Monday, 5 October 2009

Do you ever.......

Do you ever question how you got to be so blessed in life
Do you ever stop to think
Do you ever hear the whispers in the wind
Do you ever sense the caress of the sun on your face
Do you ever see the smile of a friend warm with love.
Do you ever learn to be grateful enough
Do you ever feel a child's hand in yours
Do you ever sip on what life hands out, grateful for it's nourishment
Do you ever care without needing pay back
Do you ever love and be loved
Do you ever wonder under a moonbeam
Do you ever aspire to be the best you can
Do you ever want to show the world
Do you ever sparkle in the sun on the waves
Do you ever listen when someone calls out
Do you ever love unconditionally, no questions asked

And if you do any of these, do you think yourself lucky and loved and rich.
Cause that's all it takes to be wealthy in life
To Live and Love and Care for each other
What more do we need to be blessed


Lori ann said...

Oh what a beautiful thing to read this foggy monday morning, you are lovely Mandy dear.
How are you and your foot feeling these days?
sending wishes for speedy healing.
xoxoxoxo ♥

Paula said...

Good to be reminded, nothing else to add - you have said all what is of relevance here. Hugs

Gin said...

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read!

Pam said...

Reading this is like standing with your face to the sun.

speck of dust said...

Yes all the time. Good to be reminded!! And the bluebell woods is probably my most favourite place in the world. Also is the 'safe place' I used during EMDR. :)

Angela said...

Amen, Mandy! I just wrote you a mail and told you how you are being missed here!

Sorrow said...


Picsie Chick said...

Do you ever just love to read what your favourite blogger has to say?

yes, yes, yes and yes!

Thank you for a beautiful way to start my day!

Hugs and butterflies,

justme said...

Oh heavens....I have been away for a few weeks after my blog was 'discovered' and I am still catching up on back reading.
Am SO sorry to hear about your accident and though the purple is lovely, I do hope the palaster is not driving you mad. I live in terror of somthing like that happening....especially as I have no downstairs loo. Hope Alex is being helpful and that you are mending nicely. Will catch up with the rest of your posts soon. x

miss*R said...

beautiful words Pix xoxo

(ps have closed my blog for the time being..)

kj said...


thank you for asking all the right questions.

the only part i cannot yet say yes to is loving someone who can longer be part of my life. i hate that part. and i don't know how (yet) to make that truly okay.


recipes for the life said...

Beautiful poetry.We do need to feel grateful for this life more often. A good reminder :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog

♥ Chaitra

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Just beautiful Mandy. Linda xoxo