Monday, 3 May 2010

Come, stop by and have a cup of coffee with me.

Welcome to my home, you can play with the bowl of marbles if you want. And yes, I do collect things, and my perfume bottles were the first collection I ever started when I was 21 and left home. Mum gave me a bottle that she had been given and I was hooked till my house has no more space for anything else!!

Let's go get a coffee, your cup is waiting for you. And I know the smell of the hyacinths is filling the room competing with the coffee for your attention! And you can take some Cape Gooseberries out of the bowl Sorrow made!

Shall we sit here in the sitting room. I'll sit on the blue sofa with Trix, since she thinks it's her sofa and it's covered in dog hair and that will save your clothes!

Or shall we sit in the conservatory, and feel the warmth of the sun coming through warming our winter bones with spring sunshine. I like to have breakfast here sitting at the little table with Trix by my feet.

It's so nice in the sun if we could find a sheltered spot, we could go in the garden, of course Miss Trix is possing for yet another picture, but it might be a bit cold for more than a few minutes today, so lets go back in and just watch the sun from inside and talk together like good friends do.

There are days when the yearning to be somewhere else is overwhelming. My mind races from one place to another, seeing the memory around me. Feeling the air that surrounds the memory.

I go to many places, of which the top two favourites are..... The world famous Philadelphia porch! I sit on the wicker sofa and in my minds eye feel the warm breeze and the usually stifling heat of an August day there. I see the tray laden with the ingredients of a happy time, gin and tonic, dishes of sun dried tomatoes, olives, cheese,crusty bread, green grapes. Beside me is my book, and probably a laptop, but they are both waiting to be looked at, as right now in the other chair is my friend Eve, and we are talking and talking about all and everything as only two close friends can.

And if I don't got there I go to my other really close friend Jenny's back garden. In this memory it is also summer and we are sitting under the shade of an umbrella eating lunch of salad, cheese, olives, crusty bread ( I see a theme going on here!!!) and drinking ice cold wine. And talking, talking endlessly.

I also have winter memories of these places, which funnily enough do not involve food, but are about sitting around in both places on sofas with our feet up in front of fires, whilst the world carries on around us outside.

I also go to summers in Portmerion, I spent so many holidays there up until four years ago. And although I can visualise all the rooms I stayed in (each is different with wonderful antiques and coverings) I mainly sit in the room I first stayed in with the boys, overlooking the estuary, with a window at the back of the room overlooking the village. And in this memory it is always the weekend when the Spanish guitarist is playing for people passing by just outside my window. So it is as much a sound memory as sight one.

There are many other places I pop into in my daydreams, but these ones are the ones I'm most familiar with, the ones that make me feel safe if I'm feeling vulnerable.

But funnily enough since I spent part of the winter on my own I've started to feel differently about my own home. I know that my house looks lovely and is seen as welcoming by people who stop by. But for years I've spent time trying to escape it, especially at weekends. But not anymore, I actually love being here. I have wandered from room to room recently, really working on seeing what if anything I've needed to change for prospective purchasers. So that it all flows one room to another now.

I know if a house doing up programme got hold of me they'd make me put half my stuff in storage and paint everything magnolia. As people are supposed to be given all the help they can seeing their own things in the house. I understand that, but I also think that if a house looks lovely, then, that although it takes a bit more imagination to visualise it's not impossible, as people are not stupid.

So I just carry on plumping up my cushions, and filling the house with flowers not for any viewer, but because I like to live like that. And if it pleases me, as there aren't hundreds of people knocking at my door right now, then that is enough.

Also, we're getting to the time of year when my garden is set out in it's different outdoor rooms, the kitchen table for breakfast in the sun just outside the back door. The swingseat in the shade on the lawn for staring, reading and blogging. And the other dinning area for evening meals in dappled shade listening to the tinkling water as it flows around the water feature, where a glass of something can be shared with friends and if it starts to turn chilly candles can be lit and the heater turned on for optimum length of time outside.

So I hope you've had a good time visiting with me and please know you're welcome anytime as it was lovely to share with you.


Paula said...

Oh Mandy, I love arm chair traveling with you. Particularly as currently that is it for us! I would go for a cuppa at the conservatorium and a long walk with you and Trix. And all the parfume bottles - gosh, I would love them. Hugs.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh what a way to travel! I think I'd love to sit in your sunroom with you supping that cuppa! But Trix looks so contemplative that maybe I'd have to at least sidle up to her and sit down for a bit to hear what's on her mind...of course I'd grab your hand and pull you along with me and then we'd have to run back inside to warm up in the sun, lol!
Great Pictures as always and I loved the Post!

Your colors in your home are quite serene!

Angela said...

