Tuesday, 24 March 2009


words like trees can overcrowd
words, can let you smile when someone cares
words, can make you cry when they are harsh
words, can give you hope when all feels lost
words, can make a dream come true
words, can tear your world apart
words, can give you strength and the courage to go on
words, can take away our liberty
words, can unite us in the fight
words, can hold us in our times of need
words, can destroy a history shared
words, can caress with a soft whisper of desire
words, can do all these things and more.
but without the love and hate from others none of these will come true.
so love your friends and beware your enemies
and only say the words that you would want to hear yourself.


lakeviewer said...

Beautifully said. When we began using words, we connected across time and space. We also disconnected between us and them.

Barbara said...

Sage advice. Words can indeed be weapons or cures depending on how they are used.

nitebyrd said...

Very well said. Words definitely can harm as well as heal.

Walker said...

Words are very powerful.
Great post

Lori ann said...

I like this message, it is a good reminder. Thank you for sharing this.

Mel said...


Literally and figuratively, of course.

Angela said...

I once saw a fairytale on TV where there was a girl who could only sing all the words she wanted to speak. And in singing them, they became wonderful and healing and uplifting. It is impossible to sing a sweet melody with hateful words! So maybe that`s what we should all do! And it`s true, when I sing a song to myself like:
"Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play, where there seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day..." then I do feel GOOD! Have a happy day, Mandy!

Lola said...

Words of wisdom in a lovely post can make you find affinity with strangers!
They are powerful and often dangerous tools, but oh so wonderful. I love words.

karen said...

Words to live by, indeed! And I'm singing Angela's song to myself right now. very upcheering!

david mcmahon said...

I could not agree with you more.

Came here from Lakeviewer's blog

Dark Side said...

So perfectly typical of you, beautiful!..xx

Sorrow said...

I came
I voted
I am leaving a KISS
keeping my words to a min.

Pam said...

Hiya Byrd. I have five words you'll enjoy hearing ..."I voted for you again."

Cheffie-Mom said...

Beautiful post. So true. Congrats on authorblog's POTD.