Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Don't know whether the right word is serendipity or synthesis.
Doesn't really matter, they are both great words and both seem to be happening to me right now.

For the last two years I've had one sentence about me on Friends Reunited. I've not done anything with it. I've ignored the couple of people who've tried to get in touch with me. Mainly cause they were in my sister's year in school and I didn't know them.

I have ignored all the endless stream of communications that F.R. have sent me, got enough to do keeping up with blogging, and not doing that very well at the moment!!

Anyway on Sunday I got another mail shot from them, telling me that FR was now a free service. I had an idle moment and looked at it. Updated my sentence and added one more about going to Devon. And then thought damn it I'll put my photo up.

After all my picture is now on MSN, Sykpe, facebook,and was on my old blog a lot, so why not another one! Oh I'm so vain (don't go there, not another song title really!!)

So Monday morning whilst eating my cereals( as if anyone cares what I eat for breakfast on a Monday morning!) prior to going to work I check my emails.... and ..... there was a message for me from FR..... My best friend from school when I was 14 years old had contacted me!

I haven't seen or heard from her since we were 15 years old. She and I went to our first concert together to see the Beach Boys in Birmingham Odeon in 1968. She used to have great parties at which we'd play spin the bottle, for a true, dare or kiss. Or postman's knock. I got to snog (kiss) all the boys in my class at school courtesy of her parties.

And what's more....SHE LIVES IN DEVON!!! about half an hour from where I want to live, in the city I'm most likely to get work in. Serendipity or what!!!

Since Sunday, and it's only Tuesday now have exchanged almost a dozen emails. We are both so excited about finding each other. She recognised my photograph, she says I look exactly the same as I did when I was 15. Her first words to me were... 'It is you'.... what more is there to add to that.

Except wouldn't mind the lad I adored in school and have always thought about over the years to get in touch with me... but that's just being greedy!!!

Picture is of Dartmoor near Haytor Rocks


trousers said...

How nice is that! Another thing to look forward to when you head for Devon - and kind of acts as affirmation for your decision to move there.

I'm on FR too - I haven't checked it for at least 18 months...

BenefitScroungingScum said...

How lovely! I hope you get to meet again soon, BG x

Ronjazz said...

It's an epidemic. I have recently heard from high school classmates...people I've not seen in over 35 years. People who never hung around me back then. There's a karma going 'round out there.

J.J said...
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J.J said...

Friends Reunited has given me back my two best friends from school and I am so grateful for that.Delighted for you too.

gemmak said...

I get fed up with all the 'social networking' stuff but I have to admit that I too have found old frinds via FR and it's been fab :o)

Mel said...

Okay...how cool is that?!

Very very cool.


Bollinger Byrd said...

It's got better the person who became my next best friend, after the first one left has also got in touch. She lives in Portugal!!!
Oh, I can feel visits coming on!

It's really good to know that others are also meeting up with school friends.

I do wonder though once you've done all the memories, and life story whether or not a here and now friendship can evolve.

Guess I'll have to wait and see.

bbx xxxxxx

nitebyrd said...

How great is that! Good friends are always just that, no matter how many years pass.

Angel said...

That is too fab!

Beth Skove, Publisher said...

that is AWESOME! Last summer an old friend of my husband called up after 30 years!!!! My husband didn't want to meet, but finally agreed we could have drinks at our house when they were in town. It was WONDERFUL. I loved him, loved his wife, loved his kids. We look forward to their next visit later this month. (Yes there was a little bit of "remember when", but there was more just good talk, good times.)
Hope you meet up with her and have an ab fab time, just one of many.

Bollinger Byrd said...

nitebyrd, angel and beth, your right it is fab. And I'm looking forward to it developing over the next few months.

bbx xxx