Saturday, 11 June 2011

No more words

I feel the time has come to say goodbye.
I'm all written out
There are no more words.
There are plenty of feelings,
The love of the people I've met, some here alone, some only by email
And a few treasured real encounters that have led to seriously good friendships.
This may be a temperory stop or a full stop .
I may just put photos up here
I don't know
So here will stay till I make that decision.
I know I don't have time to get to see other people's blogs and I feel bad about that.
I can't even tell you how I've run out of time, but I have.
Probably I knew it was time to halt last week.
Some horrid event happened to me which made me feel very stressed and unhappy.
And in the past I would have run here and poured my heart out till I felt better. I would have written up the theraputic journey I'd been on to help others when they encounter stress.
But I couldn't be bothered, I felt bad, I worked on myself, I found a solution and I feel better.
Here wasn't needed.
I know over the last five years I've written close to 200,000 words and I'm now currently done.
What does need writing is my therapy self help book, so that is where when the need to write moves me I'll go.
In the meantime I can be found everyday at as photography is my passion nowadays.
So for all those people who first passed by here.... Rob,Chris,Ellie,Vi,and many more thank you. it was a pleasure to meet you in real life.
To the people who came along later.... Kerry,Sorrow, Geli, Robyn, Paula, Nicky; the people who I consider to be the real friends I have made here, even if I've still to actually 'meet ' two of you I hope our friendship is there for a long time. So you'd better get to Philly in July Paula!!! And the UK next year Robyn!!!

And to the first person who ever commented on my blog, who started blogging two weeks before me all that time ago. The person who I risked meeting to go walking with, all those years ago.Who made me realise I could meet strangers who I'd only connected with words before, and they would be as lovely as the words had lead me to believe they were, and not mad axemen! The person who is a dear friend to me and who puts up with me pouring my heart out on our walks...  I'll see you later at the birthday bash Trousers!

You all have made the last five years of my life ,when it has probably been as tough as a life could be, easier with your love and care of me. And I know I couldn't have done it without you

A walk with Sorrow in Virginia

A walk with Trousers in Macclesfield Forest

A walk with Geli in Herringdorf along the Baltic Sea


Anonymous said...

Wishing you well and shall watch out to see if you return here. I've found you inspirational. Like you I've made some special friends through blogging, one is soon to become a neighbour, and for me getting to know others through words is a better way to connect.

GaynorB said...

Hi Mandy,

It reads like you have done a lot of heart searching to come to this decision. I want you to know that every post you have written has provoked a reaction in me.

Sometimes it has been joy, laughter or just a smile, whereas at other times it has been sadness, anger and frustration on your behalf.Your posts are never without emotion.

We feel we know parts of you well, but other parts are still a mystery.

You will be missed and if you feel able to do the occasional blog post, you will 'pop up' on the blogs of your followers.

Very best wishes as you continue with your journey. My email is on my blog so if you ever fancy a meet whether it be a walk, a drink or just a coffee then get in touch - I live near Stone.

GaynorB said...

P.S. I forgot to say that in my blog post on Monday there will be a little something just for you ........ I hope you enjoy it!

janis said...

noooooooooooooooooooo Manday! Please don't go!!!!! I dont always comment but I do check on you & love you dearly! You inspire me, you intrigue me, you are one of my Blogger Buddies! I will follow your photograph blog, but will miss your words so much :(
Lots of Love~ Janis...

Paula said...

Mandy Mine, I will be there!

Pam said...

So well written Mandy - it makes your reasons understandable and is expressed beautifully.
I will miss you - you've been a regular visitor to Textilosophy,and I, in turn, have found your posts inspiring and something I've always looked forward to.
Please visit again when you can, even if you feel you'd like to discontinue your present format of posting,and continue with a more sporadic photographic approach.
You've tackled some big issues here and challenges, and come out a winner with your courage and determintion.
Good luck with your family, work and friendships.
I am sure both personally and professionally there are many lives you have turned around, including dear Trix.
You deserve the best, a rest if you need it, and every happiness.
As always, the biggest of hugs.

Sage said...

Wishing you all the very best in life, wine, food and friends xx

Merry ME said...

Thanks for all your love and support during my past few years. I will miss your words but look forward to the photos if you choose to keep that.

Now go write that book. And let us know when it's done so we can all give a big "WOOHOO"!

May love and joy be with you on your continued journey.

Merry ME said...

Thanks for all your love and support during my past few years. I will miss your words but look forward to the photos if you choose to keep that.

Now go write that book. And let us know when it's done so we can all give a big "WOOHOO"!

May love and joy be with you on your continued journey.

Helen said...

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity of sharing stories and emotions with you ... no matter the length of time. You are a special woman ... Take care.

karen said...

Hi Mandy
My comment has disappeared!! Anyway, to summarise - I have always loved your word-blog, and have read most of your self help book too! will visit the photo-blog more often, and will attempt to keep up via email from time to time, since I won't be able to catch up with your doings on the blog anymore! Wishing you lots of luck and all the best x

Zan said...

I get it, although am sorry to see you leave. Thank you for all your inspirational words here and for all the treasured little comments you've made over the last couple of years on my blog. Even if it may not seem like it I have taken all your words to heart and every now and again I go back and consider them some more!

Mind yourself.

LindyLouMac said...

Hi Mandy, Take Care as you continue on your journey through life where ever it may take you. I look forward to continuing to stay in touch by enjoying your beautiful photography via BW.

Kolley Kibber said...

I only found your blog a few months ago, but have loved reading your insights and observations. Whatever path you take next, I wish you excitement and peace in roughly equal measures. Thanks.

Marilyn & Jeff said...

Hi Mandy
Something, some 'feeling', made me check your blog today and I am pleased that I did.
I would like to say thank you and good bye, and to wish you well always. I took so much of value from your words here so know always that you did well.
I had my blog for just one year and I learnt so much, about myself, about life, about others. When I stopped posting I didn't know if it would be a short break or long but it feels right for me to have stopped. And from your words here I know that it feels right for you too.
Thank you for BW, I haven't posted for a while as things have changed for me but I hope that I will still be able to in the future.
My best wishes always.

Mel said...

(((((((( the byrdie )))))))))

Sorrow said...

oh byrd..
If you have nothing to say...
so be it.
but maybe
some day
you will have laughter to share
and stories
and life
you will be so missed!

nitebyrd said...

I'll miss your words but I'm very happy to know that you'll still "speak" to me with your amazing pictures.

It's been my absolute pleasure to have been able to be here for part of your journey, Ms. Byrd. You are an amazing woman.

Angela said...

Mandy, you were my one and only blog buddy to visit me here in reality, and didn`t we both enjoy our fun together?! As we can always email, you won`t be lost for me, but I will miss your blog, too. I have tried to quit blogging, too, for lack of words, but somehow they kept popping up again after a while. Maybe so will yours. I like your pictures, though, too!

Anonymous said...

You'll be back.