Sunday, 22 March 2009


Because I seem to have run out of things to say for the moment, and I like letting myself be known I thought I'd take you a tour round my bedroom. Some bloggers already know it from coming to my parties, and one or two bloggers have slept in it!!!(well if I'm being honest two, but I was having relationships with them both at the time, separately I might add!!)

The bedroom is painted cyclamen pink, it's a really rich colour, which I adore. In fact every room in my house is a rich colour. So that if you stand in any one doorway on the landing you can see that the bedrooms are pink- mine, dark lime green-eldests, yellow- youngests, grey- bathroom and the landing walls are the colour of coffee with milk.

My house is full of collections of stuff, I started collecting when I first left home at 21. My first collection was antique perfume bottles, they live in an old glass sweet cabinet in the hall. I have a shelf of old sweetie tins; glass bottles, some of these were dug up from the garden of the house I used to live in; wooden toys, that mainly belonged to my father; paintings, most of which are painted by family members, silver cigarette cases, powder compacts, seashells, books and plants, and we won't even go on to talk about the shoes and jumpers!!!

Most of the things I own go back to the 1920/30/40s. I just love holding a powder compact or cigarette case in my hand, and thinking about who might have used it first. In fact one of my favourites is a cigarette case that inside is inscribed.... 'Ruth 1939' Did she know there was a war coming, did she survive, was she happy, all of those sort of questions go around when I hold onto these things.

So without further ado, welcome to my bedroom.

The paintings above my bed are painted by Kit when he was 14, a family friend, my sister when she was 16 and my niece when she was 12. My sister and niece both went on to get fine art degrees!
The photographs by my bed are my parents and my old dog. And just about visible on the other side are my bears.

The beautiful piece of antique sari material was brought back from India by Kit a few years ago when he went for a summer.

My dressing table has an art nouveau mirror, my collection of compacts and two very old fans on it, one of which is an old ostrich fan. And a silver cigarette box that was my fathers and inside it is a letter he wrote to my Mum when he found out she had cancer. And my Mum's silver brush and mirror that my Dad brought her for their 25th wedding anniversary

My window sill has some of my blue glass bottles, and some old scent bottles and either side are my cigarette cases. On the window itself is the beautiful hanging glass that Sorrow gave me last summer and above that hang four crystals that fill my room with rainbows in the morning sun.

Finally next to my chest of drawers hang some of my evening bags that go back to the 1920s.

Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing in my bedroom, I have enjoyed showing you. It's so easy to stop seeing the beauty around us. And although 'things' themselves don't matter I love to have these 'things' from others and my own past. They give me a sense of continuity with the world, a sense of belonging. And particularly with the things that have been in my family that belonged to my Great Grandmother and are therefore the best part of 140 years old.


Wild Cat said...

Thanks for sharing - I love the colours!

You have some amazing collections x

Lady in red said...

As you know I adore your home it is a wonderful paradise of colour and love. Everywhere you loo there is something interesting to see.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I love the colors on your bed, the bottles in the window, & the arrangement on your dressing table. I want to dash out & buy some flowers. Today I did some cleaning, but no pretty flowers to show! Nice room!
Lizzy :-)

nitebyrd said...

How lovely of you to share such a personal and beautiful part of yourself. I love the color and all your treasured collectibles.

Mel said...

What a lovely tour--thank you.

Yup......DID make the bed this morning.....*whew*

And the......the bears are waving at yours! ;-)

Personally, bedrooms are very cozy, personal spots for me. Very comfy 'at home' kinda places, yaknow? Apparently you share similar sentiments.

Barbara said...

Much more interesting than my bedroom. The color gives me courage to forge ahead with BOLD colors in my house. I admire your collections of old things.

Lori ann said...

How lovely! your colors and collections are so pretty and best part, so meaningful! the purses are sooo beautiful, it's great how you have them hanging so you can enjoy them everyday.
Happy Mothering day!

karen said...

What a beautiful space you've created for yourself... thanks for sharing it! x

Dark Side said...

Thanks for sharing, I was following you around looking at bottles and other items on display and thinking oh for not having two knock every little thing of every surface they can....xx

Walker said...

So when you stand in the hallway you are showered with a rainbow of colors.

justme said...

How lovely your home is! I wouldn't DARE post pictures of mine!!

Mei Del said...

what a very civilized and grown up tour! i love that bit of green hanging in the corner besides all your other collections