Thursday, 14 April 2011

Beauty products and rituals

I've been inspired by Janis's latest post to talk about the nonsense that I use to feel good.
I'm talking products here.
I can, if I'm going nowhere sit around with no make up. But if I think I'm seeing someone, then war paint goes on. OK that's fair enough we all need our masks to hide behind.
But do I really need to go through the rituals I use every day.
I never ever use soap on my face, haven't done since my teens, but I do use a cream cleanser that I apply with my finger tips and take off with cotton wool.Occasionally I'll use a toner, but generally that is to drying for my skin, even the really mild ones. Then I move on to the stuff I apply; first off is a tiny, tiny blob of eye cream under each eye, which is never rubbed in, it's patted in with my index fingers. Next comes a serum, this is such a wonderful product, it glides into my skin making it feel great, on top of which I put a little heavier moisturiser.
My skin then gets a break for a while, usually cause I have breakfast at this point, then it's back for more stuff!
I put on a base coat underneath my foundation it makes the foundation go on smoother and helps keep it in place longer.The foundation is painted on my face cause this gives better coverage cause my fingers natural oils mean that it doesn't stay so well. On top of this goes blusher and occasionally face powder if I'm very shiny.
My lips currently get three different products put on them, to get the lipstick to stay put for as long as possible.
And as for my eyes they get eyebrow pencil, eye pencil on my lower eyelids, sometimes eyeshadow, but I can go without that (!!!!) then always eyeliner and mascara.
Finishing with an application of the perfume of the day. There are currently six being used and it depends on the weather, what the days plans are, what I wore yesterday for that one to be figured out.
It's amazing I have time to do anything else in a day before it's time to take it all off again and apply a face oil on freshly cleansed skin before I go to bed!!!!
When I actually write it down like that it does all sound ridiculous but on the other hand I like looking after me, it makes me feel good.
I feel more confident when I have my make up on, more in control. If I get caught without make up it doesn't make me feel good unless I am safe enough with that person that I don't feel judged by them how I look.
So I understand what using all the outer stuff means; the mascara, lipstick, etc. I'm just not sure where the moisturising products come in, because I've used them since I was so young they are just part of what I do to get up and at'em in the morning.
I also know that my sister and I have inherited our grandmothers excellent skin, but even though I'm older by two years my skin is in better nick than hers cause she doesn't faff around with all the stuff I use. And that's fine it's her choice,and I like my skin better! So I guess I've answered my own question here.
What to do use?


Merry ME said...

Very little. Some moisturizer, foundation and blush. I was looking at a friend's face yesterday as we chatted over lunch. Her skin looked soft and lush - I almost reached out to touch it. Her makeup flawless. Her eyes perfectly done without calling too much attention to them. I feel sure she is the kind of woman who has an every day routine that is 2nd nature to her. For me, it would take hours and not look nearly as nice. Alas, I think all the crying I've done in my lifetime has made my eyes too sensitive for even a light coating of mascara. I usually scratch it off in the first half hour - leaving me with raccoon eyes. I've decided nothing is better than that!


P.S. My word verification below is "condom". I don't think I've ever had it actually spell a word before. It seems strange to my jr. high school tittering mind that is chosen word!

nitebyrd said...

I use the products I sell, BeautiControl. I like them. As an esthetician, I can tell you the products you us aren't a waste of time. Nothing (so far!) can stop us from aging but using good quality skincare is helpful and important. Plus they make us feel good! Always remember sunscreen, even if it's not always sunny!

janis said...

Oh my Mandy~ you are a product consumer! However, if it works for you and makes you feel wonderful I think go for it!
I use to have rituals similar. I sold Avon for a short time when Emily was born. And that is probably how I got started with such routines. Mom never really taught us to use routines. However.. I rarely use anything anymore. I have the softest face. Im lucky that I only sprouted 2 or 3 pimples during high school. As I have aged, I find that some products do help the drying and aging skin. I am developing wrinkles and age spots. Philosophy truly holds my favorite line of products. They do what they are suppose to do, smell heavenly fresh and I relish them. But.. with my finances where they are, and me still unemployed, I havent bought a thing nor rarely pamper my skin.
Most days, eyeliner, shadow, and occasionally mascara and Im out the door!

Helen said...

Well Ms. Mandy ... I couldn't resist this!

