Saturday, 12 July 2008


There is one thing in life that reduces me to a gibbering wreck within minutes.
I have been frightened of it since we first got one in the house nearly 10 years ago.
I feel incompetent around it. Oh don't get me wrong I can use it, and when I know how to do something, I am childishly pleased.

Recently I have been suffering from an overload of anxiety about the bloody thing.

And what is this overwhelmingly terrifying object..... well it's my computer of course!

The family PC in the last few weeks totally obliterated it's memory, so that youngest with attitude's 4000 piece music collection was wiped out, as was all my stuff. It's taken eldest to remove machine and take to Liverpool to sort out, and it's taken him hours apparently. As the damned computer wouldn't even recognise the keyboard. However that's now back.

The reason I still use it is that when I got a laptop to stop youngest and me fighting over whose turn it was on the PC, I did something to it.... this meant that I corrupted it.... Get your mind out of the gutter here. So that any documents sent to me couldn't be opened. So I had to use the PC to read them on.

This meant that school had to start sending me paper copies of everything, and they are trying to go paperless, when the PC died.

Next to go was the broadband hub, and this involved two very, very long conversations with lovely and very tolerant women in India talking me through trying to a sort it out and then re connect a new hub.

So all was well except eldest son hasn't reconnected me to some document thing on the PC and the laptop is still corrupt. So school have given me access to a new shiny laptop.

And yesterday my incompetence reached an all time high!!

I got the lovely machine home, took it out of it's carry bag they'd so thoughtfully provided me with . Switched it on. I'd been given the numbers for the first password to open it. Nothing happened, I tried again and again and again. Then I thought I'd better phone the techie at school for his advice.

He was concerned and asked me to bring it back. I immediately did so.

He was up to his armpits in work, computers on all round the room, discs being copied , all sorts of things. He took my computer out of it's bag, switched it on, put in the numbers I'd been given, did something else. And would you believe it, it worked.

And then very gently and very kindly said," You need to press enter" And just gave me one of THOSE looks.

Oh earth swallow me up!!!!


Wild Cat said...

At least he was kind with his words and not like the Techies I know!

Thanks for your kind words, today is the start of my new life :o)

x x x x

Fire Byrd said...

Take care of yourself then. Cause like I know only too well no -one else will, at leat not in the way you want right at the moment.

Annie Wan said...

at least you turned it on ...

Walker said...


Well in your defence I am sure they didn't write ENTER after the password they gave you lol

I have done similar stuff and I am a Techie by occupation.
If fact I lost over 10,000 mp3 when my hardrive went couth for some sun and I was left humming the blues.
YOu would think I would know enough to create a back up one one of my 5 other computers but no because it can never happen to me

Fire Byrd said...

thank you for that mei, damned with faint praise I think!

oh Walker that makes me feel a whole lot less dim.
bbx xx

Lady in red said...

this reminds me of the time I got the chairman of the football club to help me to move the photocopier, after lots of struggling and first removing the plug to get the wire through the specially created hole in the wall, then replacing it we wouldn't get the damn thing to work. Two days later we got an electrician to check it over. he took the damn thing apart put it back together then called me over was working no problem. We might have swiched it on at the wall but hadn't switched the machine on. Didn't we feel like a pair of lemons!

word verification here is interesting ~ updur could this be a variation of duh

sparrow said...


Oh my sweet lady, you CRACK ME UP!

Anonymous said...

OMG, don't talk to me about computers. I am sure my aura corrupts them when I am having an off day.

I love the kind way the techie handled it and know exactly what 'those' looks are like lol.

Exmoorjane said...

Just don't, don't, don't.....I can't even bear to think about such things in fear of jinxing the great goddess laptop and her consort desktop.. Just agggghhhh.

Fire Byrd said...

lady, it so good to know I'm not alone here!

pixie, my sweet I aim to please!! love the new hair BTW.

hulla, computers just exhaust me. And I decided that by telling everone what an idiot I was I could get over it quicker!
bbx xxx

Fire Byrd said...

jane hon, just breathe!
hugs x

But Why? said...

I had one of those moments trying to leave Kingston regatta yesterday. Parked in a muddy field with a car full of rowers, I couldn't get the thing to budge in 1st gear - figured we'd sunk into the ground a bit and could do with a bit more traction. Tried reverse. Didn't budge. Thought we might need people to give us a push out of whatever rut we were stuck in, and then realised the handbrake was still on.

In my defence, I'd had three hard races and 2 hrs sleep. I still felt pretty daft...

Fire Byrd said...

but why, oh universal stupidity... love it. Jung's collective unconscious for ninnys... fantastic.

Miss Robyn said...

Hey Pix, I emailed you.. xoxo - but not sure if they are getting through as I have emailed you twice now..just thought I would let you know via comments so you don't think I have forgotten you xoxo

gemmak said...

*snort*...sorry ;o)

Fire Byrd said...

gemmak, thank you SOOO much for your kind snort!! Bit like the one the techie gave me in the first place....