Tuesday, 25 August 2009

That's it, I've burnt my bridges now!

So there's no turning back now.....
The house is on the market, the first viewer is coming round on Saturday morning.... better get a new vacuum cleaner before then!!!

And I told the senior partner at work that I'll be leaving someday soon.
I've suggested a couple of colleagues names to replace me when the time is right, so that there is a seamless flow of counselling in my place of work.

It's odd a few weekends ago before I made this decision I had a cleaning glut, which is a rare occurrence, I may be obsessionally tidy, but cleaning I can leave for some time. And I did bizarre things like clean the mildew from the tiles in the bathroom. Even whilst doing them I thought I should get a life, big time. But now I'm so glad I've done these weird and wacky jobs.

So now when the mood takes me bits and bobs get sorted out, like filling a charity bag with all the clothes loitering at the top of my wardrobe on Sunday. And tonight getting rid of a plant that has been taking over the kitchen, but was mainly dead. It's been dead for some time, but I've been able to ignore it for ages, as shifting it would mean a whole load of leaves all over the kitchen.

This of course is exactly what happened, I just question my wisdom sometime though in not moving things out of the way first.... so lots of things then had to be emptied of fallen dead leaves, like my handbag (purse),briefcase, pen holder and all other things I left in the way to make a five minute job into a full half hour of sorting and cleaning!!

There are jobs that I know I'll have to do sooner or later, but need to gird my loins first, like sorting through my filling cabinet, and my desk, not things I like doing, far too much like hard work. But they will all have to be done as taking a receipt from the gas company from four years ago to Devon probably isn't necessary.

Thing is in this downsizing that I'm going to do, trying to be brutal with my books is very hard. Which ones do I cull, .... the art books that I never look at anymore but love, the novels that were so good when I read them that they have been kept never to be read again, the myriad of therapy books, some of which have been read and some just take up space on my bookshelf, but their work books and therefore essential.

As for the many CDs that I haven't listened to forever.... And I can't get rid of my vinyl, even though I haven't had a deck for around 20 years. I mean Sgt Pepper is worth something isn't it. Just because it's scratched to smithereens is irrelevant!!!

And I'm not a hoarder I just have collections of stuff! Does anyone have a use for Barry Manilow on vinyl?????


Merry ME said...

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ... and a few less books!

Enjoy the adventure!

Gin said...

Getting rid of my books would be the hardest thing for me as well. Of course you could always get them on Kindle and download your music to a MP3. Maybe that will make it easier?

Sorrow said...

So the wrong person..I have moved more times than i can count, so few things make the move..more than say 2x. maybe the albums with my kids baby pictures, yeah those have moved 9 times or more..
I recommend the barry manilow for skeet practice...
I am so thrilled for you sweet..
There is a road unfolding before you with such infinite possibilities...

trousers said...

I'm sure I could find a use for Barry Manilow on vinyl. I'm not sure what exactly, but surely it's got to be useful for something. Glad you're not getting rid of your vinyl anyway :)

I imagine that all this downsizing/culling isn't easy, but that it will also have a certain liberating effect. All part of the process anyway, and exciting to know that it's underway.

janis said...

Hang in there! We did the big downsizing lasy year, but now we are moving again as this is too small as well as a few other reasons. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers with you as I am packing things up. I loved Gin's idea of the M3player! I would die without my music photos and books!

Helen said...

Hi there! Loved the comment you left for me about Carl ... thanks! I have lived in seven states and have moved a total of twenty-three times! Can you believe that? I have perfected the fine art of keeping what is precious and discarding what isn't.

My thoughts, energy and caring are right there with you as you transition.

Mel said...

Frisbee golf?
Serving platter?

Personally, skeet shoot was an excellent suggestion!
OH! See it to the Australians who are playing his stuff in hoodlum riddled parking lots! Apparently they've met with some success--the hoodlum's leave. LOL

And it's not about 'burning bridges'......it's about burning new trails with wondrous adventures!
And there IS a 'turning back' that could happen....however, you'd one or two (dozen?) of us to 'battle' if you opted to execute that option.
JUST sayin'..... :-)

Lori ann said...

ooh! exciting. i'm going through the same thing with attachments to things. I guess when the mood hits you'll know just what to do! (i'm finding i like empty space much more than stuff)well, at least less of it.
good luck!

Paula said...

Sir Walter Raleigh come to my mind:
"if you take the first step the horizons opens its gates for you". it is exciting, a new leg of your life´s journey. So many adventures ahead, untapped possibilities. All the best.

Sage said...

Been there, done that.. very rewarding and at the same time daunting... especially downsizing my book collection from 4 bookcases to just one.. in the end I sorted them by would I read them again, was I hanging on to them for collection or when did I last read them... still havent finished and hopefully like you I will be moving on soon enough.. take care xx

Anonymous said...

Best wishes in your moving....quite a task, I know. I read the comments on your blog, and I smiled at Mel's comment. I don't know Mel, but puhleeze...no skeet shooting vinyls...:)) That did make me smile. Thank you for your visit to me and your kind comments.
P.S. The word verification for my comment was 'weandur'....close to meander and wander, doncha think?

Pam said...

I'm with Helen's comment - twenty three times for me as well. By now what was four bookshelves is down to a few shelves in the hallway closet!.The hardest part last October was standing at the bookshelf browsing through art books and Country Living magazines - a great distraction.It's true about the Barry Manilow music in Australia- used to clear the "undesirable elements" away from the shopping malls and parking lots.Makes bug zappers and cattle prods look like the soft option.It works. Boy does it work. xxx

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Books are so hard to part with. I still have all my vinyls in Mum's loft, including the Beatles White Album. Good luck with decluttering FB, not an easy task. I am so excited for you. Dreams are now becoming reality. Linda xoxo

karen said...

Oh the dilemma of the boxes of books! That is one category I have the greatest difficulty in downsizing. We also have a few boxes of vinyls, too. Have no idea what to do with them! Good luck with everything :)

Angela Recada said...

I wish you all the best as you continue to move forward in your life. What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you!

I don't know which books I would be able to part with. But I imagine the lightness you will feel when you've discarded the weight of so many possessions will be extremely liberating.

e said...

I've moved house twice in nine months two years ago and several times in my early adulthood, so I've become adept at keeping the essentials and regularly clearing out and donating things. My latest has resulted in four loads of miscellany to charity.

If you like collections, keep them. Don't rush when clearing and best of luck with your adventures ahead.

Joanna Cake said...

So far, most of my stuff is still in a big cupboard at the house. Im renting for six months so it gives me time to sort through it at my leisure, rather than just chucking stuff out willy nilly - although perhaps I would be more ruthless then.

miss*R said...

love, love the photos!

an old tradition is to bury a statue of St.Anthony in the back yard.. ensures a quick sale!