Saturday, 19 July 2008


It is 9am and it is already so hot hat the sweat just pours off me. I've never had so many showers or changed my clothes so often in a day! Well at least not just cause they are just damp.

Spent hours as most women have never finding anything to wear when I'm going somewhere. The sort of thing where I have an image in my mind of an outfit that would go together well, only to find once on I look like a woman in a sack
tied up in the middle with a belt. Then there is a flurry of changing the tops to try and get the outfit to work.... no go. So change the bottom, different skirt, trousers, what ever,even perhaps go for the dress. Get completely exasperated and start to be late , only to hurl all the clothes on the floor and put on the outfit I know works that I was just being stubborn about not wearing in the first place.

The alternative I discovered the other day, was go out in a half reasonable outfit, wander aimlessly into a shop see something that I don't need, haven't the money for, but hey looks really good. Buy it then and there and insist , like a small child on wearing it for the rest of the day.

But the clothes change her aren't like that.... it's just stinky hot.

You'd think coming from rain soaked Britain that I wouldn't have the nerve to complain about the weather already. It doesn't take long there for the new conditions to become the norm.

So here I am sitting on THE porch, in my third set of clothes this morning and these aren't staying cause going out soon once I've had another shower. I'm surrounded on the porch by anti mosquito lanterns, which work really well and preventing the little bastards from getting me. Then I make the mistake of moving, from the sofa to the front door and they are lined up waiting to get me like a battalion of well disciplined commandos on a sniper mission..... so far 15 of the MFs have got me, from my ankles up to my shoulders.

I could of course stay inside with the air con on, but I've come here to sit on this porch and I will damn well do it!!! I will suffer for this porch, so that it can top up my memory banks to keep me going through the months ahead.

I've always done this had places I can go to in my head, when I can't sleep. For example I go here, or to Devon to J's garden, or I go to Portmerion in Wales. If I go to Portmerion then I wander down through the village past the hotel down this walk by the edge of the sea to the beach. This walk I do every time I've stayed there around 7am when no-one else is around and it's my walk.

This did get contaminated for a while as the last person I went there with went on the walk with me, and watched me when I stopped at the particular places that were very special to me. And on doing the walk the next day kissed me when we reached those particular places again, so i could have those memories when I needed them. Which would have been fine of course if we'd stayed together!!!!

Such is life!

Going to this places is a way of relaxing sufficiently to be able to sleep. They are the places I love the most. Partly because they are so beautiful, and mainly cause they are places where some of the people I love best in the world hang out.

So my dearest friend and I are spending our time with endless trays of food and liquid refreshment putting the world to rights, particularly in relation to egotistical and narcissistic men we have known, which may turn up as a joint post if we can be bothered.

Until then enjoy your weekend and think of me suffering for my art!!


evetemple said...

You left out the part about the sparrow sex fest on the tree branches next to the front porch! Nice to know some creatures around here are getting some even if it's not us. I'm redoubling my effort to protect you in this harsh climate and will dig up the deet and spray the window screens in the bedroom. Can't afford for you to be put off our annual rituals at this point in our lives, now can I?

Lady in red said...

glad to see you got there ok.

now stop your moaning and think of us mortals suffering a british summer while you are complaining about the heat. you know that in a day or two you will be enjoying your break enough to forget how uncomfortable you are.

Annie Wan said...

(with an evil smile i'll let you know that) the darling and i walked the dog in fields and woods this afternoon (yes afternoon) with a strong breeze to cool the sun beating down on us. we even stopped at a quiet bit amongst tall grass where it was deserted ...

ah but that's a rare day here in blighty. you are better off with a friend who;ll pamper you where it's ALWAYS hot. isn't it nice when all you have to worry about is showering *;)

wordveri shthot :D

Sorrow said...

Oh my darling,
I hate to tell you this, for fear you shan't come, but when you get in your auto to drive 6 hours to visit me, your heading...south.
so the temperatures will be even a tad warmer, 95 on Monday, and 93 on Tuesday and 91 on Wednesday.( But there is a mountain breeze that comes in the evening, and stars that wrap the sky in a blanket.The sound of summer that sings all day in my woods, and of course me! Looking forward to hugging you!

Walker said...

This is what you need to deal with the Moquitoes.

One bottle of white wine
A bottle of soda water
Two lemons and a glass pitcher with ice.

Mix two parts wine with one part soda water in the glass pitcher.
Slice up the lemons and toss them into the pitcher to.
Then get naked and go sit on the porch and start drinking your Spritzers.

The mosquitoes will leave you alone.
They'll be to busy eatinfg all the people who gathered to look at the drunk naked lady on the porch.

Have a nice visit :)

evetemple said...

This is me even if it says it isn't!
Eve my dearest our rituals are all part of the process of my visit. Like dinner in the city with P.... couldn't be missed.
lady all I can say is read sorrows comment, and pop right over now of see the state of my bites

mei, what exactly were you doing in the woods... hope you didn't shock Kofi too much!!

sorrow, you know your hot tub can it have ice cubes in it by any chance? See you Monday!

walker, hon, brilliant suggestion, i'll get on to it straight away!....... HAhaha!

Trixie said...

I like Walkers suggestion! I'm sitting here drinking a spritzer, but with clothes on. My kids would scream in horror otherwise!

Queen Vixen said...

Sounds like you are having a good time. I dropped you an email - having only just checked mine - hope you can access it over there x

Exmoorjane said...

OK, that sounds tough but, just to get it in perspective, we were sitting outside in our fleeces clutching our wine glasses, shivering.....
hate the mozzies though.

But Why? said...

The things you put yourself through in the name of having a holiday...

Enjoy recharging the memory banks!

Ronjazz said... are hot in zero weather...:)

nitebyrd said...

My sister has been lamenting the heat in NY. She's lived there for 74 freakin' years and she's still bitching.

I do feel your pain, have you tried keeping some ice around to glide over your forehead, neck and chest? It helps some. Or, drag a fan or two out on the porch.

It does sound like you're enjoying yourself in spite of the heat. Have fun!