Sunday, 11 October 2009

418 posts, anyone would think I'd run out of things to say soon!!

My mate Trousers was round last night, we went out for a curry, and he was celebrating having written his 300th post.
Which got me thinking, and then cause this enforced sitting gives me not much to do, I started checking statistics.
And guess what.... yep you have to suffer them too
So this is my 418th post!!!!
So Happy 418th Birthday to my blog.
Except that this is the third bog here. I started life as Prada Pixie in May 2006 and wrote for almost a year and 196 posts. Became known as Pix to everyone, and am still called that my a blogger who became a dear friend.
There was a small break, when I had an emotional melt down which I didn't want to write about here, given that my readers had being putting up with that, in one shape or another for a year. And for me that was one emotional screw up too far.
I was away for about three weeks. And in that time I almost got used to not blogging.
But I seriously missed the contact with people, so I came back as Bollinger Byrd.
This wasn't a good name, and I wasn't happy with it, but I was out of inspiration until I went and met and stayed with the astonishing Sorrow.
And in the way of these things huge meaningful conversations ensued. And whilst climbing in the Blue Ridge Mountains we talked about how I felt I was finally starting to rise above the ashes like a Phoenix and Firebyrd was born.
In these two identities I've written 221 plus today's post.
I've written 36 poems, 15 short stories. I've got two other blogs, the first 11 chapters of a self help book I keep meaning to finish which so far numbers 24,000 words. My other blog is not for the faint hearted as it is sexual in content, and hasn't been written in for several months now, but has 7 posts.
And the rest of this collection of words are my thoughts on the world.
Whether therapy stuff, my own pain, life stories about my family, moaning or whatever.
And I frequently think I'll close it all down when I'm having a fit of pique and throwing my toys out of my pram. But then realise that the only person who will suffer as a result of that is me.
And the biggest and best thing that I've got out of blogging, well that's easy, it's YOU! Whether you are old friends, who no longer blog, but who I walk, do lunch with, get on a plane to visit. Or new friends who I do exactly the same with and have plans to meet, or have met.
YOU make this worthwhile, and I would dearly love to meet up all the people it's not possible to meet in Australia, America and Africa and give a huge hug to.
Wouldn't it just be lovely to all be able to afford the time, and money to get together and have a 'real' world party.
But in the absence of that I'll just continue writing and writing and visiting you in blogland and email and thank you for putting up with the occasional (!!!!!!) thing I find to say!!!


Paula said...

The rising from the ashes is never finished! I am glad to be one of those being with there with you ;-)))
Hugs across the channel

lakeviewer said...

Congratulations! It's a testament to your enduring spirit. Yes, it would be fun to meet in real life one of these days. ( Before I die!)

Merry ME said...

I feel privileged to be part of your blog world. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I am now curious enough to go back and count my own!

Keep writing, my friend, it is a gift.

speck of dust said...

I love finding out more about you with this post and your blogging journey is fun to read about. I'm happy that you've got so much out of it including some wonderful friends around the world. x

trousers said...

Good to see you - and lovely curry too!

I'm not surprised at the amount of posts you've written, I was quite sure it'd be more than my own total :)


nitebyrd said...

Please don't ever think of leaving. I hope you have 418 billion more post in you. Your words, feelings, insights and photographs are heartfelt and inspiring. I want to read the good, the bad and the ugly of what you write and/or feel, Byrd. So, don't stop. Please!

BTW, I've given you an award. See, you can't leave! LOL

Lori ann said...

Good grief that's alot of writing! well, it sure doesn't seem like it. I'm happy that you didn't stop blogging because then i'd not have met you! You are a wonderful blogger and real friend, even though we've not met. Yet. ;)

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Way to go Mandy. I must admit I'm having problems making my first post, it's like putting your foot into freezing cold water! Congrats Lovely Lady. Linda♥

Pam said...

Congratulations Mandy! May there be many more posts.Your blog is inspiring and a joy to visit.Good to know Australia is on your wish list - you never know!

Angela Recada said...

Congratulations! I am so glad I found you and your blog, somehow, in this sea of blogs. I hope to exchange blog visits with you for a long, long time.

(And thanks, also, for your sane and rational comment on my latest post. You see now what we are up against here. I'm tired of the ignorance and hypocrisy, as you may have noticed.)

BrightenedBoy said...

There are so many bloggers I want to meet who live far aay from me, and only one I read who's very close to me.

People's personal blogging sagas are so interesting. I had to change my site following its discovery by family members, but I kept my persona and only really changed the name.

Congratulations on all the work you've done here. It is such a unique and enriching medium.

BrightenedBoy said...


Your comment on my Fall poem was very flattering. Thank you so much for stopping by to look.

miss*R said...

I would hate to think of how many posts i have written over my blog life of 5 years... how many hours is that of wasted time??

sometimes, I wish I could just walk away from it.. but I think I am addicted..

yum, curry!!

Mel said...

Here's to the next 418.

There's a lot in you to still be said, dearheart. I consider it a privilege to be allowed this seat in the sidelines.

((((( the byrdie )))))))

Cynthia said...

Imagine the life you have lived in these blog's like you live life thinking about it in relation to 'should I share this' and then you re-live it when you write about it.

It kind of magnetizes and magnifies life...I'm glad that Fire Byrd rose from the ashes...and you didn't have another fit of throwing your toy/blog out of the crib/blogland!

Congratulations on your 418 and many more!xx

Sorrow said...

holy crap!
thats a great many words Byrd!
and they are all so you, so from the heart, from that wonderful brain of yours!
by the way how goes the book?
being all hobbled have you put any energies into it?
still think it would be F'ing wonderful!
well happy 418 blog birthday to you! you are a wonder!
and a hug..