Saturday, 16 August 2008


So eat your heart out trix, we are having a great time. It's a shame you couldn't get here. But we've managed to eat all the food, which is bad cause it was for all 8 of us..... And we've drunk 6 bottles and it's only 10.15!
It's now Tarot card time and amazingly we are all wonderful people who are all amazingly wonderful..... lol
next is....

mei eaten far too much, and drunk plenty, wonderful host ms byrd is. loved her reading of me, the very first tarot reading in my entire 41 and half years, remarkably accurate too. and it might be the number of glasses of champers we've drunk but i've managed to take a photo of queen v's bottom ... clothed ... c'mon,
we're only merry.

It's now the turn of LiR, so what can I add there has been plenty of good company, great food and fab alcohol in the shape of champers (something I need to practice drinking as it is the favourite drink of my Romeo)

It has been great to meet Mei for the first time (we had a couple of hours to get acquainted as we drank tea in her kitchen then drove here together) and just as good to see both Trousers and QV again. It is of course a pleasure to see Fire Byrd (my honary sister) once again. I am of course sorry that Trixie and her sisters didn't manage to get here but in a way it is good as it means more champers for us.

QV here - just done some Tarot - as always. Having a great time. Just want to sit and giggle. May just do that now ... Trousers, Lady in Red, Road to Nirvana and Fire Byrd all wonderful. And no ... its not the champagne talking ... lovely, lovely group of people.

Back to me;Lets face it we are all fantastic!! Any comments to the contrary will be immediately struck out and the writer will be turned into a toad... you have been warned sweeties. Sorry you couldn't be here trix and catz and bendy and wake up. Do you think there will ever be a time that we all couldn't meet up at the same time.

Dare I suggest an autumn party?????

Have a good hols catz, hope the weekend was wicked bendy, welcome home wake up, trix stop leading such a hectic life!!

love and hugs
byrd, QV, trousers, lady and mei.

PS where are you Ron, when we need you.... LOL


trousers said...

Sounds brilliant - I really wish I was there, I'm too busy playing pool though.

Fire Byrd said...

liar liar pants on fire!!

Ronjazz said...

Well....I was at a rehearsal and could not change my schedule, ladies. And didn't realize it unti the day before. My deepest apologies. I hope you all had a hell of a wonderful time. Know that there still exists a soul across the water that lusts after you all!!!

Trixie said...

Blame my sisters for not being there!!!!

Poor sis M had concussion. She can't handle life in Blah.

QV - Autumn party sounds fine. Give me a date (as long as not in September, lol) I will BE THERE!!!!

muussy aka moses said...

Blame me...knocked for a 6 in the Swine Bar! As we were leaving, the bathroom door opened and whacked me in the head! I went down with much drama I am told...Trix thought I was dead! My eyes were open and fixed. Apparently revived by 2 Irish guys (thank you both. But...missed out on meeting some great blog buddies of not just my sis, but my daughter (Giggle) as well. I would have loved that opportunity.

Gledwood said...

... that's a pretty amazing picture you posted up there. You took it yourself..??

Either way: wow!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

W'd was fabulous thank you, glad to hear you had such a good time, hope to get there next time, BG x

Fire Byrd said...

Sorry you missed it, Trix and sis and bendy and of course Ron.

Yep gledwood, I took the pic, all the ones I use are mine. I'm obsessed with taking them.

and trousers, you only slept next to the pool table!


Lady in red said...

Fire it was good to see you again and of course QV and trousers again. I think I shall have to make sure I only ever drink with you as I never get a hangover when you are there.

Walker said...

Sounds like you had a blast.

Sharing lots of food and booze with good friends is one great way to kick off a weekend

Sorrow said...

ahhh you bunch of social sweets, I am forever jealous, sounds loads better than painting the house...

Fire Byrd said...

lady LOL that's cause I put the jug of water out that no-one drank, it stopped all hangovers in their tracks!

walker you are so right, hope you're party wassuch a blast.

sorrow, I so wish you had been here too.


nitebyrd said...

Your parties always sound fabulous. I swear, if I win the lottery, I'm coming to one! I'll bring Ron, rehearsals be damned!

Fire Byrd said...

ok here's the deal nitebyrd, if win the lottery, I'll bring the party to you!!