Sunday, 4 January 2009


I'm back!!!

Hope you all managed to have a good New Year without me, I realise it would have been tough, but I knew you could do it!

As for me, I've had a wonderful week of doing nothing, except hanging out with my friend and her lovely family. This included Sunday lunch with her mom and step dad.
And going for a three mile walk up to Borders with her eldest son, so we could both lose ourselves for 30 minute picking books, before hitting Macy's to choose him a new winter coat. I was then credited with being the most stylish person he knew, as he was so pleased with my suggestion of coat.... Yah me!

As for New Year I only had one gin and tonic all evening..... which compared to last years over indulgence and bad behaviour was amazing. I had a gorgeous phone call with the wonderful Ron Jazz to set me in right frame to enjoy the evening. Which for me involved watching two movies back to back. Of which the last was my all time favourite, 'It's a Wonderful Life' with Jimmy Stewart.

My mate wasn't quite as into it as me, so at midnight I woke her up said HNY and we both continued with what we'd been doing. Her snoozing and me crying over the movie.... perfect night

Getting back yesterday was vile, although the house was tidy the Christmas decorations made the whole place look sad and depressing. So despite my jet lagged status I set to and cleaned up. Followed by I don't know how much washing...did it breed whilst I was away? Then hitting the store to do a weeks shopping, not something I enjoy at all in the town I live in. I normally drive to the next town. But I was too knackered so local shops had to do. So I was there alongside the rest of the universe in the first store, couldn't handle that, so just picking up the bacon that youngest likes, I drove of to the other end of town to a different shop. Still millions of people but a more ethical shop,even if the selection isn't as good.

Added to all of that I've been trying to catch up with my emails etc, but by 7.30 last night I admitted defeat and crashed, to be woken up by Alex for a chat at 2am for an hour??? Then back to sleep finally getting out of bed after 14 hours of sleep.

I've taken no pics, so you'll have to make do with one taken when my mate and I met up in New York a few weeks ago. My lovely mate looks beautiful in it, and I need some powder to counteract the shine, but who cares, cause we look happy together and that's what counts

And now I have to get serious about earning some money as I only went to the States four times last year..... WHAT! I must have a screw lose. And now I need to plan the summer trip.

That is of course, house selling not with standing. Anyone want to buy a three bedroom house in a very beautiful part of England in the spring, so I can go to Devon?

Anya asked me to write which books I'd brought, I can't remember any of the titles I read so many, but do recommend to anyone in the States three authors who I don't seem to be able to find here- Elizabeth Berg, Karen White and Marie Bostwick. All three write wonderful women's stories about women of a certain age, which works for me being of a certain age as well.

Thanks BTW for all your lovely comments whilst I was away, especially the offer of a snog from the anonymous reader. That I could defiantly do with as haven't had a kiss now since last March, all together now..... ah!!!


Dark Side said...

Awwwwww, thats that bit over with, great to have you back and pleased you have had a good restful time of it.....your new year sounds much like mine....xx

Wild Cat said...

Happy New Year! ;o)

nitebyrd said...

I am delighted to hear you had a wonderful time and are home safe!

If you ever want to visit Florida, you are welcome as a guest in my home.

Indi said...

Welcome back all rested and ready for the year ahead hun, Happy New Year to you and you family n frinds..

Fire Byrd said...

Rach as long as you enjoyed that's the main thing.
cat, Happy new Year to you to hon, here's to a great year for both of us.
nitebyrd, what a wonderful invitation, that's made me feel all warm inside.
indigo, great to see you bacck, and thanks for those words

trousers said...

You only had one G & T? Well I was far more restrained than you - I didn't have any G & T...

Sounds like you had a lovely time though, and exactly the kind of thing that you'd hoped and planned for.

Great stuff - Happy New Year, and welcome back! x

Lori ann said...

I love the pic of you and your mate, you are so right, what matters is the look of joy and love on your faces! still could you be any prettier?! I'm wishing all good things for you in 2009!
xx lori

Ronjazz said...

Glad you got home safely, FB. And I didn't know you were soliciting. I'm not even anonymous!

Happy New Year...:)

Mel said...

Welcome back!

And evening with It's A Wonderful Life and your bestest mate--gosh, who could want for more!


Happy New Year, ma'am.
Here's wishing for the bestest one ever!

Val said...

welcome back and all the best for 2009; your new year sounds excellent and heartwarming :-)

karen said...

welcome back FireByrd! lovely photo... very restrained with the only 1 x G&T, wish i had been that good! love & happiness for 2009 :)

Leon1234 said...

Glad to have you back!!!

Leon1234 said...

Home is where the heart is!!!

Annie Wan said...

welcome back darling and i don't remember drinking in the new year either

you both look happy and gorgeous, i'm not surprised an anon reader offered you a snog

Fire Byrd said...

You trousers, are a hero.... bet you drank loads of other stuff though!!xx

lori, thank you for that lovely compliment.And your good wishes.xx

ron, I'm swimming as fast as I can!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mel, and the same wishes straight back to you hon.xx

val,and the same wishes back to you.xx

karen, thank you for the lovely compliment.xx

leon, welcome and have a great new year yourself.xx

mei, we are just so good aren't we? we'll have to get together and behave badly later in the year instead.xx

justme said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

glad u had a good time and march is way too long to be without a snog the offer still stands :-P

Fire Byrd said...

just me, thanks hon. I would say it was good to be back but it wouldn't be totally accurate.xx

anonymous, thanks for the repeated offer and if only i knew who you were I could make a decision!!!xx

CheekyDani said...

Sounds like a lovely time... some of my bestest of best friends live in North America too and I have a similarly gorgeous time whenever I visit with them, I'm slightly jealous as it's been almost a year since I was there last. But so glad you had such a lovely break, really I am! x

Unknown said...


Good to have you back and so glad you had a good time.

Do so hope that 2009 is a totally wonderful year for you - with lots more trips and adventures!

Fire Byrd said...

dani, sounds as if you have your hands full of dates to have the time to travel right now!!!xx

AB, I'm with you there in your wish for me..... more travel I say Bring it on!

CheekyDani said...

Ha! Yes I guess I do have a fair few dates lined up but would drop them all in a second to be able to go visit my friends and family abroad. Guess it's just about having something to look forward to and be distracted by - even more so at the moment than usual :) x