Saturday, 14 February 2009

IT'S A MUM THING?!?!?!?!

It's a mum thing, and I'm exhausted from it.

Alex is still ill, but he is slowly getting over it. In that he had a couple of hours yesterday and today when he actually felt ok, before the vomiting came back.
He managed one piece of bread yesterday. Not what his mother advised, but the loaf was fresh from the bakers and therefore irresistible. It stayed down for an hour.
So since last Saturday when he had a portion of chips on the way home, He's had 1/3 of a yogurt, 5 mouthfuls of plain rice, 1/3 cup of tomato soup and the bread....

To add to my list of activities, such as running endless hot baths, endless bed making, endless hot water bottle filling, and endless glasses of fluid with ice cubes. Now I get to sort out the dog, who has diarrhoea and vomiting.....


So the dog is being starved till tomorrow and feeling very sorry for herself.

Now of course it's Valentines day. Mummy had to go out and buy red roses, a small fluffy lion and a card for sick son to give to his girlfriend. Then Mummy said she would go out while girlfriend came round on the understanding that there was absolutely no kissing!!!

So for just over an hour I parked up in a quiet country lane. Drank a flask of coffee, ate almonds and read my book whilst listening to the spring birds..... What bliss. That small time out, till I got the text saying I could come home, was just wonderful. Might do it again tomorrow with or without girlfriend turning up!

We have also just managed a walk together with the hound, with Alex feeling strong enough to be the one holding the lead.

And we have managed a serious conversation about the dog's future. We were told that the dog needed some help in socialisation.... Some, being a bit of an understatement.
She is a nightmare when faced with other people or dogs. So I've said I will get a behaviourist in to see if we can correct her behaviour.

She is obviously used to being hit, which is worrying. She'd been chewing something she shouldn't, she likes leather shoes imparticular! So I spoke to her in a firm voice and sat down to ignore her for a moment. I went to stroke her, to move on and she flinched so much, thinking I was going to strike her. Which I would never do, not because I don't feel like it, more that she can bite harder than me!!!

And if we can't correct the behaviour, I have told Alex that however much we love her, we cannot keep her. And for the first time he has understood what I'm saying as up till now he's been in, I think a fantasy place about her. But he agrees with me we cannot have a dog that doesn't allow us to have friends round or is in danger of biting someone.

Now this conversation has taken place, and the understanding from Alex I feel that some of the weight has been lifted. There is a long way to go, but at least now we both know the future. Obviously we would both like her to be the dog we know she is capable of judging by how quickly she's picked up what we want from her in the house. But......

So now it's just a matter of carrying on with my nursing duties and keeping my fingers crossed that both invalids are well enough on Thursday to allow me some very much needed time out in Devon. The weekend that, fortunately was called off due to snow when Al got ill.

As you can tell I only have two topics of conversation, but at least the stress levels are feeling more manageable at the moment. Does wonders for you when walking the dog round a field at 7.30 crying your eyes out. Then getting a couple of wonderful mates calling up to check up on you. Especially the one who just started laughing at me at what I was going through. It was just what I needed to get another perspective..... love you J!

Anyone got any ideas why blogger gets as far as downloading a picture and then comes to a slow and grinding halt and won't publish my pics. I don't like not having a pic at the top of a post.


Walker said...

Blogger chokes up when your cache is full. you have to clear it or rebpoot your computer and do it again.

I hope you get a break from nursing duties and have some time to enjoy Valentines day with a glass of something with a little kick to it,
You can still wear the nurse's uniform though ;)

Merry ME said...

Dear Byrd,

There was a terrible row (the spelling doesn't look right but I checked it and it seems to be) in the kitchen between my dad and my sweetie this morning. I thought I handled it well enough when I stormed out of the house and left the two of them to duke it out.

Hours later I sit down to read your post and think about you sitting on a "country lane, drinking coffee, eating almonds, and listening to birds sing." My tears started flowing. I want to curl up and boohoo myself into a state of comfort and denial! Indeed you have described a kind of bliss some of us seldom take advantage of. I'm sorry that you had to do all that dirty work before you got a break. Thanks for sharing your bliss with me. I needed it.

