Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My weekend by the sea

I went away on Friday afternoon, after I'd been to the shops to buy supplies for the weekend. I have to think through every meal and take it all with me, so that included an instant curry for Saturday night, and a steak for Sunday. The obligatory bottle of real champagne was chilled in the fridge from the night before.If I'm going to spend days by myself then the real deal is essential as a treat.

And off I set, getting to my sister's log cabin about 4pm. Had a crisis not being able to open the door.... trying to open it with my friend in Philly's front door key wasn't ever going to work! But eventually panic gave way to common sense and I got in. Unpacked, made by bed, put the food in the fridge, and set off for the mile walk down to the nearest beach.

Late afternoon sunshine, with a chill in the air, but warm enough for just a fleece and Tshirt on top. Down to the waters edge and put my fingers in to check the temperature and say hello to the sea! It was cold!

Back up the hill for a well earned supper and my first book!

Saturday after a breakfast of a kipper and toast, what else by the sea? I packed my sandwiches, and rest of my rucksack and drove over to the other side of Anglesea to South Stack. One of two most favourite places on the island. I treated myself to a pair of binoculars in the RSPB shop. As the pair I've been using, belonged to my Grandfather when he was in the Home Guard in 1940! So I thought since I've got so into bird watching, I should allow myself a modern pair.

Then off onto the cliffs to look for Puffin. Initially no sighting, but I did see easily a thousand guillemot and razor bills all huddling together on the cliff face. The noise they made was incredible, such a cacophony. Got told the puffins, if they were about, where on the other side of the cliff face. So I set off down the path to South Stack itself. Stopping at many places on the way down to check for puffins. Eventually I was rewarded with the sight of a lone puffin, in amongst the few guillemots on this side of the cliff face. I was blown away, this was what I'd promised myself I'd come to find, and there it was my puffin. The binoculars had paid their way already!

Got down to the island at the bottom which was covered in very noisy herring gulls. Took many pics of the astounding views here.And when I'd got my breath back it was the long haul back up the top of the cliff.

Took the north road back, stopping off at all the little beaches I'd never seen before, and made mental notes which ones to re-visit next time. The evening had me visiting one of the best beaches near the cabin, White Sands beach. I was the only person on it, so walked the length and breadth in the cooling evening, before heading back. First book finished, curry eaten,half the champagne drunk, bed at 9.30!

Sunday was astonishingly warm for April, strappy top and suntan lotion weather!
Two walks, the first over the country park in the south west corner. A place of wild horses and sand dunes for miles and miles. With amazing views of Snowden itself, and Cearnavon Castle, capitol of North Wales on the opposite side of the straight. Probably walked about four miles here, it was very isolated and I decided that I was a bit too alone in a place that could be dangerous when the tide turned.

So to the South East corner to Penmon Lighthouse and the ruined Priory,for a coffee and large piece of chocolate cake, with cream, before eating my rather boring cheese sandwiches and walking along the beach.

Sunday evening the second book was finished and I must admit I felt a bit lonely without having spoken to anyone since Friday, there is little phone reception and no internet.So down the field, the only place I could get phone reception and a quick call to Jenny in Devon to touch base and not feel so alone.

Monday the cabin had to be cleaned and tidied to my standards, which my sister will moan about, as everything is tidied away, and she's not as obsessional as me!
Starting the drive home via the other best bit of Anglesea- the road from Beaumaris, the main town, to the Britannia bridge back into main land Wales.This road runs along the Menai Straight and the trees offer dappled views of the water with it's little islands and sailing boats.

Now back home and can't wait to go again!


Zan said...

Glad you had such a lovely weekend away and all to yourself! Xx

GaynorB said...

Reads like a super weekend away to recharge your batteries, just think about what you wanted to do - and then do it!

Only one small observation; how did you manage to save the other half of the champagne for the following evening?????

nitebyrd said...

That sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend! I must tell you that I envy your alone time. The pictures are amazing - SO beautiful!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Sounds perfect:)

Merry ME said...

It sounds like my dream get away - except for all that walking. I think I'd trade half the time for naps!

I think you've found yourself a great hideaway!

diney said...

Feel like I've enjoyed the holiday with you! Lovely photos - how wonderful to be using those binoculars used in the home guard!

Anonymous said...

~sounds like bliss~
so good to leave vicariously through you!

Marilyn said...

All sounds so fabulous! Your photos are gorgeous, I can see how vocal the birds are when I click on the ones on the grass. Cearnavon Castle and Snowden I visited years ago - would love to visit this area again and see these places you mention.

bodylift said...

How wonderful pictures those are! Sea pictures are truly awesome but I want say about those animals' pics. Those are really nice.

Midwest to Midlands said...

What a great weekend away to a wonderful part of the country.

Pam said...

Enjoyed so much reading about this and seeing the pics. Many years ago, husband and I went out of our way in the north of Scotland to a place we were guaranteed to see puffins, a bird we don't have here in Australia, and that we desperately wanted to see. Not a one, as we scanned the cliff tops. Bought the little glass ones for souvenir gifts for the family but had to own up to not seeing any!
Sounds like a great weekend Mandy.

Mel said...

PUFFIN!!!!!! Okay...majorly cool!

Good investment, great find!
You got to see a puffin!!!!

I'm excited about the solo beach time and how wonderful it is that you've discovered that for yourself.

But mostly I'm excited about the puffin! WOW!!!!!

karen said...

Heavenly, Mandy! What lovely photos, and a special time away. That puffin was certainly a real bonus, too!

Anil P said...

What a nice and quiet weekend amidst lovely scenery and 'pleasant' cacophony of birds. Do the birds let people approach them?