Wednesday, 26 August 2009

An award for me

I got an award, well actually that's not strictly accurate, cause I've got about 7 and I'm useless at doing anything with them. So please accept my apologies if you've ever been kind enough to give me an award and have never seen it out on the shelf when you've popped round since. They are all being kept under lock and key in the cupboard under the stairs, where I can get them out and polish them occasionally.

Anyway, this award is the usual routine I say certain things about me, little known facts and I hand it over to 7 people.
More importantly I thank Nicky for giving me this award and thinking my writing was good enough compared to hers to receive such an honour.
So, as in all these things I'm going to not do as I'm told, and not put out all the proper instructions, which means you'll have to go check out Absolute Vanilla, Nicky's blog to do as you are told.

I would like to give this to Merry Me, cause her journey is being written out for all to see.
For Paula, Gin and Speck of Dust, cause they are coping the best they can with what life is throwing at them right now.
For Helen, who is turning her life round cause she can.
For Janis, so she can know she's not alone when it's tough going
For Pam, because she can bounce all over it.

So here are 7 things about me;

1. I nearly died in a fire, on a canal boat in a tunnel one mile long when I was 19.
2. I've been round the East Wing of the White House.
3. I've ridden on an elephant in Sri Lanka
4. I got engaged 10 days after meeting my first husband and married after 7 months
5. I spent three months on an oil tanker going from Italy to Canada, where I got off for a day trip and back to Sicily
6. I saw a great blue whale in the Gulf Stream from the top of the super tanker. And didn't realise it was as big as it was, till I saw a life size model years later in the Natural history museum.
7. My second marriage lasted FIVE weeks, but took two years to get divorced.
8. Outside of crisis that may happen, I'm happier now than I ever have been at any time in my life.
9. I own a diary written by my Grandfather when he was on the Somme.
10.I can't count!!!!
and 11. This is my house.... do you wanna buy it?


Angela said...

I want to hear more on EACH of these events, Mandy! You really have something to tell, can`t you stay a week longer?! Three months on an oil tanker and only one day on land? I can`t believe it! And a fire under a long bridge - a nightmare.
I hope your house sells soon, and maybe you`ll find a nice new home here on Usedom?

Paula said...

No, no, Angela, she has to blog about them that we all know! LOL. Thanks for the award. I am honored, particularly as u make it daily through my ramblings in my very limited English. Means you are not only a creative blogger but creative reader too ;-))

Gin said...

Oh thank you Fire Byrd! You are lifting my spirits! And what a spirited life you have lived my friend. A spirited and beautiful life indeed.

lakeviewer said...

Congratulations on your deserved award. Now, tell us more about your life.

janis said...

1~ Congrats! You are so deserving
2~ Thank you! I have never recieved an award and am not sure what I do or how I do it. Do I list 10 things? Do I pick 7 new people? Pls advise, I am clueless!
3~What a fascinating life you have lived, do tell more!
4~I love your house! Can I move it to Indiana?

Helen said...

Because it's YOU, I plan on posting my own obscure tidbits.

I am also sharing with you that I have put my townhome on the market. Carl is not here, I have 27 stairs on three levels, it's costing me too much each month, I don't want to dip any further into savings AND I am ready for life on one level. Here's wishing the best to the ladies who are selling their homes (in a down market!)

Lori ann said...

Oh Good Luck with selling your home Mandy & Helen! congrats on the well deserved award and wonderful choices to pass it on to.

Yes, you must tell more about your very interesting life!

Angela Recada said...

Terrific list! You are more fascinating than I ever imagined.

Your house is beautiful - I wish I could buy it. . .

speck of dust said...

Wow what an amazing list of life events. What will she do next?!?! Thank you so much. I am also completely clueless about the award protocol but very touched and very grateful. And your house is beautiful I would love to buy it! Love the colour schemes and the garden. It looks like a very loving, cosy home. Really hope the selling goes as smoothly as possible!!

Susan DeAngelis said...

I love your post -- yes, I too hope your house sells.

I know some of the bloggers that received your award... they are truly deserving.

What a wonderful way to pay it forward. :)

Linda - Gold Coast said...

You've had such a wonderful and colourful life FB and it's so interesting learning more about you. What a gorgeous home, just my cup of tea and I would buy it in an instant, sadly I just need to win the lottery! I'm certain you will have a buyer very soon. Happy selling and packing. Linda xoxo

Sorrow said...

You can't count?
but you sure can sing!
byrd you are the best!

Merry ME said...

The difference between my cabin in the woods and your house for sale is yours is REAL!! I think I'd trade the cozy bed and quilts to take a nap in your bedroom. Love the color. Love the tulips. And the dining table is my dream table. Who wouldn't buy this house?
Praying to St. Joseph that you are soon on your way.

P.S. I, too, would like to hear more about each of your listed items.

e said...

I love reading of your adventures, you should write more about them. Best of luck with the sale of your home. It is lovely and you will find an even better place for you.