Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Trixie gave me an award YAY!!
And I'll give it straight to RONJAZZ as he needs all the support he can get right now

Now repeat after me firebyrd, you will not spend the rest of the evening fiddling with the magic carpet ride that is the black box!!
You will instead go and make a coffee, go to the toilet, and say hello to your son, and NOT sit here any more messing about. Well at least not until you've done those tasks!!
Go on MOVE!
Right now

I can see you still sitting there, you need to move, or there will be trouble.

I want some more people to be my followers, please if you love me, pretty please hit the button. Or I shall cry and cry till I'm sick.
And then if no-one loves me I'll have to go down the garden to eat worms
And you wouldn't want to be responsible for that would you?

Haven't got any pics of worms, so this will have to do instead.

So chores have been achieved after a fashion, as it's cold milk, not coffee, been for a pee, and son came downstairs to me, but that's only so he can make a sandwich!


Sorrow said...

bad black box!
naughty naughty, taking our byrd for a ride.
Chores still not done here, if you come over and do mine, I promise to pour you some hot water, and sit with my feet up and laugh...
and then we both will have escaped the black box!

Fire Byrd said...

so let me get this straight I do the chores and you laugh.... ummm, think black box more likely!

Trixie said...

I've BAND myself from using it... for tonight anyway. lol.

Trixie said...

There you go, I'm following you, just to shut you up, lol. I don't even use blogger, lol!

Unknown said...

please don't cry...
and worms?
...a good source of protein...billions of fishes can't be wrong...

...oh, and there's always time for coffee...and chocolate...and chocolate covered worms...

Walker said...

Don't look at the box.
Look away
No don't
Look away
ah dang it all

Worms are good for you and i think I hae a recipe somewhere for them if you want me to look for it.

Annie Wan said...

black box over chores any day, so i'm no help really ... and thanks for following me too x

Lady in red said...

awwww hugs

the black box does wear off after a while I promise

virtualjourney said...

rofl - I'm in good company.

Someone suggested a 12 step recovery programme 'Hello, I'm x, and I used to be a Black Boxer.....'

Val said...

love your blog! thanks :-)

nitebyrd said...

Isn't that "Black Box" like a drug? I spent 2 hours the other night zooming around blogland when I should have been actually doing something like study! LOL

Byrd, I'll follow you anywhere. :D

You and Ron both deserve the award. Congratulations!

Fire Byrd said...

trix, you are a star, thanks!

pix, I think it's you. Chocolate covered worms indeed... pah!And thanks for putting you up as a follower xxx

Thanks walker I'll get back to you on that!!

mei, thanks, so glad those Manillos are grazing my blog!

Lady, good, it can't come soon enough I need sleep!

VV, sign me uo immediately.

val, welcome and thanks for stopping by.

nitebyrd, you are just too kind with your lovely words.


Glitterstim said...

I can't resist the black box. I'm addicted.

No! Not addicted! I'm "focused"! That's better :o)

:o) BJ

Fire Byrd said...

Ah Ms Jones that's a much better way to describe it!

trousers said...

I turns out I was the first one ever to use the Black Box! I feel I've finally accomplished's taken me long enough to put the widget up on my own site though.

At this rate, I will sort out which blogs I follow before the year's out... x

Fire Byrd said...

That's you all over, always wanting to be first!!! HA!
Now all you gotta do is get your own followers list and join mine.... please!

Enigma said...

Thanks for the suport, oh trixie of the beautiful photos.
I,m a leader, not a follower, but i'll break my rule for you.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Glad there aren't any pics of worms.

I found my way here from trixie's site.

Fire Byrd said...

Then Enigma, I am suitably honoured, so thank you for stopping by and putting yourself up there.

Debs, welcome, yeah worms yucky things even if they are good for the garden