Tuesday, 26 August 2008


You get some soothing pics before I start ranting!
They are of Budleigh Saltertan, Exmoor between Porlock and Lynmouth and Watersmeet on Exmoor.

And now for my rant...... Bloody motorway drivers yesterday. Where all the Sunday drivers returning from their holidays? Don't they understand lane discipline?
Do they annoy me?

There are in some places 4 lanes of traffic on the M5, was anyone on the inside lane, NO, they were all on the outside overtaking lane, being bloody minded about staying there when there was nothing in the lane next to them. There seems to be this conceit about their right to stay in the fast lane.
It is no wonder that fast drivers like me, don't do lane discipline anymore. I will not sit tolerantly behind some prick whilst he refuses to move over and let me past.
Is it cause they see a woman in a sports car with the roof down and think, no way lady? Do they even look in their mirrors?

I'm a very good driver, and I know the law, but I'm sorry I cannot just follow someone elses selfish attitude. I know what the speed limit is, I also know that I'm making the choice to drive at 90 miles an hour. But I'm not the only one judging my how many exasperated drivers were doing what I was yesterday.

So it won't be us causing the accidents, it will be the people who don't know what the fast lane is for on the motorway and insist on hogging it, come what may at 71miles an hour!

Rant over!!

This weekend I have been staying with a friend I used to be best friends with at school when we were 14. We hadn't met for almost 40 years. It was astonishing we sat in her garden and almost picked up our conversation from then. We were able to slip into shorthand that only can be done with very comfortable and safe relationships. I didn't have to explain all details, she had an understanding of me that normally other friends have taken a long time to learn.

We spent some time looking at our old school photo and considering what had happened to all those people, but mainly we talked about our own lives.

And to add to all the wonderful stuff about meeting each other again after so long, she also lives in Devon! Serendipity or what! That's another contact, another reason to know that going down there is right for me.

That I will have the wherewithal to sort out a new life for myself, but also I have a network of 6 women now who know me well who are happy to spend time with me. Two living full time in Devon, two in Somerset, one in Cornwall and the last who spends many weeks as she can down there. It feels so perfect, challenge and support!

Oh roll on next year..... Anyone want to buy a three bedroom house in the Peak Park?


Walker said...

Oh do I hate those people but they did provide me with heaps of laughs when my ten ton truck crawled up behind them with the fog horns blazing making them scatter left and right.
See it's the little pleasures in life that make you smile the most.

It's great catching up with friends but 40 years.
What took you so long?
The area looks beautiful and must have made the drive more pleasant wating it as you passed through.

Sorrow said...

Know someone who gets just as hot with the putterings of the slow folks in the fast lane.
they are just bugs my dear...
So glad your visit was lovely. A friend from your youth , that has to be so special, she must carry a lot of the same memories, perhaps some you might have forgotten...how wonderful!!!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Sounds like a wonderful time...and I think a certain amount of road rage is healthy! BG x

Ronjazz said...

You will always be my kind of woman, little Byrd.

trousers said...

Good rant - I felt satisfaction from reading it rather than it getting me wound up. I don't even drive but I'm sure I know the motorway rules far better than some drivers...

Glad you had a good weekend, it sounds great x

nachtwache said...

I don't drive either, but I can still get annoyed with inconsidered drivers. Good luck with the sale, the move and all!
It's important to have a support network. Nice catching up with childhood friends, isn't it?