Friday, 25 July 2008


I'm back on the porch. My friend has gone of to work and so I have the time to write about the last four days.

On Monday morning I got in a hire car and drove for six hours from Philly to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Given that I haven't ever driven that far in one go before, that was an adventure in it's own right. Coping with the Washington DC Beltway (ring road) which at times is 6 lanes no mean feat The biggest UK roads are only ever 4 lane. Going on Route 66, and yes I did sing when I got on it! And down this one road for TWO hours to get to my destination. Fortunately it was a very beautiful road so i didn't get bored on it, as I drove down through the middle of Virginia past the mountains

I got to my destination and met for the first time the wonderful, wonderful Sorrow. Eat your hearts out all those that read her. She is absolutely lovely. I met her family, who are all also fab,

I was there Monday evening through till Thursday morning.

She lives in the middle of nowhere in the woods. I hadn't realised, never having before left the cities I've stayed in, how much wilderness there is in America. How big everything is and how far away. But more importantly how beautiful. And where Sorrow lives is just stunning.

We spent out first evening getting to know each other, and for me it was like being with someone I had known for ever. It was so comfortable. In fact, I think for me that's something that has happened time and time again in meeting blog people, and I don't really know why I'm surprised when I've been relating to people via our mutual words for a year now!

But there is of course always a risk in the real world, bit like when I thought Trousers was a mad axe man before I met him!!!!

Meeting Sorrow though was bigger, as she'd invited me to stay in her home, so she was taking a risk, as I was driving for 6 hours to stay with this unknown person.

The conversation was never awkward, there were moments when I felt initially a little uncertain, I get up very early, was it ok to be out and about. By the end of my stay I felt so welcomed that I knew it was ok to do such things.

We went hiking up a mountain to visit a wonderful waterfall ( pics will happen next week when I can get them on the computer)
I got bitten my a horsefly, this added to ever growing collection of mosquito bites, currently in excess of 50!!!

We saw deer, two lots,,,,,

We went canoeing saw a heron. Which is becoming a very symbolic byrd to me, as most times when I go walking I see one. And this particular one left me a feather in the water for to keep. There were more deers hiding on the hillside and a beaver swam in front of the canoe. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat to someone who lives in England in a semi rural town was just spectacular.

There were many other wonderful things that I saw/ we did like the most astonishing thunder storm I have ever experienced .

But all these things, although truly wonderful, pale into insignificance compared to actually being with Sorrow and connecting with her. She is as her blog; compassionate, generous, very intelligent, so talented, loving and great fun to be with.

I feel very privileged to have been allowed into her life, to walk her woods, to meet those important people in her life, to be invited to walk her labyrinth, to be hugged and to hug right back.

It has been a very powerful life event, which at the moment I have to spend time thinking and feeling about from a distance, and in a horrible therapy phrase,process the thoughts. And so will probably come back to how it has impacted on me as I feel able in the future. Cause I do know that what went on in our talks has the ability to change how I view myself. To this end my blog may change in the next few weeks as my name is not right for who I am, and Sorrow has helped me find myself

Suffice to say my days in the woods in Virginia have been life enforcing and spiritually uplifting way beyond my expectations, and I cannot thank Sorrow enough for that experience.


Walker said...

Meeting people you have talked to for the first time after knowing them for a long time is special.
I had four women from three countried meet here all together for the first time after years of us all knowing each other and it was a blast.
Not to many guys get 4 strange women staying with then for a couple of weeks LOL
You sound like a people person so I can see you can be comfortable with meetin your blog friends.

Horse flies are big and nasty in the wilderness but the scenery does make up for it.

Annie Wan said...

it sounds like you're having yourself a really magical experience - and i'm looking forward to your photos and seeing how your blog will change. i'm a believer of embracing change when it comes and this one sounds really big xx

Sorrow said...

What fun it was to have you here, and I couldn't concur more, magical, like meeting a friend you forgot you had..
Thank you for sharing yourself with me and mine!
pixie dust kisses!and whirling dervish laughs!

Mel said...

I wouldn't have imagined it to be any different, ma'am.
Enchanting and spiritual--I eagerly await the metamorphasis.


Lucky youse guys.....

nitebyrd said...

There does seem to be a special connection between bloggers which to me is very magical. I don't know the reason but accept it as wonderful.

How awesome for you and Sorrow to have met and had such a fantastic time. And for you to have experienced such a revelation of spirit.

trousers said...

I've wandered over to read this following reading and replying to your email. I'm glad I did.

So much of the journey (if not the most significant parts) takes place on the inside, doesn't it? In the mind, the psyche, the soul (whatever that might be). Sounds like you're really enriching yourself with some truly special experiences.

Hope you write more about it, especially when you've done some processing...


Trixie said...

That's absolutely brilliant you got to meet her, and go to such a fantastic place as well! Can't wait for the photos!

Fire Byrd said...

It's a great shame that i can't get to meet all the wonderful blog friends I have over here in the States. I really wish i could.

And as for the ones in the UK if i don't already know you I soon will. It's nearly party time!!!

walker four women??? wow! x
mei , looking forward to meeting you soon.x
sorrow, I just love you to bits xx
mel, you are definately at the top of the list of people i would love to meet. x
nitebyrd, another person who i think would be a blast to spend time with x
trousers my friend wise words as ever xx
trix, see you at the party x