Thursday, 12 February 2009


A few days ago a wonderful blogger who I love to bits wrote some amazing words about me, which made me smile for hours. If only he didn't live the other side of the Atlantic!!

Anyway it got me thinking about how we sometimes forget to tell people how much we like/admire/ love/respect them. So I've decided that I'm going to start an meme up and here are the rules.

A fellow blogger will write something about you.
They will let you know they have done so.
They will also decide for you who you are to write about, so taking the difficulty out of the decision making!!
They should choose two people who they know from reading your blog that you communicate a lot with.
If however you don't know the person chosen well enough to be able to make that comment,then you pick your oldest blog roll member and one of the newest.
And do the same process for them.

Because I'm the one starting this I'm write about four people using these rules. But in doing four it will open up more tracks into blog world, as I'll go in directions where people may not know the others blogs very well. Or I know their blog roles are different.

So first has to be the person who made the first ever comment on my blog back when I was a pixie! It is the wonderful TROUSERS(

Trousers, is a blogger of huge personal integrity. He writes his own blog with honesty and pathos. He has a wicked sense of humour, which he has always used in commenting on my blog. He has an emotional intelligence that always makes me feel cared for and understood when I've written difficult pieces. He was the first blogger I ever met. I discovered he wasn't a mad axe man early on and have become close friends with him ever since. He is also one of the only men I know who can cope with being the only man at a blog party and hold his own without needing to revert to male stereotypes!

Second is also now a personal friend, although we don't get to see each other outside of my blog parties, LADY IN RED (

Lady, is an amazing warm woman, who, if she picks up you need support in any way is there in her comments, emails and texts, and the occasional late night phone call!!She has had a difficult life, which she deals with, at least outwardly with flair and courage. She does not do feeling sorry for herself, she just picks herself up and carries on. She has a talent making people around her feel special. Once she has given you her friendship, look after it, cause you are being given a special gift. She is just fab and fun and a person I'm pleased to call my friend

Third is a newish member of my blog roll since last summer. We've recently started emailing each other, ANGELA (

Angela,is a gorgeous strong opinionated woman, who fights for what she believes in. She has an amazing determination, as anyone who reads her will soon pick up. She has a zest for life that, when she is feeling good just hugs you with enthusiasm whilst reading her words. She has a caring nature that may take a little longer to discover, not because it's hidden, more she just doesn't broadcast it, but there is a school somewhere in Africa, who certainly knows about that side of her. It is a joy getting to know her better.

And last, but of course not least is one of the newest people on my blog roll, ANYA (

Anya, is a woman on a journey, her journey to self discovery after a long relationship ended. She writes with a huge enjoyment for life, even when some of the days have been bleak. Her courage in facing life as a woman of a certain age without a partner is inspiring. It's like watching a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis after a long hard winter. At the moment her wings are fluttering gently as she strengthens them and you can tell that any day now she is just going to soar up into the sky.

Ok that's my list I've tried to pick four people who I know don't usually comment on each others stuff. Although Trousers and Lady do know each other, their blog rolls are diverse from one anothers. So please don't be offended if I haven't picked you doesn't mean I don't love you lots. I just wanted sow these seedlings in different places.

Now comes the challenge part! And of course we all know what happens when we break chain letters.... yep you get turned into a toad!

So Trousers, you have to write about Caroline Smailes and DJ Kirby
Lady, you have to write about Trixie (the woman from Oz, not my dog!) and Rae.
Angela, you have to write about Val and Crystal Jigsaw
Anya, you have to write about Judy in KY and Susan.

I'm sorry I'm useless at links, but hopefully you know your own blog roll well enough!
Photo will come later when blogger gets it's act together


Angela said...

Thanks, Mandy, I am still red in the face...I do feel honoured, and I will certainly pick up that thread and spin it on! Val and Crystal, I`m coming! But one word to you before, Mandy: You are certainly an amazing woman! What a wonderful idea. You are so right, let us SAY the words we have on our minds! And not think, ah, he or she certainly KNOWS all this! Very often we don`t!

Natalie said...

Well Done! I for one am certainly interested how your little seedlings grow. Excellent! :D

Lady in red said...

thanks for making me cry at work ;p

Everything you have said could be said about you too.

I am awfully touched by these words from my honorary sister.


I was wondering what I was going to write about now I have finished drawing out my account of my date.

Dark Side said...

Aw what a lovely idea and I can't wait to see what is written about me.....xx

Trixie said...

Very interesting!

So...does that mean, when Lady writes about me, I then have to choose two people from my blog roll to write about others?

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I'm looking forward to reading these! Sounds like fun!

Fire Byrd said...

No Trix it doesn't, Lady writes about you and she choses who you write about.

trousers said...

Thank you, thank you - such kind words, hugely appreciated.

As regards the meme, I'll give it due thought and consideration, but I shan't rush into it (but then, I never rush into anything, I'm more likely to rush out of things) - it's a very good idea though.

I'll keep you posted!