Friday, 31 July 2009

Green leaves and dew drops

Oh it's so reassuring to know that I'm not alone in my addiction and that most of you are as batty as me!!!

After I'd given myself that talking to, I achieved a lot yesterday, including getting my paperwork up to date. So today I finally got round to buying a shredder, as I've been living with the optimistic view that no-one wants my bank details!!!

I also bought two frames to put my presents to me in them. My wonderful friend Picsie Chick - I want to see too - ( sorry useless at links, but on my blog roll) takes the most wonderful photographs. And I've been a big fan for a couple of years. Every day not only does she post them up, but they are delivered in a morning email. It has been an absolute joy to get a photo every day to start my morning with. And I have an obsession with her water photos. Plus the day after, what I consider to be her best water shot, came this back lit dandelion head. I couldn't resist them so now I'm the very proud owner of these two wonderful pictures.

Which got me thinking about other things that do it for me. One of my passions is driving down roads under a canopy of trees. Every Friday on my way to Pilates I go under an archway of green coming out of Prestbury. There is a really long stretch of road on the way to Porthmadoc in Wales coming from Beddlegert that takes my breath away. But most importantly there is a place called Bovey Straight, this is the road into Bovey from the A38, and I think one of the more esoteric reasons I want to live there is, to be able to go back and forth down this tree covered road.It makes me smile with joy, especially in it's greenery, but it's still wonderful in winter.

I love when walking Trix in the grounds across the road, going under the awning of the Yew trees there. They feel like a magical den where we're safe, especially when it's raining, as it stays quite dry under the Yews.

The last couple of years in my garden I've been growing a Russian Vine over the wooden thing at the bottom of the garden. And this year it's really come into it's own as a roof covering. Every time a new tendril has hung down I've climbed on a chair (health and safety not being observed here at all!!!) to train it over the beams so I've created a lovely green sanctuary that is a joy to sit under when it is raining gently, as it's not waterproof for long.

Of course there a million and one things that make my heart sing, but looking at my green picture above my computer just takes me to these few for now. And I better stop or I could go on for a very long time......


speck of dust said...

Lovely post! I have only recently realised how incredibly important nature is to me. How joyous I feel being nature. How amazing and magical each and every flower and leaf is. I'm making a point of really noticing what is around me too. Your garden sounds heavenly. Do you have lights or candles so you can sit out in the evening? One of my favourite things is gardening at night by candlelight on a really warm summers evening. X

miss*R said...

I love avenues of trees too.. we have them here.. the other day when I went for that walk.. the trees were bending over the path from each side and it made like a long tunnel leading down to the falls.. like a real journey!

as to computer addiction.. i know we make light of it, but it is concerning me alot lately cause I really am on the damn thing way too much.. but I am like a crack addict.. one more email, refresh, refresh..ahh yes, there it is read it.. etc, etc... so I am going to make some kind of commitment to turning it off sometimes.. so my home will be cared for again.

Mel said...

Ohhhhh...the garden is lovely (especially with the puppy lounging in it!). And the photos--absolutely amazing! I have nothing but admiration for folks who can capture those things I miss. *sigh*
And I miss too much, some days. Mostly the days I'm rushing around getting to be the 'responsible one'. Dangit--and that's my deal, as well, eh?

MAKE the time, Mel. MAKE the time.

Off to do some patio time WITH candles, thanksmuchly.

Sorrow said...

you picked some very lovely photo's! I am so glad you decided to treat yourself!
Think of how nice they will look in the new house!~ Laughing~
being good to yourself, it is so important isn't it?
even allowing yourself a bit of a rant now and again!

Lori ann said...

Lovely post! it makes my heart sing. your garden looks and sounds lovely, i agree, nature soothes...

Walker said...

I don't have an outdoor garden but i do have 60 plants in the house from towering cacti to madagascar jasmine crawling around my window.
When i am not hoime i have been known to visit one of the 280 parks around me just to get away from the gray.

Go figure, i hate green to.