Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Four pics taken last week to entertain you whilst I have a break from here.
Haven't anything to say, except to talk about my health and that's boring.
Don't know if I'll come back or not, I guess depends on if I find anything to say that doesn't feel annoying to me as I write it.

But the people who know me by email will still be getting them!! No escape for you then....

And if you want to write to me and don't know the address try..... pradapixie@hotmail.co.uk and I'll get back to you.

The view from my bed

River Dove in full spate after the rain last week

The Roaches from the playing field where I walk my dog

The landscape between Buxton and Leek over towards Earl Sterndale


Merry ME said...

I'm feeling very sad at the thought of you feeling so miserable. I pray your sabbatical will be long enough for you to get back on your feet and short enough that we who love you won't miss words for long.

I like knowing that you are taking care of yourself, doing what you need to do.

Loving you

Angela Recada said...

I'm so sorry to hear that things have gotten to this point for you. I will be thinking of you and wishing you the best, always.

Be well,

Helen said...

Hello there! I just want you to know that whatever you write ~ and whenever you write it ~ I'll be there!

Please take care ... I can feel your pain and stress through cyberspace.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I know what you mean, I'm a bit low on words atm. Hope you are feeling better in every way soon
Hugs BG x

nitebyrd said...

(((HUGS))) It seems that this is rampant in the blog world. Maybe it's summer doldrums. Take care, be well.

Pam said...

Byrd,little bit sad about this- what can I say. Wanting you to be happy and well,wanting you to be in a good place of strength.Wishing you love and warm wishes and a big pat for Trixie. Hope you decide to post more, in whatever time-frame, on whatever issues.Big big hug.xxxxx

Gin said...

I will be here waiting patiently. I just started to get to know you and I will miss you.

However, this isn't about me is it? :-) Take the time you need. I hope you are able to find it comforting!

Lori ann said...


It's ok, you just take good care.

Those photos are beautiful!


trousers said...

Well I struggle from time to time - for all sorts of reasons - with what I'm writing, and whether it feels like there's any worth in it whatsoever.

Main thing is, I hope some sort of balance gets established and restored away from this here blog, if that's what's needed.

As and when you're ready (and not a moment before) I imagine - hope - that the words and thoughts will begin to flow here again.

In the meantime, take good care of yourself and life's priorities at the moment, and give us a shout if you need to. I'll be in touch soon anyway. x

Mel said...

Rising from the ashes--working it out, remember?

Sometimes that 'working it out' jazz comes fast and furious and a bit like those waters the photo captured well.

And sometimes, it's a breeze-less moment where we get to just trudge on, mutter about the air not moving and keep waiting until that breeze finally ruffles the window curtain.
It's all a part of working it out--but I know you know that.

Oh, and you know me--I ain't goin' nowhere.
Ya poor thing. LOL

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling low, dearest FireByrd - I'm hear if you want to talk, see?
I hope you'll soon be back and while you're gone, know you'll be missed. But you know what, sometimes we really do just need that time out - so take however long you need.

Your pix are gorgeous and thanks for the sneak preview :-)


lakeviewer said...

Taking time off is always a good idea when one feels the need for it. Hope things go well for you.

Don said...

Hello! Just found your lovely blog. You talk of being tired; your photos seem very beautiful and restful. Hope you are feeling better. My wife suffers from thyroid trouble; go to the doctor and get tested/fixed up. You know it makes a real difference! I'll be back; hope you will be too. Take care of yourself FIRST.

karen said...

Wow, you sound just like me at the moment! this is my first visit to any blogs for 3 weeks, and can hardly think straight at the moment. Thinking of you, and hope things take a turn for the better soon... xx