I am also blessed with some good genetic stuff, which helps. I worshipped the sun in my youth, actually into my early 40's until skin cancer came calling. No more of that! Thirty years later and many more skin cancers - six on my face (with more to come I'm certain) I've been blessed to have a specialist in the MOHS procedure who has fixed me with minimal scarring. Of course there are scars. I must wear makeup to cover them .. especially the areas on both sides of my nose. SO ... I wear eyeliner (liquid or pencil) on upper eyelids. I experiment with colors. My eyes are kind of blue, kind of green. Mascara for eyelashes that seem invisible. Eye shadow to make my smallish eyes stand out more. Darker for evening, lighter for day. Foundation, a little blush when I'm pale. Lipstick in a pinkish shade usually. Because I stayed out of the sun for so long, I've noticed the age spots I used to have faded into almost nothing. I do use a mild olive oil based face soap. No moisturizer usually, it gunks up my pores. I mix several shades/brands of makeup to create my own unique look. I have NO eyebrows, wear bangs, thus no eyebrow enhancement necessary!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Marilyn & Jeff said...

I enjoyed reading about your rituals ;-)
You are a beautiful person, with or without makeup. You are beautiful inside and out. I am pleased that I have 'met' you. Best wishes always.

Mel said...

Rituals--I have a ton of.
None that involve beauty products.

Not a one.

Be afraid.....LOL

TALON said...

I loved this, Mandy. I smiled at the "nonsense that I use to feel good" - but that's the whole thing, isn't it? If it makes you feel good then it's worth the time. Totally.

I cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I've used sunscreen forever and that's one thing I won't skip ever. I'm a mascara and lipstick sort of gal and on the odd occasions I put on the full war paint I feel completely glamorous :)

GaynorB said...

I don't use much of anything make-up wise, but am sadly aware that I would look a whole lot better if I wore something!!! I use ege cream, moisturiser and serum though.

I am unfairly 'blessed' with smokers lip lines, even though I have NEVER EVER smoked. I've probably spent too much time scowling at my pupils, or more likely too much time in the sun, in my younger days. I now wear SPF, but the damage is done!

I'm intrigued, which perfumes do you use?

bodylift said...

Generally beauty products are produced some risk for our skin and body. But it also important that you should used it carefully. Carefully uses of those products can be helpful to avoid this kind of risk.

Angel said...

I use a cleanser, then put an under-eye treatment on (rubbed in lightly, very little pressure), then a serum, and then a moisturizer. At night I use a night cream instead of the SPF moisturizer.

I don't use much make-up, but I do feel more armored when I do. Except for mascara, I haven't yet found a good one that doesn't smudge.

Ruth said...

It sounds like a kind of morning meditation and ritual. I just put on a little moisturiser and then go down to my sanctuary to do yoga and tune in to my inner place. So maybe this is your way of doing something similar? Mine's cheaper though ;-)

Anna May said...

My husband calls the stuff I put on my face 'goop' and complains that whilst it may make me (think I) look younger it makes him look older. The reason? I slap it on in bed and the noise and the massage motions wake him up!
Anna May x

Miss Robyn said...

I hardly ever wear makeup.. but I do use a toner and moisturizer.. mostly my face is washed with just water and a face washer

karen said...

Hi Mandy. Catching up on all your old posts as usual, after a blogging drought, and find I have missed your birthday - so, sending you very belated wishes for your special day! I love the birthday family photo, and all your amazing spring blossoms, green leaves, and glimpses of your gorgeous house!

Paula said...

Mandy, I smiled all the way through this post. I think this nonsense routing of yours is so very much YOU.
to be you are beautiful with or without make up. Much love

Pam said...

I think I failed my daughter with instilling a beauty routine. When she left home to live with her friends she castigated me with "... Until I lived with these girls I didn't know you had to use a body moisturizer - all over -elbows, arms,heels..." Who knew!
Made me think enough to buy pink grapefruit body butter from the Body Shop which I now use on all those neglected places.Great for the face too instead of more expensive alternatives. I find it hard to get by without the dark circle concealer underneath my eyes, and lipstick. Don't feel right without it.Perks me up. Enjoyed your post!xx

spider veins said...

Nice Information. This sounds like a morning meditation and ritual. I just put a little moisturizer and then go down to my sanctuary, a place in my heart to do yoga and adjustment.