Sunday, 10 January 2010

Inspiration at 6am!

I knew it would happen, which is why I did it. The minute I confronted myself with my apathy and procrastination I hoped something inside me would shift.

So this morning I woke up at 6am full of ideas of where to start.
I didn't immediately get up, too cold, too early, too dark! But I did lie in bed thinking through these thoughts. To the point that I now know where I go next.
For those people who have read some of my book this will make sense, and for those that haven't try, all my work is there for anyone to read or comment on. ( Sorry it is beyond me how to do links, if anyone wanted to tell me in, then....)

I've decided that there is no point in just writing chapter after chapter of me telling someone else what they need to do. There are a zillion books like that out there right now. Instead I'm going to make it personal. Cause it is my journey that has made me the person I am. My experiences that have got me to this point. So why not make it autobiographical with therapy.

As the thing that I have done is LEARNT TO MANAGE to overcome the stuff in life that drags me down ( most of the time anyway!!)

And I realised that the block I have been having recently is, because I was in the middle of learning a new lesson about myself. And until I came the other side of that then there was no way I could write it usefully for others.

Therefore I am going to be kind to myself and am going to give myself permission now to think, make notes and then write, without beating myself up.

And here I may as I always have done, put flavours or examples of the bigger thing I am writing.

However this morning before I can get to type my fingers off, survival is rather more important given the weather forecast, so I need bread and milk and possibly chocolate!

Thank you for your words of wisdom they are important to me, and I know that the other thing about being honest here is I can't now ignore what I propose to do or I'll have you to answer to you about it!!!


Rach said...

Definitely chocolate I say, all this weather and staying in is probably making us feel worse.

I am just preparing to go in the shower and go for a walk, it seems to be thawing here, have a lovely day lovely! xx

Zan said...

=) This is great!
Yes definitely chocolate.
Keep up the spirit!


Mel said...

Well then--it's afternoon, chocolate should be stocked by now and your fingers might well be on the keyboard.

Lots of things are argueable--but one thing that's not, is my experience.
That's why I try to share that piece. It's inately mine.

Write on, ma'am.
Oh, and isn't accountability great?! ;-)

Lyn said...

Mandy - it seems you have emerged from the other side of the lesson. It feels good to know the next step, doesn't it? I think you have the right approach ... and I did something similar when I posted my health and fitness intentions on my blog - scales and all. So don' t beat yourself up girl (and go easy on the chocolate!) Cheers and hugs ... Lyn

Lia said...

Glad you woke up feeling more inspired and ready to take on the challenges of writing.
Chocolate is most certainly called for right now, mind you all it ever does for me is inspire me to want more of it. It really should be the 8th deadly sin lol.
Have a great day.
Much love

Paula said...

Chocolate ;-)))

Angela said...

Congratulations Mandy, to the new idea and new challenge, and the spirit of achieving something worth while! That`s about all there`s to it, the writing will now go all by itself! When can I buy your book? Want me to send you some chocolate? What taste?

SylphSong said...

Chocolate, definitely.


Pam said...

Followed your link Mandy, had a good read. This should all go very well for you, helped along by the choccies.Can see it now, fingers tapping on the keyboard, pausing only to reach to the left for another delicious little morsel! Dark or dairy milk? I like my chocolate dark and bitter...old gold chocolate and cherry ripe..mmmm.Hope it all flows nicely,both the writing, and the soft-filled liqueor centres!

Lady in red said...

I'm glad you found your inspiration...shows theres hope for the rest of us mortals


Picsie Chick said...

Yay! Hooray! Get some chocolate :-)

the butterflies are dancing!


Sorrow said...

What an exciting thing to read! you are writing and you are in another process!
~claps hands~
means we are all going to get some good stuff!
I like how you do all the work and we get all the rewards! that is the best part of loving you!

tattytiara said...

Oh awesome awesome awesome - aren't those moments of personal revelation invigorating?

miss*R said...

Hey Pix.. hope you are keeping warm over there! your book will help lots of people because you are writing from the heart..xo

speck of dust said...

chocolates are essential! I think I wrote before that the thing I loved about The Dance Of Anger was that the psychologist used her own family story as a case study. It made me feel closer to her and more willing to take on board her points. Also took away any authoritarian role from her. Think this has been a problem with self-help/therapy books...very condescending with experts who seem to be perfect and knowing it all. I'm sure more people who be more inclined to see therapy as a means of growth rather than a necessity of failure and it would become a more acceptable thing to do. I know people who have gone through huge traumas and it would never enter their minds to see a therapist. They carry the trauma and it affects every aspect of their loves. They are missing out so much on the emotional and spiritual lessons and freedom these experiences can bring when we are helped along by someone with more experience and knowledge.