Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Climate change awareness Blog Action Day

Thursday the 15th is climate awareness day in blogland in having a Blog Action Day
But I won't be able to write a post then, I've actually got to do some work....tsk, whatever is the world coming too!
So here it is today instead.

Where do I start?
Do I write about what is being perceived as the place that is responsible for the first refugees of global warming in northern Kenya
Do I write about the need for wind farms over here. With so many people resistant to what is an astonishing and cheap resource that we as an island could export electricity to other countries
Do I write about America's appalling attitude to getting it's act together regarding climate change. Which hopefully after Barack Obama's acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize will start to register more with people.
Do I write about snow in October in places that don't expect it for at least another four weeks.
Do I write about the floods, droughts, rain, heat that has plagued us all this year at the wrong time when we were expecting different weather.

Of course the scientists have two sources of this, global warming or the next ice age. Who knows which one it is. I'm only being slightly flippant here, cause it doesn't really matter what is causing the changes to us non scientists, all we know is that we are being affected. And depending on where we are lucky enough to live on the planet, depends how badly we will and are suffering.

There has always been somewhat of an expectation that countries will have flood and drought, but now it seems unremitting. And the droughts becoming so severe that when the rains come it is becoming too late. Especially if the rain is so heavy that floods ensue. So even if northern Kenya gets the rain is has been without for over a year, it may not help, as the infrastructure is so damaged that the water will just drain away.

We only have one planet. We are a planet of have and have nots. There is no parity around the world at all. The rich get richer. Animals are becoming extinct

We cannot go on not caring about the whole planet. It is ridiculous to constantly war with one another, as if we can afford the luxury of war.

If we want a world for our children and grandchildren to live in, then we have to take action now.

Of course it is not going to be easy, but if all of us in the western world make an effort, with energy saving devices, if we recycle as much as we can, if we support endeavours with what we can that help others. Then surely bit by bit we can change things.

We can all moan about schools, hospitals, care being inadequate but at least in this country we have it, however bad we think it is. Try telling a child working in a sweatshop somewhere how tough it is for us, and watch them fall about laughing.

There is too much inequality and that is not fair.


Angela Recada said...

Very well put. Thank you for this post, as I did not realize it was climate awareness day in Blogland tomorrow.

The human race has managed to make a mess of things in a relatively short time. I sincerely hope we can get together on this planet and do something before it is truly too late.

The planet can do quite well without us arrogant humans. We, however, cannot do much without a healthy planet. We are really just parasites on a living rock. No more important that the lowliest flea, as far as the planet is concerned.

As far as the US and its appalling attitude toward all of this, I fear that corporate profits are going to stand in the way of any good President Obama hopes to do.

lakeviewer said...

We've grown fat and negligent. Something has to happen.

tattytiara said...

Well you've helped raise my awareness - I didn't know there was a day for that.

"Do I write about snow in October in places that don't expect it for at least another four weeks."

Yep. Got that going on here as I write.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Another exceptional post Mandy. Breaks your heart doesn't it. Your post reminded me of a song way back from 1971 by Hurricane Smith - Don't let it die. If you have a moment please check it out on youtube, it is very moving when you listen to the words.

Even though I recycle and take necessary steps to help our planet, I'm sure I could do more. Thanks to your post Mandy I am going to source more ways to help save Mother Earth♥♥♥

Merry ME said...

Climate Awareness Day in Blogland? I am behind the times. Thanks for the info.

Watching the documentary on Antarctica a few weeks ago and thinking of parts of that massive hunk of ice melting is eye opening.

I'm reminded of the PP&M song - where have all the flowers gone. Soon we'll be singing where has all the ice, or ozone, or growing land, or clean water, or .... gone?

Sorrow said...

As always a thoughtful and insightful piece.
we struggle with these things on an individual level, but it is a global awareness..
thank you for this..

BrightenedBoy said...
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BrightenedBoy said...

We're having a cold October here, the coldest I can remember in a long time. I don't know what it is.

Some think that the eastern U.S. is actually entering a naturally-occurring period of global cooling, if you can believe that, while others say that the melting of the ice caps could eventually modify the Northwest Current and spark a new ice age in the same region.

Lori ann said...

Mandy, when you have the time there is something for you at my place.

Angela said...

Since thirty years we have a "Green Party" in Germany, and many of their ideas have become mainstream. Everybody I know recycles, saves water and resources, dam up their houses so not much energy is wasted, pulls pligs of electric devices when not needed, rides a bicycle instead of driving when many little things we can do every day. But will it make a difference? What we really need is clearing-water plants, sun-energy, and most of all - less people. Does that sound cruel? If every couple had only two children, instead of eight or eleven, for whom they could really care, wouldn`t things get regulated soon by themselves?

Sage said...

Very well put and makes me think about what I am buying and why.... off to think some more xx

Minnie said...

Excellent post, stimulating and inspiring reflection.
Did you manage to see Yann-Arthus Bertrand's documentary 'Home'? Apologies if you've already seen it x X times! Just a thought, as you would almost certainly find it interesting.

Val said...

well said Mandy x

Mel said...

Well, now I'm off to investigate and increase my awareness.....