Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My baby

I'm scared, really scared, and I'm hoping with my fingers tight crossed that the end of this post later on today will be good news.
Alex has gone to court this morning, with five charges against him. He's pleading guilty to the first four but not the last.
Best case scenario is a fine, his lawyer thinks he'll get a fine and community service. And everyone's fear is he could be sent down.

He did do wrong, he knows that.

He has turned his life around since. He's stopped drinking completely. He's been having counselling (not by me)He's been talking more to me recently than for a long time. He's been happy to get up and be my taxi service to work whilst I can't drive. He starts a job tomorrow, well at least the induction for the next two days.

The thought that my baby could go to prison is so awful.

I will update this later. In the meantime I'm going to overwork and clean to keep myself from fear.

The bloody case is adjourned until December..... so we all know what I want for Christmas, Alex at the table!