Tuesday, 6 July 2010

and the answers are.....

Off to one of these cities today, so thought I'd celebrate cities generally that I go to a lot or have visited once. Can you identify them?

London Tower Bridge


Berlin, Reichstag


Krakow, Cathedral

Liverpool, China town


New York

London, St James Park

And the answer was London, just been to Kew Gardens last night for a picnic and to see Jools Holland play with my eldest son for my birthday pressie


BenefitScroungingScum said...

I can spot London & Liverpool in there. Hope you have a lovely time wherever you're off to! BG Xx

Mel said...


I suck. LOL
London, Amsterdam and Philladelphia maybe?
The rest--dunno....but they're pretty! :-)

TALON said...

Looks like you're off to London? I think so as I recognize some of those beautiful landmarks in your awesome shots!

Have a wonderful day, Mandy!

Zan said...

Hmm umm.. there's two from London, right? heh and umm.. and um man I am crap at this game :P

Have a wonderful time in whatever city you are off to today!


Angela said...

Have you been to ALL those places? I know Krakow, and Amsterdam... it`s not easy to tell. But you sure are a travelsome lady!

LindyLouMac said...

Not all of them! London x 3, Liverpool, Oxford (or is it Cambridge),Amsterdam. Can't see the photos either now and impossibe to recall them all! Good test and I am failing. One looked like Xian, another New York. Oh I give up!

Marilyn & Jeff said...

I know only the London ones but they are all great shots.

Beatnheart said...

I see London, I see France...maybe Cambridge or Oxford...thanks for your visit...nothing would please me more than hanging out with you in my garden but especially in your garden as I bored with mine...i want England!

karen said...

Beautiful! I can figure out most of them, but some are just guesses.. just had to read back through all your posts again, just to keep up! Thrilled to see that you are off to The Most Fabulous Porch in the world again.. enjoy every minute :)

Pam said...

Um,in no particular order,I think your photos are from London, Liverpool, Oxford, Amsterdam, somewhere in Europe ie. Krakow (only 'cause I know that's been recent), and somewhere in the States. The Chinese one is confusing me, because it could be a ChinaTown somewhere in the U.S or England.
Have a wonderful time Mandy.xx

Carol said...

Did I recognised Venice in there too?

C x

nitebyrd said...

Well, I knew London but not New York! LOL

Beautiful pictures. Glad you had a good time!

Paula said...

Darling girl, hope you have a wonderful time. Thinking of you. Paula

Pam said...

Byrdie-you're back home! Glad you had a good time in London, and thanks for your recent visit and comment. Didn't do too badly on the quiz after all! Suprised myself!xxxx