Sunday, 18 October 2009

Last chance to read Firebyrd

I love my blog, it's been my friend
It's the place I've written my life and stories
I've loved putting my pics for all to see
And changing them for the next theme
I have tried so hard,
I've written my heart out.
I've written about my pain, my knowledge, my grouches and moans
I've held the faith that people read me
I've stopped checking just to ensure
I've done my best not to mind
That less and less pass by and comment anymore.
And that I go day by day just to make sure I don't neglect
Those people who I know who bother to write
And I leave a comment and they ignore
Well .......... mate
I'm taking a break
It hurts to see that people I love go elsewhere
So this will be here till tomorrow
Then firebyrd will be no more


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Everything ok hon? Sending hugs & champers via the comment box! BG Xx

kj said...

hey, but don't forget you have a new friend here and there, including me.

someone's hurt you and i understand that. when it happens on the blogs it's so damn difficult. me too. but i hope you take the time you need and come back. don't let it be your loss.

love to you,

Helen said...

How can I explain to you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. There is just something about you, your life, your words that draws the reader in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lori ann said...

Mandy? maybe it's time for a new name again? to go with your new future home and life? the reinvention of Mandy. Maybe it's just a change you need (a new foot?) sorry :( I was trying to make you smile.
I love you.

Paula said...

I am so sorry to see you leave. You have become a dear friend and I am sorry to see oyu hurt. Hope you return rishing form the ashes! Hugs and love

Angela Recada said...

Oh, dear Mandy, I'll miss you terribly.

You are a rare voice of intelligence, reason and passion out there in Blogland. You understood exactly what I meant last week by a post I later deleted, and I'll never forget your comment. I think you were the only one who read it who understood my outrage. I so appreciated that.

I'm so sorry you feel so negative about blogging right now. But I understand. Some days I love it, and other days I wonder why I bother with it.

Like KJ said, "you have a new friend here and there" . . . including me, always.

I hope to see you and hear from you again.

Be well, my friend.

Hugs and love,

Angela Recada said...

I received your message.
I'm going to try to be a wise woman, too.


Lady in red said...

aww hugs
I know I have been bad at reading and commenting recently but it is not personal I just have not been going to my own blogs let alone anyone elses, but that doesn't mean that you are not in my thoughts every single day because you are.

I am not sure how much longer I shall be blogging my posts have become very infrequent and my reading has become hit and miss. But like I said this is not a snub againt you in any way shape or form.

miss*R said...

I totally understand. what is it with some blogging people?

anyhow.. you know how I feel about you and we are in contact in Circle now xoxo and if there is any nonsense over there.. I can delete the culprit! sending love.. and open a new blog.. just keep it private for those who really do matter... the rest pfft to them.

Lori ann said...

I'm sorry Mandy, I probably spoke in haste, I am truly sorry to see you hurt, I just feel bad and wish there were something I could do.I'm usually a much better listener. Hugs.

Ronjazz said...

Been going through my own kind of changes. Not all good, but necessary. I want you to think of me always as your friend. Because I hold you up high, too. You're quite a human being, honey. Drop a line and let's reach out to each other again....


lakeviewer said...

If you must take a break, we understand. I do hope you're o.k. and back to us soon.
We'll miss you.

trousers said...

I hope it's just a break. Although I've known you as a friend for some time now, I will still miss your bloggy presence.

I too have seen the visits to my place become less and less: from my stats, then by the end of this year I will have had less than half the visits to my blog than I had last year. It's not always been easy to try and disregard such things and carry on regardless, but it did make me clarify for myself the reasons that I do keep blogging.

I know you've been through all of those processes yourself with a fine toothcomb, so I'll offer no advice here. However, I'll repeat that I'll miss your online presence, and hope that you may return in some form or other as and when you're ready.

Hugs xx

miss*R said...

you know, when I get home from my trip to Tasmania, I do plan on opening a new blog.. but I have to work out a plan so that I really do blog just for myself.. I love blogging, more of a way to get stuff out of my head and it is creative which I like.. but like EVERYONE else in blogland, I get caught up in trying to blog for others, to entertain them and get feedback.. those who say that comments don't matter are telling fibs.. because if comments don't matter, why the hell do they not turn the comments off? it can be done.

Rach said...

I understand Mandy I am probably one of the guilty ones, haven't posted on my own blog for sometime either.

No excuse, but must admit work has taken over my computer time even on a night, I do still try and read and hope you are going to stay on facebook....(((Hugs))) xxx

Linda - Gold Coast said...

I'm so sad that you are feeling this way Mandy. I don't know about other folk but sometimes I struggle to write something of purpose so then I don't write anything or sometimes I ramble on too much. I've loved your blog♥ I hope that after a break you may feel like blogging again or perhaps start a new blog, whatever avenue you decide to take you will always have heaps of friends walking down with you♥ Love Linda xoxo

tattytiara said...

And I'd only just found it! Be well.

Sorrow said...

What a shock this was!
I have added my hugs to the pile, and I shall continue to send love thru the post and the wire.
if you need this, than do this,
and be well in yourself...
you are my beloved Byrd...

Merry ME said...

My friend,
Like the other commenters before me I'm feeling sad, guilty, missing you already. I'm also suddenly aware of blog pitfalls I never realized before so I'm even a little bit scared.

I agree with others, you need to do for yourself what you'd tell others to do. If hugs can cross the ocean please know I'm wrapping arms of love around you.

Your visits to my blog have been gifts of friendship and wisdom. Thank you.

Take care. Be gentle. Know you are loved whether you blog or not.

Be blessed. Know Peace. Embrace Joy.

karen said...

Hi Mandy... just for the record, I LOVE your blog and have read probably every single post of yours since I first started reading it a year ago! I have in the last couple of weeks been through so much, that I haven't even been able to look at my own blog, let alone everybody else's! So here I am back in blog land, ready to read backwards through all your posts, and first off I'm very sad to see you're going to be giving it a break, as I'll miss you greatly!

Hopefully you'll come back though, after a bit of time out? Off to read through your past posts to see what has been going on. Sending you lots of warm african hugs, in case it helps cheer you up xx

Val said...

ah Mandy - thats so sad. Like Karen, and I think a lot of us, this recent period has been quite submerging, and although i dont always leave comments when my connection is slow/bad i do keep up with reading whenever i can and love reading your blog! I have always admired your bravery and found your posts thought provoking and relevant.
Being in the blogging community is the best part, and i love it when people leave comments.
Maybe you just need to step back for a while - blogger fatigue? - and come back when you are ready...
the door is always open.
Hope all is ok with you otherwise ?
hugs xx

Sage said...

I'm going to miss you and your blog... it's been more than just a place to visit, but also to catch up with a long lost friend... xx

CheekyDani said...

Oh. That's a shame to read. I often store your posts up to read in one lush sitting. I'll miss your blog too.



Minnie said...

Oh pants, Byrd - just as I was discovering your blog [cue infantile tantrum from Avid Reader!]. But I DO understand your reasons, here + in the following post. They ring bells with me - all of 'em. Think an awful lot of the silence/caution/panic/rushing about or away may be attributable to a general battening down of hatches on all fronts, with everybody braced for Round Two of the Recession. And then there are the thoughtless, spiteful or simply stupid commenters: fact of life, I fear. Nothing to do with you, as you know - it's ... them. Wield the zapper, show 'em who's boss!
Keep on posting: those are gorgeous pix.

Mel said...

(((((((( the byrdie )))))))))

Always warm and good thoughts for you, no matter the choices, no matter the venue.
Please-- know you're loved....even when you don't trust that. Especially when you don't trust that.

(((((((((( the byrdie ))))))))))))