Friday, 30 September 2011

Wednesday walk

Yesterdays walk was a hard slog of 11.8 miles. We're in the middle of a heatwave here so it was tough for that reason. We've got to the time of year when suntan lotion is a thing of the past, although I had sensibly put some on my face. We walked through a place called Down's Bank and along the canal into Stone and back again, so starting and finishing with a hill. In the woods came across all these amazing toadstools and I think it was only that our human footsteps make so much noise that we missed seeing the elves and pixies that live  in them......Very Enid Blyton!


Miss Robyn said...

I love toadstools and mushrooms.. these red and white spotted ones are so magickal... poisonous yes.. but magickal also.. and I am sure faery folk live there.. I think their name is fly agaric?

Merry ME said...

The little rain that we've had has made for mushroom blooming in our neighborhood. I had my son take a picture of a rather large one, that I was sure housed a Keebler elf cookie factory. The thing about photographing mushrooms is that you kind of have to get down on their level. I can get down, but not so good at getting back up!

11.8 miles. Oh my, girlfriend. You're my shero!

Paula said...

Fliegenpilze in German ;-))) Love them, I believe, they are umbrellas for the elves and fairies.

Beatnheart said...

wow those look lethal.

GaynorB said...

The Downs Banks are sooooooo close to me. If I could only get rid of the day job I'd have joined you on the walk! :0)

Mel said...

*laughing* Oh, I know ME's pain!

Darn that I searched for the little boogers on the walk last weekend and located none.
Elves or mushroom/toadstools.

But I found mud!
And slippery slopes!

And magical streams.
Oh, and it was magical. Much like these hidden treasures.

Marilyn said...

I love mushrooms and the magic they have. I would have loved your walk except for the heat!

Ellen said...

wow, I've never seen mushrooms like that before!!!

thanks for visiting my blog and yes, I love the Anne books and quite excited about the series I am doing.

Those pictures are off the web -- but on my "other" computer (isn't always that way?! lol) I have some pictures from our visit a few years back. I've received great comments about my "level" of photography with those pictures but tell people all the time, it's not me or the camera --- that's what it looks like!

Hope to see you again!

Helen said...

Love your fairy tale approach to a nice very long walk! Impressive.

Pam said...

Walks like that are wonderful. That's quite an effort you've described, but what a reward to see the fairy-tale mushrooms. I equate them with the English fairy tales we were brought up on as children. There was also the illustrations of fascinating creatures like badgers and moles,so entirely foreign and wonderful to Australian children as was the term or concept of hedgerows.