Friday, 27 May 2011

Future dilemma

Isn't blogging wonderful,rather than blogger which has been somewhat trying in the last couple of weeks one way or another.

I spent hours being frustrated and trying with my very limited skills to sort out why my blog page which says I have to sign in and wouldn't then let me! And along comes Laura at Pretty Pix and sorts me out.(Her tip BTW is untick yourself off the box marked 'keep me signed in' on the sign in page, works immediately)

Where would we be without people, and no more so than last week on my hols.

It's no wonder I want to move down south to Devon or Cornwall. Two of my oldest friends live there, who I stayed with last week. One of my old school friends lives there, we reconnected a while back through Friends Reunited. And two of my 'up here' friends are moving down in the next few years. Not of course forgetting blogging chums, who I've also met in reality who live there. So I have a bigger network potentially there than I have where I live now.

The dilemma will come if my sister is successful in selling her house this year.She and her husband want to relocate to Anglesea in Wales. It's their log cabin I go where I go and stay by myself in. They want to go there, as it's as far for P to commute to work in Manchester as it is where they live already. Which is less than 10 minutes walk from me now.

My sister and I have always been extremely close. To the point as some of you know, that for ten years we lived as two families in one farmhouse and barn that we did up from almost derelict.

So do I think in the next couple of years, as I prepare to leave this town about my collection of friends and a ready made reasonably big support network, or do I want to be near my sis,only knowing her in a place that is known for being difficult to break into socially?

I would hate to be too far from my adored little sis, but on the other hand I would hate not to see my beloved friends on a more regular basis. I miss them so much.

I've only been able to see my friend in Cornwall once a year for the last three years, even though we do talk every week, and I would love to be able to be close enough to pop over for an evening instead of the six hour drive from here to see her.

Whichever way I go I know I'll end up driving!But it is a difficult call to make, whenever I have to make the choice.

To take my mind off pondering things so far away here are some more of my last week hols pics instead!


Helen said...

I'm on my way out the door, will be back for a proper visit.
In the meantime, tell your blogger friend she is a bloody genius!!!

Beatnheart said...

go South my friend. My family lives 2500 miles away.
Your sis will only be “up the road a piece” not really that far compared to USA distances. You’ll miss your sis but your everyday life will be far richer and besides
I’ve always wanted a friend in Cornwall...ahhh...always thinking of meself. Best of Wishes...cynthia

Anonymous said...

considering how often I get to hug you, your sister is bloody lucky! and so are your 6 hour drive friends!
where ever you go, my love goes with you..

Paula said...

I couldnt agree more with Cynthia. Everyday life will be so much richer. Love, Paula

Mel said...

Six of one, half dozen of the other..that's if your relationnship with your sister is anything like my relationship with my sister.
I love her like no other.

And there's something to be said for visits with good friends.
Of course, there's something to be said for visits with beloved sisters, too.

AUGH....I see the dilema!
I also see a whole LOAD of really cool photos! :-)

karen said...

Looks like you are definitely in for a lot of driving!Quite a decision..

Your photos are beautiful, as ever!

GaynorB said...

Looks like you have a lot of thinking to do Mandy.

Anglesea and Cornwall are both very beautiful places to live.

Whichever you eventually choose you will still have the other to visit and most importantly the love of the friends/family living there.

Thanks for letting me in on the 'comment fix'. Works every time........


Pam said...

That is a dilemma Mandy. Maybe the deciding factor will be a house that you see one day on your visit to friends, one that you just "have to have".
Once when discussing with a friend who lived next door to me in the country (we both now reside in the city)about how much I missed aspects I loved about the country, she said "Well, we had that for a very long time, and enjoyed it immensely, and must count ourselves lucky we enjoyed it for so long". Perhaps this is true of living 10 minutes away from your sister. You no doubt would miss her a lot if you moved South, but look at the years you've had together- and you would still be in the same country.Good luck with it all!
Lovely holiday photos!

Joy said...

Awesome photos! Maybe the answer is something completely different that you cannot yet see because you are focused on the other two options..your heart always knows best:)

Helen said...

I'm back ... I share your dilemma. My daughter and two grandchildren ages 18 & 14 live in Bend. I have my son Carl with me, almost 50 and with special needs. My oldest son and d-i-l live in Atlanta. Carl and I lived there in the late 90s for a year. Atlanta is huge! So unlike little Bend with it's 70,000+ people. However, Carl has never enjoyed Bend, considers it TOO small. He doesn't drive .. public transport is sketchy. He walks to work (which is close) and to his health club and movie theatre. He is also frustrated with his job ... front of a supermarket, courtesy clerk. I know there are infinitely more job opportunities for him ther ... and more of a social life no doubt. My heart breaks when I think of moving away from the only grandchildren I have ... but it also breaks when I think about Carl and his life. My son in Atlanta would LOVE to has us close. As I move into my 70s it might be the smartest thing for us. I don't want my daughter to end up caring for me ... she has enough on her parenting plate. If I'm not on this Earth, Carl will need support. What to do?????

As far as your life plan? If and when your sister's home sells ... I would seriously consider moving south where friends are living..I don't think you would ever regret it.

My dream is to return to Cornwall and Devon ... I'll join you for cream tea.

miss*R said...

damn blogger. have had trouble for a week! can comment on some and not others..
anyhow.. lovely, lovely photos..
and yes, a difficult call to make.. but only one that you can do xoxo

TALON said...

The pics are so gorgeous, Mandy, I feel like I went on holiday with you!

I hate choices like that - neither is ideal.