Sunday, 8 February 2009


I've got so naughty.....
I've been awarded five awards and although I thanked the people when I got them, I can't remember who gave them to me except the last couple.

I know that's really bad behaviour and I need to stand in the corner for some time.

Or write out my lines.....

I must pay more attention
I must pay more attention,
I must pay more attention.
I must pay more attention.
I must pay more attention.
I must pay more attention.
I must pay more attention.
I must pay more attention.
I must pay more attention

My only excuse is I've been stressed beyond what I can deal with.

So please forgive me, all you lovely people who decided I was worth it. I really am grateful So rather than make a worry of it, as I have enough on my plate I'll just say that: I am so incredibly fortunate to have you all as blog friends, email friends and given me a real hug friends.

I don't know what I'd without you sometimes. To be able to know I can talk to you and that you'll leave me a caring comment is just so magical wherever and however it's delivered.

So instead of a badge, (and I don't know if this is possible to put on your own blog)I want you to have a bunch of flowers to say thank you for being you. So there is a selection to choose from.

And maybe I'll finish with some wise words from someone else, that I definately need to hold on to right now!

.... When we look into the heart of a flower, we see clouds,sunshine,minerals,time,the earth and everything else in the cosmos in it. Without clouds there woud be no rain, and there would be no flower

Thich Nhat Hanh
Be Still and Know
c 1996


Lady in red said...

This is really odd but all the time I have been reading this post there is a very strong smell of fresh flowers in my room. I have no idea where it is coming from!

hugs as always dear friend

Mel said...



I didn't hand out an award. But if I had one to give for perseverence and integrity--I'd hand it over to you.

Beautiful flowers, btw....I do remember what flowers look like. Sorta.....LOL

Ronjazz said...

Going through a goodly amount of stress on this side of the water as well. Any recognition that someone of your quality receives is well-deserved, honey. Just take it with grace and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Eventually (let's hope, anyway) we find out where we're going!

trousers said...

"My only excuse..." no, it's not an excuse, it's a reason, and a damn good reason at that!

Cheryl Cato said...

I hope you are feeling better and that you can enjoy the day. Your flowers are beautiful.
Good thoughts...

Angela said...

Thank you for the beautiful flowers! Can I take all three bunches? I will leave them there anyway. But I also want to smell the scent and get a feeling of spring! Mandy, I consider myself one of your new-found friends, and I promise whenever you write me I will answer!! Cheers for today, and the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other advice is so good!

karen said...

Fire Byrd, those flowers are exquisite! hope you're feeling less stressed now.. supportive hugs from africa xx

Queen Vixen said...

Flowers are a lot nicer anyway :o) Sorry you have been in a bad place - sending you hugs, and you will have a real one when I see you week after next xxx

e said...

Your flowers are lovely, even for those of us new to your Blog. Enjoy the accolades. Your stress is completely understandable, so no need to apologize.

Lori ann said...

Oh silly sweet byrd, you don't need to worry or apologize, I'm sure I speak for all when I say we are happy for whatever you bring to this loving place. And besides, the flowers more than make up for it! kidding ;)
love, lori

Unknown said...

I LOVE those words of Thich Nhat Hanh. So very true and so very grounding. Thank you for the lovely flowers and for being you! Love and peace - xxx

Trixie said...

Ahhhh...pretty flowers!!! I know what you mean, I'm guilty of the same thing!

Barbara said...

I don't even know if I've ever gotten one of those awards! At least you are aware. I wouldn't lose any sleep over this. In the scheme of things, you've had bigger fish to fry (like health insurance woes).

Walker said...

Flowers are something i enjoy alot thank you.
I hope you are feeling better at least a little.
I know you deserve any awards given you nd you did thank them so tht should be more than enough.

nitebyrd said...

What lovely flowers!

Stress is a bitch. You deserve every award you've been given and then some. That you continue to write is recognition enough for all the award givers, I'm sure.