Sunday, 1 November 2009

Disapearing words makes me cross!

Oh I'm jolly cross now.
I've just written a long post and by not looking for one moment hit the wrong key(s) don't know which ones and have obliterated my post.... gggrrr!
Suffice to say I've no plaster left on my leg.
And on Saturday directed my friends to one of my all time favourite places in the Peak Park, Winnetts Pass.
The top photo is the road from Chapel en le Frith to The Blue John Mine.
The middle one is coming back up Winnnets pass after a fab lunch in the Castle Pub in the village of Castleton.
And the bottom pick is me in the car park with the astonishing hills behind me.
So sorry there are no more words but they are floating round the ether and I can't find them!


Paula said...

Honey, you look so incredibly well. And not because purple is fashionale this year ;-)) Sorry for the words lost between time and space. Hugs

Merry ME said...

Oh, Look at you so pretty in purple. And with a big smile to boot! Yippee! No more plaster and you are able to be up and about!

I must say, your photos are like a magic carpet ride to far away places with strange names and beauty to spare.

trousers said...

Good to see that you're back on your feet.

I love Castleton, I wonder if I've dined in the pub that you mention. I haven't been for a few years though. I think Castleton - and especially the Blue John cavern - was one of my very first day trips from school: it was like a different world, and some of that feeling comes back whenever it's mentioned.

Zan said...

Oh I so hate when that happens. for some reason (perhaps because I am blonde?) my written posts tend to disappear quite a lot, so have now gotten in to the habit of copying the text before publishing.

Stunning pics, love the views.
And you look really well too! :)

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Mandy, looking gorgeous as normal♥ We love Castleton and have had quite a few meals in the Castle Pub. We are planning on visiting there just before Christmas to see the lights (all being well). Last time I walked up to Peveril Castle was back in 1991!

Sorrow said...

look how long your hair is! You look so impish and lovely!
what a beaming happy face!
Sorry about the words.. to many eaten by the fickle gods of the web..

tattytiara said...

Oh you look wonderful in vibrant colours, how beautiful!

Yeah, we've all got lost words floating out there somewhere. Absolutely maddening. Maybe all of our lost words make up the entire content of the internet in some parallel universe somewhere.

Minnie said...

Hi, Mandy - don't worry about the lost words, they'll be replaced by new and better ones! Lovely pix. So glad to hear the plaster's off (what a relief that must be!), + you're out & about again. Great smiling face there, which is lovely to see.
Min xx

CheekyDani said...

Ack that is frustrating! Mine somehow seems to autosave as I go along - though no idea how or why!

Glad your leg has been released from its prison :)

LOVE the autumn leaves at the top of your blog, seem to have a real thing for them this year, yum!


Sage said...

Congrats on losing the pot :-)

Love the pictures, and you look great in those colours they really suit you xx

Mel said...

No worries--your words are in the company of many others, mine included! (dang Moof Monster....)

No more cast!! YEAHHHH!!!!! :-)

((((((( the byrdie )))))))))

I say you decorate the cane with pretties! Shiny jewels and pretty ribbons, maybe.....

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Lovely photo of you... sorry your words & thoughts got nicked by the cyberspace.

speck of dust said...

purple and pink really suits you! That drives me mad too. :)

Angela Recada said...

So glad to hear your plaster is finally off! That must feel terrific. I think we all have some words floating out there in the ether.

Such beautiful countryside you visited over the weekend, and a pub lunch always makes everything even better.

You look absolutely gorgeous in that scarf!


nitebyrd said...

You look radiant! The colors you're wearing are perfect for you.

You're leg cast is gone? Wonderful!

Sorry that the ghosts in the machine stole your words. :(

Innocent said...

You look great.
Hmm lunch in the pup and buying papers..
Growing your hair?