Saturday, 11 October 2008


So here's a competition, these are seaside places that I've talked about on my blog,or shown photographs of before, except the one which is Whitby. The person who gets the most correct will win a quartz crystal egg that has rainbows shining inside it. Or a personal invite to my next party, which is by invitation only in December

To make it easier I'll even give you the names in the wrong order obviously of where they are... Whitby, Beachy Head,Rudyard Lake, Ullswater,Portmerion,Tamar Estuary, Newhaven, Teignmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Tittesworth Reservoir,Dartmouth.


Un Peu Loufoque said...

Alas no idea as its not my part of the world.. lovely photos tho!

mountainear said...

Yes, lovely photographs - but which is which I haven't a clue. No hope for me!

CAMILLA said...

Wonderful Pictures, I cannot decide which is which though sadly.


Mel said...

Uh oh........

I suppose dragging himself into the livingroom and making him have a look would be cheating?


Nah.......certain I wouldn't do that!!!

k.......gonna go take a good look.
(and grab himself to see if he's got answers--bribe him even!!!! LOL)

Mel said...


Did me absolutely NO good whatsoever.



Tamar Estuary
Rudyard Lake
New Haven
Beachy Head
Budleigh whozit
and whatever's left over......LOL's that for wild guesses? *chuckling*

Can I hope that I got ONE right?

Mel said...

Wait!! Put the Tigermouth after Beachy Head and before Budleigh whatzit, please?

OY.....there's 11 choices!!!!!



Fire Byrd said...

Thanks for the compliments on my pics upl,mountainear and camilla.

mel you got 1 definately right (Ullswater) and a couple of the others almost right in that they were in the order they are but you'd missed out others around them!!

Middle Ditch said...

Not a clue, but liked the pics anyway.

Trixie said...

Pft! I've already been invited! lol. Don't know if I can make it though, have my mother with me this time (so many family members visiting!) but will do my best.

Lady in red said...

as I was scrolling down I recognised the photos from your blog and of course I know without any doubt whatso ever which one is beachy head

but as I am already invited I feel that it wouldn't be fair for me to enter

but I am going to have another look to see if I can work them out

Pam said...

O.K. Here goes with pictures from a foreign clime...wild guess Estuary
Rudyard Lake
Beachy Head
Budleigh Salterton
New Haven
Tittesworth Reservoir
Howzzat?...and thanks for your recent visit.

Pam said...

Second thoughts...swap Tittesworth Reservoir and New Haven around.

Casdok said...

Beautiful photos, but i wouldnt know where to start!

nitebyrd said...

I only wish I had more time to research. No, that's not quite right. I only wish I had more time and money to visit those beautiful, serene places.

Fire Byrd said...

Pam, thanks for having a go, it has to be said that you didn't get any of them in the right order!!!
But that's not the point.

So Miss Mel cause you got one right you get the crystal!I'll email you for details.

Thanks everyone else forsaying nice things about my photos.


Mel said...

*doing happy dance*


One?! LOL

Yeah, was enough!!
*laughing happily*

And I'll make a very special place for my prize! I promise!!

Now......if you would, please--cuz enquiring minds have a need to know....

Which is where? LOL

Fire Byrd said...

Here is where is where! Starting at the top;
Rudyard Lake, Staffs
Tamar Estuary, Cornwall
Newhaven, East Sussex
Budleigh Sultertan, Devon
Beachy Head, East Sussex
Whitby, Yorkshire
Dartmouth , Devon
Ullswater, Lake District
Portmerion, Wales
Teignmouth Devon