Thursday, 23 February 2012

Valentine's pain

The days were tough
The nights were long
The dreams, a memory
Of things long gone
The sadness spent
And left today
So to move on
The circle comes round again
But until then I'll find the hope
The needed peace and love inside
Of being alone


Mel said...

Oh, there is a familiar smart to the day that resonates in this poem.

I hope small joys found you just the same--they're there. Watering them makes the ouchies get smaller.

(((((((((( The byrdie ))))))))))))

Love the photo, btw.

Helen said...

You are not alone ... you have all of US!!!!

GaynorB said...

Hi Mandy,

My daughter is going through a similar experience at the moment, trying to escape from a relationship which wasn't working.

She knows that she is doing the right thing, but frightened that she will always be on her own.

Valentines day was difficult...

Mel and Helen are right ...

Take care x

Angela said...

Dear friend, today it is February 29, such an unusual day, celebrate this one! Make it an unusual one for yourself, do something daring today! I love the word empowerment, I love to think that myself, I can add spices to the life I am leading! Valentine`s day which makes me WAIT is not at all a day I am interested in. To me life is JOY, as you know, and should be so! Tomorrow a new month will start, and it will bring spring. Go and smile at your neighbour in the waiting queue and strike up a chat (pretend you were American, they are allowed such bold things, haha).
Love ya, Mandy!!