Monday, 15 February 2010

My weekend

So leaving home on Wednesday with the house prepared for a potential visit from the Queen..... why is that? Did I really need to clean the kitchen, bathroom etc when leaving youngest and dog to their own devices, knowing that it would all need cleaning again on my return!

Thursday saw the temperature on Dartmoor down to -5 with a wind chill factor taking it down to -13, as D and I walked round Haytor rock and beyond. First photo one of the many frozen pools around the other side of Haytor.

I loved the colours trapped under the ice of the pool.

Every so often on an outcrop there would be frozen water slowly dripping on the the moor.

A small sanctuary for a much needed coffee under an overhang on Haytor itself. We walked for approx 7 miles. It was lovely in the sunshine, but boy when the clouds covered the sun it was chilling to the bone. Easy to see how Dartmoor has such a reputation for being a dangerous place, and that doesn't include the prison in the middle of it!

Thursday afternoon I finally took myself round the estate agents in Bovey to get on their mailing lists and actually looked round one house. Friday another house to be seen after being with J for a ladies who lunch in Exeter.

Friday evening I went to my other close friends who live in Exeter. The evening started wonderfully with chamapgne and oysters. Unfortunately two hours later found me with food poisoning that didn't stop until 2am. By which time I was completely exhausted and empty of all substances known to man that lurk inside us!
I went back to J&Ds Saturday morning totally unable to go to Dartmouth for my favourite lunch of crab sandwiches and cider. In fact, I was sent straight to bed and stayed there till 2am, when I re-emerged feeling more human. The diet of the day was coke (ugh! but good for hydration) and toast with marmite.

Sunday a more gentle walk down by the river Bovey. The water was rushing fast and the sound was just wonderful as it crashed over the rocks.

A place for a sit, but not quite warm enough for a paddle.

And finally spring is on it's way as the trees where full of catkins and pussy willows. The woods had jays and woodpeckers, as well as all the normal woodland birds.

The rest of Sunday was taken up with eating and drinking and just being together. And because I so love my Sundays with J&D the price I had to pay was getting up to leave the house at 5.30am to get to work on time.

So now I'm back, and the house has needed sorting and the cleaning does need doing, as I knew it would! It will have to wait till I have time on Wednesday, as will all other chores and communications as it's early to bed for me after my 230 mile morning drive


Lia said...

Glad you had a good time and managed to relax.
It's funny reading that you cleaned the house before leaving, it's the sort of thing I do as well. Must be the hormones,well that's what I blame it on theses days.
Wonderful photo's. I liked the one where you stopped to have coffee.
Much love

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Amazing photos thank you. Hope you're feeling fully recovered now, BG Xx

Merry ME said...

Let me get this straight - you walked 7 miles in -5 degree temperatures. And didn't get sick til you ate the oysters? You are becoming my vision of Superwoman. The 230 mile drive puts you way ahead of the other contenders!

Angela Recada said...

You certainly had some dramatic ups and downs during the last few days! So glad to hear you are feeling better again, and that you had a lovely time with your friends. Such beautiful countryside in your photos.

Lyn said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time hiking the moors and bluffs ... and I send my condolences for the food poisoning. Yuck! Hope you are back in fine form so you can greet the rest of your week head on! Lovely photos ... really.

Von said...

Beautiful photos, sorry about the oysters!

Pam said...

Pity about the food poisoning but the rest sounded great. Welcome back, safe and sound!!

Linda said...

Yikes 230 mile drive home. It certainly was worth it looking at the photographs, just lovely. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning though:(

Mel said...

Ewwwww.....darn oysters and 'stuff'.

How'd the house viewing go?
I can see how the views of the surroundings went--oh my gosh what gorgeous surroundings....(cold is such a nuisance sometimes, huh?!).

But wow--what a gorgeous time of it. And wow--go figure you won't be bored at home for the mess that greeted you? LOL

((((((((( the byrdie )))))))))

Zan said...

Glad you had a good time, sorry about the food poisoning though! I cleaned my house before I left too knowing darn well it wouldn't stay that way.. when a man is on his own...


Beatnheart said...

beautiful,beautiful photographs!!! the one of the frozen water is breathtaking...I never eat oysters and now I know why!!! Too many horror stories..all the best..Cynthia Wolff (beatnheart)

Ruth said...

I love the colours in that picture of the water under the ice.

Paula said...

Wow, I am truly impressed, by all this walking in the cold. Happy you had a great time, so sorry about the oysters. Just back, will answer email, when unpacked. Thanks for calling. Mill of hugs

Sorrow said...

Ohhh I can hear the rest in your words,
except of course for all that housework!!!

Rach said...

Gorgeous photos Mandy and good to hear you having a great time again..xx

Tom Q said...

Looks like a lovely place to visit, we must go there some time, place to bring a dog for a walk. Mostly though I enjoyed how you wrote about the full weekend and although you got food poisoning, you didn't dwell on it, you took the bad with the good and got on with it. PS A man alone, never really creates a mess, as most of time they avoid staying alone in the house, so, hmmm not saying Zan is telling porkie pies but.... lol

Walker said...

Beautiful pictures and it looks a lot like spring.
Even though its still a little chilly i bet the fresh air just energizes you

Ribbon said...

Yes I'll often clean too before leaving in the hope that I'll return to a clean house... sometimes it works ;)

Buggar about the food poisoning :(
& drinking Coke isn't what I'd recommend :) ... that made me laugh.

Thanks for sharing.
be well

miss*R said...

brr, that is cold!
oysters are notorious for food poisoning..
hope all is well with you.. xoxo

nitebyrd said...

Seems like you had a truly lovely weekend! Good for you! The pictues are beautiful.