Sunday, 14 December 2008


I'm back and a tad fragile!!!
I should be writing my Christmas cards. I should be wrapping presents. I should be doing all sorts of things that I think I'm too exhausted to do, which makes me wonder what I think this is, a walk in the park?

Anyway I wanted to say thank you for all your lovely comments that I'm too idle to answer so all have a huge hug from me, especially Cheeky Dani, as a new reader. Lovely to meet you!

I seem to be having an interesting case of crossed wires with Trixie, she reads a blog leaves a comment and they try and get back to her, and the comment lands on my blog. This had happened in the past a couple of times but I'd never really thought about why the comments didn't make any sense. But I've now had a few together and realised that is isn't me losing the plot, there is something weird going on. Course I'm such a blog tart that I just love getting new readers!

So I've let Trix know and if anyone else is experiencing this interesting challenge what did you do about it?

Before the weekend stuff, was in the garage paying for fuel on Friday and they were selling CREAM EGGS..... what the .....

Now to the weekend, I've just had a fab time. Got to my friends M&N on Friday evening. This involved champagne.... too much for me, so what's new there! and great conversation.

Next morning a brazing walk on Exmouth beach with M and the delightful fluffy Sassy, who's a lovely standard poodle. This meant that Sassy and I raced around the beach whilst M just looked at me as if I was demented!

We prepared the canapes in the afternoon,Blinis, smoked salmon, caviar were my fav. So getting them made meant quite a lot of tasting to see that we had them exactly right.

The guest list in the way of these things started to shrink as people phoned up sick at so it became a select group. The guys looking seriously smart in their black ties and DJs and all us ladies in fab dresses and some serious shoes!

Everyone had to bring the ingredients for their speciality cocktail that they would make to demand whatever state they were in!!!

The entertainment was booked for 8,and at the appointed hour Laurel and Hardy turned up for a wonderful half hour performance of complete incompetence and daftness as only they knew how. In real life these are two military guys who do this act for charity.

Because we were a small group, M had decided we needed to show off our complete gorgeousness so a mini bus was booked to take us to The Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter, place owned by Michel Caine, where we just had to have two(more) bottles of Champagne for a hour then returning back for more cocktails dancing and conversation.

The dancing went on till 3am.... And I for some reason, decided that I needed to clear up..... M had crashed and N was even more wasted than I was.
So before I went to bed the house was tidied. My OCD is getting worse!!

This morning it did feel better that there was no plates of food lying around drying out or half drunk drinks that were delicious the night before and the stuff of nightmares at 10am!

So now I'm home and feeling just a little jaded, my excuse is it's a four drive home and nothing to do with my alcohol intake.

Pics are of Exmouth beach after the storm the night before. Got none of the party, too busy enjoying myself.

Now I've just gotta wait till the next party next Sunday, and that's only an hours drive away!


trousers said...

Well you're not the only one feeling a little fragile, if that's any comfort - and there was me intending to calm down after last weekend...

Sounds great though, and like a good time was had by all - which is how it should be!

Ronjazz said...

Haven't been to a party in quite a while. Glad you had such a great time, honey.

Mel said...

Lemme leave myself a note to invite an OCD person to my next doings. LOL

Oh, but it sounds like a good time--and I'm glad you showed off the prettiness!

Rae!xx said...

Yep you and your ocd are definitely invited to my next have had a fragile day too after two girlie nights on the trot, I don't know nothing for months then two in one weekend.....xx

Lori ann said...

I would do the clean up too, there's nothing worse than facing the leftovers in the morning!
I love the beach pics.

Mei Del said...

like trousers and you i too had been recovering from excesses of a saturday afternoon and evening! but yours certainly sounds posher xx

karen said...

lovely photos of the beach and rocks, pity no photos of the glamorous partying! Sure your friends were delighted to have you there in a post-party cleaning mode! :-)

Val said...

wow sounds like real posh fun! pity no pics of you and everyone in their finery, but its a good sign that there was too much fun
Enjoy it ALL!

cheekydani said...

Thanks for the lovely welcome Firey, sounds like a wicked weekend! x

Trixie said...

I finally figured it out what's happening, it's because I'm on wordpress, you've got to link to 'my website..but peops are getting confused and click on the 'blogs I follow' which you are the only one on (cause I don't really use it, being wordpress) Don't be offendd if I take you off of it to stop the confusion! lol

Walker said...

That sounded like a fun party and by the end of it you were all doing Laurel and Hardy routines lol

Anonymous said...

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