. I really enjoy your view of the world and your humour and honesty about your joys and struggles. I also really love your photographs and enjoy every time I come on here seeing them. Lots of love x

speck of dust said...

oops I see you didn't want any comments. Sorry! I hope you are feeling less insecure. You are completely loved and completely loveable X

Merry ME said...

SInce the sign above says: Leave your Comment, I think I shall!

I'm very glad you are back. Photos do say a thousand words, but not quite with your style! That said, I could look at your pictures all day. Thanks for the description of Lud's Church. It sounds like a special place. If you are ever lost I'll know just where to look for you!

Glad to hear Alex has seen the light. Don't tell anyone but for years I worried that I'd see my son's face on the national news - or worse yet - America's Most Wanted. He has settled quite nicely into middle age so I can tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Sending smiles and hugs

Helen said...

Merry Me says it best ... so many of us including me have 'been there.'

And I, for one, am thrilled to have this method of communication with you. Bravo, Ms. Fire Byrd, bravo.

trousers said...

Hi :)

Lori ann said...

*smile* oh Mandy here's a big hug. now rest your foot and stop cleaning! The delay might be a good thing, i asked my son who is studying law. Well, he's only just begun but you never know! I am crossing my fingers till then and will say prayers if that's alright with you. Sorry i'm lagging on the email, will write soon.
Have a good day Mandy dear.
♥ lori

Linda - Gold Coast said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Alex's case has been adjourned. I just hope the new date is in early December rather than later. I'm certain he will be sat with you around the table at Christmas. He certainly has turned his life around and hopefully this will be taken into consideration. Beautiful photo's by the way. So pleased you have your comments back as well. ♥ Linda xoxo

Mel said...

Continuing the case isn't an all bad thing--by December he'll have some time being employed, more time in doing right things to present to the Judge. That's a VERY good thing.
Your photos--a very good thing.
Enabling comments again, a very good thing, of the "VERY good thing" pile-- is YOU.


Picsie Chick said...

Welcome back completely, Ms. Byrd! I may not comment on each and every post, but I love that I can, and love that you want us to share with you the ways that you have touched us.

I'm sending loads of butterflies to you and your son - to help you both heal, to bring your spirits up, to ensure that the judgement is not too harsh, to bring you a joyful next few months, to and, really, joy every single day.

Much love,

Angela said...

Dearest Mandy, we were away for a few days, so no time to write or comment, but I am thinking of you, and of Alex. Too bad H. can`t rush over to go to court with him! But everything will work out as it should. I am just reading your book Angels in my good! Please don`t ever feel unloved, just because we all have also our life to manage. Time is scarce, but love is not!!

Anonymous said...

No need whatsoever to berate yourself, Firebyrd. Given the troubles with Alex + your broken limb - more than enough to scupper most people. So the fact you're working with that excellent eye of yours (fab pix, girl, thank you!) + continuing to blog as/when shows not only courage but also generosity: it's inspiring!
Thank you. You (+ Alex, who surely merits a 2nd chance after all those sterling efforts to sort himself) will be in my thoughts.

karen said...

Oh Mandy, so sorry to hear about Alex. But the fact that he has completely stopped drinking is really wonderful! You know we all love your blog and I'm so glad we are allowed to comment on it once more! x

Anonymous said...

I read and enjoy your blog, but tend not to leave comments, as I don't have a lot to say, so maybe comments aren't that important anyway. Glad you are back (sort of). Jacqueline