Tuesday, 17 November 2009

can't stop I'm busy busy busy

I am having a really busy few days going from one end of England to the other, then off again in another direction. Plus doing a days training on child protection and fitting in attendance at a conference on Mindfulness.... which no doubt will impact here!!!

I've also been thinking after a suggestion from a wonderfully clever journalist friend about doing something new with my self help book to personalise it more.
So when I've got the idea a bit clearer in my own mind I think I'll be writing either some very long posts or splitting them into parts about how I got to be the me I am now.

Cause everything I write has come from the place of my stupidity and low self esteem from my youth that I have conquered over the years. And if my book telling people how to sort themselves out is to be effective then maybe I should put my money where my mouth is and say how I got to be the byrd that rose from the ashes in the first place.

So apologies to all for not getting to your blogs this week. Or writing my usual endless emails, the rest is definitely over, well at least until Sunday, when I plan to nothing more strenuous than have a long bath!!!

Not that I'm complaining cause I've gotten to see two of my best friends last weekend and Thursday/ Friday night get to be spent with my big son..... bliss!

It would be useful though if you could be bothered, to let me know if reading a very long post is off putting, or is it more aggravating to wait on parts to a story?


Merry ME said...

Hmmm, long version or serialized?
Since I'm probably going to keep coming back anyway waiting for the separate parts won't be hard for me. On the other hand, I'm pretty long winded sometimes so it would be strange for me to not vote for long. Probably I'll enjoy reading your blog either way. That said, I have found on other blogs if the post is real detailed or "deep" I have trouble digesting it all at once.

How's that for a wishy-washy-sit on the fence answer?

lakeviewer said...

The short answer is YES. Long posts are hard to read. Break them up, in parts, so people have a chance to ask questions, learn from each other as well as from your post.

If you are going to publish this book, you may want to do just a few highlights on the blog, referring us to the book for more complete treatment.

Mel said...

Yup--chunks. Bit here, bit there. I'm good with that!

<-- bit A.D.H.D. I am. LOL

I don't sit still so well. :-)

Busy is good! (but rest when weary, please.)


Lori ann said...

I agree with Lakeviewer and Mel, shorter is better. Enjoy your week byrdie!

kj said...

Shorter--easier to read and easier to build.


Sorrow said...

What ever suits you is fine. If it's long I will make a cup of tea and siT down when the bobbins are in bed.
have a wonderful time with the eldest, and drive carefully , you know how bad those drivers can be!!

IK said...

I have often wondered about how one would write a book about progress for oneself.

Even the little progress I have made is difficult for me to summarize how it happened.

Breaking it up probably makes your posts more clear. However, long posts don't bother me and I can be somewhat impatient.

Paula said...

Good to hear in brief that you have had a blissful time in Devon.
Wish I could give you a hug for your care shown on my blog again.
Well, I would prefer chunks. If a post is intense / dense it is hard for me to take it in. BUt I will keep coming back anyway, right, over short or long ;-))

Angela said...

I KNOW you have a lot to say, Mandy, and it is fun listening to you, but too long posts exhaust me, too. So if you can divide them for us, I`ll be happy to come back for more.
Have a lovely busy time! 3 Mrs. and Mr. Duck (each) say hello!

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Long or short, I love your posts. When you have previously written Part 1, I am then eagerly awaiting Part 2♥ Linda xoxo

speck of dust said...

I quite enjoy reading parts and you're good at doing cliff hangers which makes it more enjoyable. I think personalising your book with your own growth is a great idea. I love in the Dance of Anger book how the pychologist writes a lot about her own family. X

CheekyDani said...

Lately I've been finding it difficult to find time to concentrate on anything, I'm an avid reader of many things including blogs, but of late I just haven't had the time. Shorter chunks would mean I could read more regularly rather than saving them up for a later date when time is kinder to me. Either way I'll read, just depends whether it is now or in the future x

Innocent said...

Short, but not serialised either. Low attention span here.;)

Pam said...

Short.It is sometimes quite late at night before I get around to visiting blogs,the brain is a bit tired... or I may fit in a few before heading off to work.That's just me - others may like settling in with a big cup of coffee.If I see a really long post I tend to come back to it at a later date when I can concentrate more and by then the person has moved on to something else.

Zan said...

Personally I like a series, it leaves you wanting more :)

Sounds like you're having a very interesting week!


Helen said...

Oh, for sure .... give them to us in wonderfully delicious bites! Much more intriguing and interesting to read (and remember too.)

Pam said...

..having made a comment earlier about preferring short posts, I went and wrote a really long one.Because it was about the fart from hell, I guess you could say it was long-winded.

trousers said...

My answer would be (surprise surprise) - it's up to you. Your writing, your blog, your terms. If it's a long post and I really don't have the time or patience, that's my problem not yours, and I can come back to it and read it whenever I'm ready.

Angela Recada said...

You are some Byrd, alright!

I prefer shorter posts, personally.

Happy travels!

karen said...

Hi Mandy.. Just been catching up after a couple of weeks absent from blogging!

I definitely look forward to these posts, whether they are long or short serialised ones, although my personal preference is for shorter ones!

I knew you would write something special for Armistice Day, and wasn't disappointed - and thanks for sharing your 11 November personal story, too..

Hope the crazy week is going very well!

Minnie said...

In teacher-training we were introduced to the idea of 'chunking'. Crudely, this means breaking up component parts of a subject so that they're more easily assimilable. While am happy with long, recognise most prefer shorter posts. My suggestion would be - if you're treating a discrete theme - to divide into two parts: first your personal story, then the advice/conclusions in the following post.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

You're going on a Mindfulness course - brilliant - is one based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's work? I know you'll love it!
Long posts - yes, very offputting. People generally don't the time and prefer bite sized delivery.

Enjoy your long bath! :-) xxx