Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Merhaba, Ahoj, Dzien dobre, Hello

Just some bits and bobs floating around.....

Does anyone else have a wicked fairy who casts wicked spells during the day? I wake up, and getting out of bed notice in the mirror that I'm not that bad for a middle aged woman. And when I put whatever outfit I'm wearing for the day and my make up I scrub up alright.

But then the wicked fairy comes along and makes me fat,it happens everyday. So before I go to work I can look quite reasonable and by the time I get home I've ballooned into a hippopotamus. And by bedtime I'm larger than an elephant.

I want to know how this wicked fairy gets away with this daily spell, that the good fairy spends all night undoing only for it to happen again the next day.

It must be the fairies that do this, it can't be anything to do with what I eat surely!!!!


Saturday night saw me out having dinner with seven teachers- the headteacher I work with, two Turkish, two Slovak and two Polish. They all had groups of their children visiting the school and we wanted to take all the teachers out to thank them for coming over.

It was an amazing night the Turkish Head didn't speak any English, but his accompanying English speaking colleague made up for it. One of the Polish teachers understood but was hesitant about speaking.

They put me to shame,my language skills are pathetic but I did manage to say hello in all nationalities. It was an amazing evening all talking at once, all trying to keep up with the questions we were all asking each other.

What came across through all our language barriers though is that there is nothing different between us. We all cherished our families, wanted the best for our children, both the ones we had, and the ones in all of our schools.

Sunday saw me in the garden planting bulbs. Not a job I usually enjoy as by the time I get round to it's cold and the ground is getting hard. But for the last few days we have had astonishing weather, completely blue skies and weather so warm that I sat on the backdoor step on Sunday drinking my coffee with my top off. Just as well no-one was around, the fat fairy had instigated the blubber around my middle again!

So today I have a days holiday and I feel exhausted. Always the same when we stop isn't it! But rock'n'roll will energise me later and then off to Devon for the rest of the week. Stopping off first in the bohemian town of Glastonbury, where with any luck I'll be able to do all my Christmas shopping for my girlfriends, as it specialises in crystals, tarot and all things mystical.

Back here next week.


Paula said...

Our fairies must be related! Have a wonderful week and enjoy shopping. Hugs xxx

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Those darn fairies are an international organization I can tell you. I've got one that comes and sprinkles dust around my house as well!

TALON said...

Christmas shopping!! I'm jealous - it's lovely to be ahead of the game when it comes to that sort of shopping.

I believe the same faires inhabit my house, too. I'm sure I hear them giggling, too!

Have a beautiful week, Mandy!

Helen said...

Hello there! In the midst of crossing the USA, I have managed a minute or two ~ found a computer! I love hearing about your life .. it takes me out of mine and into a little fantasy!

signing off, never certain when I will sign on,

Merry ME said...

Planting bulbs, Christmas shopping and a bulging waistline - the seasons must be changing. How we got to this time of the is beyond me. Perhaps it is those darn fairies!

nitebyrd said...

The same evil fairy visits me daily and goes into overtime if I'm having my picture taken. GAH!

Have a wonderful trip, I'd so love to visit that town and those shops!

Angela said...

I wrote you a comment! Where did it goooo??

trousers said...

I loved reading about the night with all the teachers of different nationalities - it chimes with my own experience in certain ways and has triggered a couple of memories.

Hope you have a great time in Devon - enjoy! xx

Marilyn & Jeff said...

I don't have a fairy but there is an old lady living here somewhere. I never see her except for when I look in a mirror - she always beats me to it and jumps in front so I only see her!
Enjoy your time in Devon.

Mel said...

Imps, I tell ya...evil imps!

*sigh* I'm afraid mine's related to Marilyns'....old, gray and omg--where'd all those wrinkles come from?!

I can't quite qualify for the chubby brigade--I do keep trying! I melt down on occasion when I do find I've gained a bit....figure that's the visiting imp from your place--who you can KEEP, tyvm!

You have a great journey.
Wow about the dinner--how cool that musta been.
And good for you for getting those bulbs planted.
I looked at mine--I'm sure that counts for something......*sigh*

VERY funny on the word ver: partfat

Ha. Ha. Ha. VERY funny.....


Beatnheart said...

Sounds heavenly! Thank you sweet one for your insightful comment on my blog...You always say just the thing to help me put it all into perspective. I’m just beginning to come around. The trip wore me out.

karen said...

The fairies are real!!
Have a wonderful trip to Devon, and happy Christmas shopping..