P.S. Good luck with the pooch. I hope the person that once did the hitting will come back in another life as a dog, and that your dog will be the one that comes back with a stick.

Lady in red said...

I have been thinking about you and alex hoping that he will soon be on the mend.

hugs to you both

justme said...

Alex sounds as though he is getting better....
The dog...I dont know. Just dont know enough about dogs.
You....sound like the most lovely fantastic person that you are. Am SO impressed by how you are keeping this all together. Big hugs to you and wishing you all well,,,,xxx

nitebyrd said...

I'm glad to hear Alex is doing better and that you had some time of peace.

I truly hope that things will work out with the dog. That she has come to trust you and your son so quickly does give promise that she can be socialized. I'll keep a good thought. Give here some plain rice and a little boiled chicken, too!

Sorry I can't help with Blogger. I still get excited when I can actually get something where I want it to be. The internets is magic! LOL

trousers said...

More strength to surely need it right now.


Mel said...

k....some improvement--that's a good thing.

And a break (brief as it was) was a good thing--planning for another one.....just plain brilliant!

Hang in there.

Angela said...

You sound like on the road to recovery (all of you, but you, too!!). There are some very good dog training books around - about the role a dog wants to play in his "family" (YOU being the boss), because as long as she thinks it`s her duty to be in charge and protect you (which is clearly what her charging visitors means)she will not get relaxed. So there are a few simple rules you ought to obey - ah, I will send you a mail! Cheer up, everything will be fine!!

Dark Side said...

I do hope this is the start to Alex's recovery and completely understand where you are coming from with the dog.

Let's hope the behaviourist can sort him out!..xx

Barbara said...

I hope Alex is really on the mend this time. You've both been through quite a lot.

The dog might not be so easy to fix. Your story reminds me of "the dogs from hell" we had years ago. We bought the two of them (already a mistake) as the cutest viszla puppies ever. But they grew to love each other and to ignore the rest of us, with a will only to escape. They terrified the children who came over to play, jumping on them and being totally obnoxious. I can remember my 6-year-old daughter standing on the kitchen table and screaming at them to leave her alone. After a year, we gladly gave them to a German woman who lived on a farm. I often wonder what happened to those two escape artists.

Good luck with the dog. I'm sure you will do the right thing.

anya said...

Thank goodness the siege is winding down. I know you can't wait for that weekend in Devon. No kid, no dog. Perfect!

You are just like me....give me a book and something to drink and I can sit in the car and wait for hours. Happily!

I'm happy Alex has come to understand about Trixie. I am looking forward to hearing how the behavioralist works out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for success!

Queen Vixen said...

Gosh Fire you have been through the mill. Nothing worse than your babies being ill. Cant wait to catch up. It seems like forever since we shared stuff. Hope you can still make it Tuesday xxx

miss*R said...

we had a dog like yours. We rescued him from the pound and gave him lots of love. He was hit alot before he came to live with us.. but we had to give him back when he started biting. he bit my mum and I was really worried that he would bite my grandbabies..
I hope you can get some help for you dog .. it is such a hard thing to have to cope with on top of all the other stuff ..

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I'm so glad to hear that Alex is slowly on the mend - you've had a horrid time of it - both of you. And now the dog too. After a day of no food, try giving her some rice and then some chicken and rice before putting her back on her normal food - I used to do that with my boys and it always worked.
I do so hope you wont have to part with the dogster - I do hope you find an animal behaviourist who can help. But no doubt it will take patience and perseverance.

e said...


So glad to know Alex is improving and at least some of your stress is lifting. I will look around for a recommended Dog Behavior book for you, if you like. Has your veterinarian any suggestions???

I had an animal with a behavior problem brought on by grief and separation. I found a combination of medication and behavior modification to be very helpful.

Best of Luck on all fronts.