Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Sometimes it is so difficult to know what to write about here. There is both a lot and nothing happening in my life simultaneously.

Now I know that is a double dutch statement, and what I mean by it is, life is filled with a great deal of stress courtesy of my youngest son. Who, when I could take it no more, had the riot read to him at 3am the other morning. Which seems to have shaken him out of his current miasma. Maybe it was my threat to kick him out of my house if he didn't get his act together. Who knows, all I know is right this minute today he's a lot more on track than of recent weeks.

Added to that my health is not up to par right now, I am extremely bone weary and exhausted, which I think is not only stress related, but also to my thyroid levels needing adjusting again. And I've got a problem with my hearing

So these two things are preoccupying me, and at the same time life is ticking along in it's own quiet rhythm, as in work and walking and paying bills and getting food and all the other stuff that goes on in every one's life.

Which means that tomorrow, I can take some time out to gather myself and be kind, if not self indulgent to me! OK there are some errands to run, but they are not going to be done until I have had a leisurely breakfast and a long bath. Then when the chores are done I'm going to sit and read and quite possibly, cause I can, paint my nails red!

I will, if I have the energy write to my friends, and if I haven't the energy I won't and I will not beat myself up either way. I will accept that my energy levels being low are not a sign of my imagined laziness or because I'm not a good enough friend.

If I am to enjoy going out to lunch on Friday with the gorgeous and glamorous Wake- up then I need to look after myself on Thursday. And the same will go for Saturday when an old friend is coming past in her camper van and stopping by for lunch.

So in writing this I'm making a promise to myself, not to beat myself up with guilt because I've hooked into some imagined role I have to fulfill as a friend. A role where I bounce around like Tigger on speed, when at the moment I'm more Eeyoreish, not in the depressed sense, just in terms of being a bit slow and laborious in making any effort.

It took me over two hours to read and comment on my blog roll tonight and that doesn't include the ones that are private that I haven't got round to yet.

All in all it's just as well as my new addiction is iced coffee, which I'm making jugs and jugs of, cause if it wasn't for that,I think I'd have come to a complete stop!!!

Being kind to myself then, is the new black and I heartily recommend it as a way forward.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

I just wanted to say hope you feel better soon! Hugs BG x

lakeviewer said...

Take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Our bodies give us lots of hints to slow down, pay attention. We must heed these signs.

nitebyrd said...

Take the time to keep yourself happy and healthy. Real friends understand that and will demand you do it!

Picsie Chick said...

Sending boundless butterflies your way to keep you resting until you don't need to rest anymore, and to pick you up when you're ready to roar again!

I got a kick out of you comparing yourself alternately to Tigger and Eeyore, since that same comparison came about in our house last week about bike riding. And, it turns out, if I respect the pains in my body while riding (recently corrected by a change in bike fit, thankfully), I seem to be a lot more Eeyoreish.

So I am going to follow your lead this evening. I feel a bit off, energy-wise so I am going to walk away from this computer and do a nice gentle round of yoga, and, if I still want to, have a little sleep. Then I'll work on dinner.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Hugs and butterflies,

Mel said...

Tigger on speed. LOL I have no problem visualizing that--wonder why that is!

You, dearheart, need to follow through and go for the 'red'.

And I'm not a nail painter--but I do think a ducky bubble bath IS in order! :-)

Paula said...

Tons of hugs. Yepp, it is so important to be kind to oneself, however not always easily applied. Hope you spoil yourself and red nails are just so damn sexy

Angela said...

Never mind "neglecting" us!! We know that we are friends and you don`t have to write to us, telling us so!
Just be good to yourself, behave like your own best friend!! Go to your doctor, get reassured, and tell your son to act responsibly, and then lean back and enjoy life! And if you want mails or entertainment, just let us know! A post with: "I want entertainment" will be enough! Cheers from Angela!

Sage said...


Dark Side said...

Thinking of you Mandy, there is nothing wrong with being kind to yourself, you just do what you want to do and balls to the rest..(((hugs))) xx

Lori ann said...

It's a good thing to do, you are special.

Big Hugs,

CheekyDani said...

I'm liking this new black Madame - and so you should be nice to yourself because in my experience if you can't, others don't either. Big hugs and you send me that recipe for iced coffee would you?! x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment. Still special.

Val said...

I like the new black!! i will try to remember :-) You take good care of yourself and rebuild those energy levels x

miss*R said...

a good friend is one who is there, whether you email or not... no obligations ... knowing that when the time comes and we pick up the phone or email.. all will be ok.. so, you take your time.. visit or email when you can.. and for me, this is ok.. and vice versa.. deal?
take care of that sweet person who is Pix to me xoxo

Pam said...

Rest up and take care of yourself Mandy.Spoil yourself with things you love to

Angela Recada said...

Dear Mandy, I so empathize with you. Our teenage son has been wreaking havoc in our home and family, off and on, for the last four years, as well. It has taken its toll on me.

The Tigger/Eeyore situation is one I also deal with. It's impossible to be perky and "fun" when you are bone weary from stress and worry. I know.

Please be good to yourself and put yourself first sometimes (advice I can give, but often find difficult to follow, myself). I hope this weekend brought you the peace you needed.

Many hugs,