..."there aren`t hundreds of people knocking at my door right now..." haha, that is what YOU think! After this post we are all filing up, waiting to be treated like you said, each one. Me, I am in the front row, hoping for the guitarist to pass by while I am waiting to be let in. Lovely post, Mandy! I think I`d sit on the floor with with Trix, or on your hairy sofa. Love dog company! And yours! Geli

BenefitScroungingScum said...

What a lovely home, thanks for the coffee! It's so sunny and bright I'm glad you feel in love with it finally BG Xx

janis said...

I wanna come! Now, where do you live again? Sergio is going to United Kingdom in a month or so, I will just have him drop me off! jk :)
ps~ can I bring Riley, Bandit & Dakota to play w/ Trix? lol

Helen said...

Dear Mandy,
What a timely post ... my dearest friend, Linda, is coming from New Mexico for a long weekend with me. I have known her for over thirty years. I haven't seen her in over three years. She works with Native American women through the University of New Mexico nursing program. Linda is the kind of friend you have so perfectly described. She has 'saved' me more than several times (not in a religious way) ..

Sitting, walking, sharing meals, drinking wine, laughing, remembering, talking are all on our agenda. And then? She will be gone again ... and I will be waiting for our next visit.

Vi said...

One day I'll get there to actually sit in one of your rooms with you! What's happened with your dream of moving down south?

Annie said...

Thank you for the coffee and for inviting me into your world. Really lovely blog.
A x

Twiglet said...

I enjoyed the visit - your home looks so comfy and inviting - no wonder you are happy to spend more time there!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

A home away from home, just perfect. The smell of the hyacinths and fresh coffee, what more could a girl want♥ Trix looks the part, doesn't she. Beautiful girlxx I love the thought of having breakfast in the conservatory sigh.... Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful home with us Mandy and it's great to hear how you love your home now♥

xxx said...

I too dream of relocating to memories of time spent with people I love.

I've had a lovely time at your home... thank you. I love the smell of coffee too.

Good luck with the sale of your home. Where to from here?
I hope you are selling because you want to and not because you have to.

I don't have a home to sell.
Forever moving ;)

best wishes

Lori ann said...

I am here too Mandy, but i'm having trouble keeping my eyes open, it's been a very long last few days. if it's okay i'll come back in the morning with some fresh baked banana bread, oh i'd love to sit in the warm sunny room (with trix of course!).
your home is lovely and will no doubt sell before too long!

Beatnheart said...


angela recada said...

What a wonderful visit - I did enjoy my cup of coffee! But all that talk of crusty bread and olives and cheese and crusty bread did make me a bit thirsty for a lovely glass of wine.
I'm so glad you've been enjoying your house. It is a lovely home.

Trix is a beautiful dog! I read your previous post, too, and yes, they are incredibly sensitive to our thoughts and feelings, aren't they. Amazing creatures.

Love and hugs,

Miss Robyn said...

I will come visit of course.. if you are still there when i actually make it to England..
and if you love, love your home, it will show in what ever way it is decorated. I refuse to put stuff away to sell our home too.. but my love of home shows in my clutter.. i fill my home with candles.. not for the viewers but for myself :)
a lovely, lovely post Pix xo

diney said...

thank you for having me - and I love Trix too. They are wonderful friends, and don't answer back! It's nice that you feel happy in your sunny home.

Fireblossom said...

What a lovely tour! I am here by way of Paula.

My dog Bosco says that Miss Trix looks like a wonderful gal, and he sends his hellos.

Portmieron! That's the place used as The Village in the television program The Prisoner, an all time favorite of mine.



Mel said...

Magnolia? Really?

Oh no....gimme colour and 'stuff'. Leave it as is. It's a warm place, an inviting place. I can see how a weekend at home would be a very relaxing thing. (especially with marbles!)

Yes, please--a pot of coffee outside. We can light the heater if it's too cool .... or better yet, a blankie will do just fine. :-)

Exmoorjane said...

I'm trying to play catch-up and failing miserably! But how lovely to wander round your home. Yes, I'd love to sit outside and have a glass of wine and those Italiate nibbles actually! And stroke that gorgeous dog.
SO house-selling is continuing? Bleeughh.

Chris Ford said...

It's a wonderful house. Swap any day.

karen said...

Hi Mandy. Your house looks fabulous, and Trix so adorable! As usual, I have to go back and check on all your posts I missed, and was very touched especially by the post about sons, fathers, and the special lego. Just felt like sending you a cyber hug for all that x

Rosaria Williams said...

Love spending time with a cup of tea with you. I'm looking forward to outdoor time too.

Pam said...

Any of this is wonderful by me. It's relaxing to read this and catch up no matter what room - inside or outside - they all look lovely and inviting. What a joy to see Trix waiting there also! Someone will think your house is just right for them, and enjoy it very much.It looks welcoming.Thanks for the cuppa Mandy - it's been fun, particularly after the day I've had. I loved being "shown through" and taking it all in. xx