Sunday, 1 February 2009

B IS FOR.......

The wonderfully poetic Cait O'Connor has suggested that I write 10 things starting with the letter B that matter to me.
And if anyone comments the prize they will get is they will be given a letter too, to play with should they want. And I promise not to use the difficult ones like Q

So starting at the top of my list it has to be boys. Not any old boys, just mine. The two people I love most in the world. The two people I would die for, as described in that circular post. The make my world. The give me joy. They keep me scared for their well being. I love them unconditionally.

I love cooking of all sorts, and there is nothing I love more than having friends or family around and making them food.To sit and share what I have, to give to others, whether it's my effort in the cooking or the sharing of the food itself doesn't matter

This follows with the baking, to sit at the table after the food is eaten and just converse about whatever comes our way is just a delight.To laugh, to think, to feel. To share with others, there is nothing better.

I love handbags with a passion. I'm currently using a Marc Jacobs one I got in New York in the sales,she said name dropping for all she was worth!!! And that has replaced my Prada bag that was the present I gave myself for having a mastectomy. Admittedly I got some insurance money to pay for it, I'm not Rockefeller!!

I am happy with how my body looks. Dealing with losing a breast was really a no brainer, as there was no choice.... life or death, see no choice! So I make the most of what I've got because I live in a different space now.

I have one, I use it, it took a long time to believe I had it. And I get great pleasure out of being equal to others now, and not feeling that I'm intellectually less able than them. And I'm terrified of losing it with senile dementia or some such horrid disease.

I've had to deal with more than my fair share in the last 22 years. But what I know now is, that God forbid apart from anything happening to my boys, that nothing else can hurt as much as what I've already gone through. And that makes me strong, because when I feel pain, I know it only has a limited shelf life and I will move on.

One of the gifts I have since being ill is an ability to see more of the beauty around me. The beauty of my friends and family, the beauty of the world, the beauty of being alive. I take nothing for granted, I am thankful every day that I am privileged to be here.

I have been told many times that I am bossy, but I see it more as I am very organised and efficient. I have a sharp mind, and can see solutions and grasp situations quickly. I'm not good at tolerating fools. All in all, a typical Aries!

I love reading. I usually have two or three books on the go at any one time. Each book will be situated in a different place for reading there. So by my bed I've nearly finished reading the new Zoe Heller. In my work bag, for when clients don't turn up is the latest Nikki French paperback. And in the kitchen is my work reading, which of course hardly ever gets looked at.

Where would I be without it. It has been a life line for the last two years plus. It has got me through a broken heart, through acceptance of myself on all levels. It has got me some amazing friends in the world. Some of whom are now real friends. And others who I may one day get to meet.

I know this is 11, but there didn't seem one that could be left out.

So this is my best,brilliant,breathtaking,belligerent,ballsy,bad,bountiful load of ........


Annie Wan said...

was everyone afraid o comment in case they got a letter?

anyway, we have more than 5 B's in common x

Anonymous said...

LOL Sounds fun.

Cait O'Connor said...

Great stuff! I love all your choices and many would be mine too.

Cheryl Cato said...

10, 11, 12 good choices. How much fun... and where was Byrd? That makes 12. Enjoyed your words and explanations. It lets one see a bit about you.

Miss Robyn said...

why are boys at the top of the list??? hmmmmmm...hee, hee...

yes, I think your list is brilliant!!

Val said...

well done for choosing ten such great words and i love the stories for each one.

trousers said...

Excellent list. And thank you for tolerating one fool ;-)

J.J said...

I think Cait somehow managed to give you the most appropriate letter she could have done. Lovely stuff.

Trixie said...

Good choices my dear! I'd be happy to play, so choose a letter for me...I may not get it done for a few days, but I need some fodder, cause I want to try and blog more regularly!

Picsie Chick said...

What a fabulous list! Your posts always make me feel that I know you just a little more...and like you even more!

And what a neat idea...

Hugs and butterflies,

Unknown said...

What a wonderful list of B's! Brilliant and beautiful - bestest!

I loved bossy - it reminds me of when people say I'm stubborn and I say, no, I'm determined!

Queen Vixen said...

I wish I could think of a witty reply using a lot of B's. But I cant. Rubbish from me!

Sorrow said...


Pam said...

I love Aries people, my husband is one.This is a great list. I admire your attitude with your masectomy. My Mum is the same.I'd like a letter too, and like Trixie, it might take me a while, but I will do it.

Mel said... cute!

I'll have a go at it, please. :-)

Lori ann said...

best friend (to many)

thanks for sharing, I so enjoyed reading more about you, I love how you talked about your boys...sigh..

xx lori

Natalie said...

What a beautiful blog!
I have bravely taken up the letter p from Cheryl. Wish me luck! :D

karen said...

lovely, FireByrd! i think you would have managed to turn any letter of the alphabet into something meaningful & inspiring... you can send me a letter by all means!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I love your Bs. We must get together soon and catch up. Didn't know you were in Liverpool recently.

Anonymous said...

I'll just comment as Annonymous HA HA HA!!!!!!
Liked you asnwers and I always do because you're so honest.

Hmmm, not signing would be rude though.

Have a nice day


janis said...

What a fun Blog you have written! I often see your little Fire Byrd sitting at different blogs I read & finally got a chance to check yours out.
I love it! I look forward to reading up (or is that back?) on your postings of past.
Please stop by and visit me sometime @ just breathe janis.
Have a lovely day!

nitebyrd said...

Brilliant, beautiful and bodacious, Byrd!

Anonymous said...

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