Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Recent Walks

Lligy Beach, Anglesey

Welsh lambs

 River Dane, Staffordshire

Cliffs at South Stack, Anglesey

Stream in Macclesfield Forest, Cheshire

 Industrial heritage,canal side, Stoke on Trent

More cliffs at South Stack, Anglesey

  View from Shutlingsloe over the Cheshire plain

Been doing plenty of walking recently, (computer doesn't want to put my pictures in order ,or let me write at the edge of the page!, but that doesn't matter. )So ten days ago I spent a blissful weekend in Anglesey alone just catching up with myself. It was incredibly warm and on my walks I'm in a t shirt. It continued to be really hot on the walk from Shutlingsloe to Macclesfield Forest the following Wednesday, I'd even got the shorts on for this walk. 

Today there can be no walk cause after 10 days of unseasonally warm weather we are now in the middle of a hooley! Gale force winds, snow, rain and below freezing. So I have a morning off ,so all outstanding office like chores are done, and new photos are loaded finally on here

Each walk featured has been somewhere between 6 and 10 miles, I wouldn't recommend the one up Shutlingsloe unless you like climbing steep seemingly vertical hills!!

What has happened to world weather? It will mean that it won't just be the British who will talk about it all the time anymore!


GaynorB said...

We've been listening to 5 Live and the tales of snowdrifts and travel chaos in some areas. Have you got snow?

We have just finished lunch - well a baguette- on the sunny terrace but there was a very keen wind. In to sit by the woodburner...

GaynorB said...

PS The walks sound great, apart form the vertical hike. Super pics.

Angela said...

Right, we are talking about our crazy weather in Northern Germany too! The storms are coming directly from the North Pole, they say. At least that`s how it feels, definitely! On the beach all sorts of games were meant to take place, bonfires, 100 drums, kite flying, but our tourists are standing at the pier in their winter jackets, wondering why on earth they came here for Easter!
Your ten-miles walks sound exhausting, but you are fit I know, and giving us beautiful sights to see! Thanks Mandy!

Sorrow said...

you shared some walking photo's!
I knew you had to be strolling about!
and look at these!

Pam said...

We have some very confused trees in our area Mandy- bursting into Spring blossom when we are in Autumn here in Australia. It is all a bit crazy. Really like your pics!

Paula said...

Glad you ahve had a calm weekend and I actually have to put you in contact with one of my readers. She lives on that island! Internet is such a global player! Good talking to you this morning.

Mel said...

Wow...... I'm betting it made for interesting sea surf! But look at those photos! Holy cow.....aren't we glad you took that plunge and opted to give the beach house a try!

I love the rewards reaped (for you and for us!).

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Lovely walks, thanks for sharing the beauty you saw on them. You will laugh but the Italians are just as obsessed with talking about the weather as the British!