Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A weekend of pleasure

I seem to have done a complete spin on the spot recently. It started when Al was away when I actually started to enjoy time by myself in my house,even on Saturdays, which has always been the worst day of the week as far as I was concerned.

To the point that I have plans for this Saturday. But before I get there I have to prepare.Tomorrow is gentle housework day. I won't be able to do more cause I walked a very strenuous 8 miles this morning up hill and down dale, and then added my salsa class on top of that this evening.So I reckon my muscles will know about it in the morning.

On Friday after Pilates it's the weeks shop, followed by some work if I can find the time in the afternoon! Then Friday night I'm going to a Salsa party organised by the dance teachers. So come Saturday I won't be moving again.

Which neatly brings me to my plan for Saturday, I'm going to have a reading weekend. I'm going to sit around and treat myself to a good book or two.

At the moment I have a book of short stories in my work bag. A book in the kitchen for downstairs reading and one by my bed for the last few minutes before sleep.

None of these will be the books I will be reading.

As far my sister and eldest son are concerned I am a lost cause in terms of books. They read books for the beauty of the language. And I read books to lose myself in a ripping yarn.

I have to read so many therapy/self help books as part of my work that they are never read for escaping.

I have tried reading books the Sis and Kit give me to improve my mind. I have got lost with Carlos Castaneda, boggled by Jean Paul Sartre, completely dumbfounded by Herman Hesse, what a bloody awful writer. Bamboozled by so many wonderful writers who write beautiful literature.

But actually I like getting lost in a story not the words. So give me a detective story,or a girly romance, an aga saga or family life story and I am a happy bunny.

So this morning my parcel arrived from Amazon and inside is the start at least of my weekend of pleasure. Three books by Marion Keyes, that form a trilogy about a family of sisters.

I have read the backs of the books, and placed then in order by my bed. And there they wait with their pristine covers waiting for me to allow myself to pick the first one up and start reading.

Of course having OCD tendencies the books will look as good as new when I've finished them. No turning down of pages for me, a book mark if you please. No snapping the spine open, just neatly and tidily read. Or rather devoured as I read very fast, gobbling up the story as fast as I can. And then comes the down at the end of a good book. When I don't want the story to end, but I'm rushing to finish it. I've come to love the people I'm reading about and want to know more of their lives. So three fat books about the same family will do nicely.

So if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't worry I've just got stuck in a world that I'm reading about!

Picture is the reflection on the canal we walked past in part of this mornings walk.


Zan said...

Marian Keyes, my favourite author of all time! The only books I have managed to read in one go in one day (although the Twilight saga came close to topping my favourite list of books)
I love this triology about the the family. In particular the one about Rachel, which I've read several times.
I hope you too will enjoy them as much as I did!


Beatnheart said...

I love what you write, your photos, the whole ball of wax...Thank you for your comment..I shall take it to heart..its just getting use to something new and if we were too frightened to get a computer, you can guess that we are not up to new technologies..that is changing..I am learning how to use the iphoto (on Apple) as we speak and its fun and cool to use..the camera is getting easier..have a beautiful weekend..Cynthia

Paula said...

Mandy, wow you are quite walk-active! Can imagine you are gonna feel some muscles who havent felt for long :-))) Dont know this author, however I am loving the novel "Narcissus and Goldmund" by Hermann Hesse. Incredible on the meaning of life and our callings. Love to you

kj said...

this sounds very lovely!

and you walked 8 miles? you deserve a weekend of lazy reading. maybe a hot bath too.

mandy, i don't make a habit of plugging my book, but i think you might like it. it is a love story...available on amazon uk. i say this with zero obligation, please!

i'm glad to hear you are well.

Merry ME said...

Delightful! Will you stay in your jammies all day and eat junk food too? Oh, I long for Saturdays like this.
Enjoy! Enjoy!

Mel said...

Jammies, junk food AND a good book.....ohhhhh....k....I'm envious!
And doesn't empty nest bring some unexpected pleasures?! Shhhh.....don't tell. LOL

You just do for you all you want, ma'am...and then some.
I'm actually getting a good read from Ahab's Wife. And I didn't think that would happen, go figure!

Read....lose yourself and enjoy!

(and now that I'm working on that pile by the nightstand--I'm game for a good recommendation or two!)

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh....and awesome photo. :-)

Angela said...

The last one I read by Marian Keyes was "Angels", about the fifth sister! Hilarious and wise, as all the others! And have you read (by I forgot whom)"Around the world in 80 Dates?" I read that at the beach and giggled all the time. So you see, I like to read these books, too, although I must say in my younger days I also enjoyed Narciss und Goldmund and Steppenwolf. And Rilke`s Cornet. It really has a lot to do with mood, I guess. I`m over my juvenile melancholy by now! Have a lovely weekend! I want a picture of you dancing Salsa!

Exmoorjane said...

Nooo, Hesse is wonderful! I'm re-reading Castaneda right now and wondering what I ever saw in him!
Love Marion, as well you know. jxx

Ps going to tag you in a new blog...

Eleonora said...

Wonderful, all the fun activity you've got planned for the week! My you're a busy bee. Salsa classes are genius.

The book immersion sounds delightful, and if I may, I will suggest some titles. I loved the Isabel Allende family saga that begins with the "Daughter of Fortune," followed by "Portrait in Sepia" which are great historic family prequels to the 20 year-old "House of Spirits."
Then you should absolutely read a book called "City of Thieves" by David Benioff and "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortensen-my recent faves, all different, all sould-stirring.

I've missed you, so busy with work, motherhood and overblogging. But I'm back now, and happy to see you so wonderfully occupied.

Lola xx

Fire Byrd said...

Hey Lola, good to see you back.
My copy of Greg Mortensen's book is on it's world wide journey... It went to Geli, then to Paula who has taken it from Munich to Tampa. It is a fantastic book. And I'm pleased to note is part of the reading list for American High school kids in the Philalephia region.

Linda said...

What a delightful weekend you have planned Mandy. I love to lose and immerse myself in a good book. Have fun xoxo