Thursday, 11 June 2009


This started as a comment on someones post, and I realised what I felt was so important to me that I needed to expand on it and post it myself.

Like the butterfly wings, fluttering on a summer dawn.
One small action can lead on to more, as the strength of the breeze builds up across the world.
And we realise we are not one, but many and we all just want to live in peace
And here we stretch out our hands in friendship across the continents and feel heard by one another.
And the butterfly lands gently on our hands as the touch, the essence of love that is offered one to another that holds us in bad times and leads us to good
The people who pass by here and care.
Sometimes they just read, and maybe sigh
Some may say words of cherishing and love, that envelop us in care.
To know that you pass by this way and stop to stare and connect with me, though your miles and miles away.
That makes me smile, makes me hope, makes me know that your butterfly kiss words are given with the same hope and generosity that you want me to respond to you.
And so the circle is complete and the world revolves.
And the butterfly soars into the sky touching our hearts and souls as its wings shimmer in the morning light


Merry ME said...

What a nice post on top of my butterfly experience yesterday. I'd say the butterfly totem is still working!

Helen said...

Pure loveliness .....

Sorrow said...

wisdom and beauty
all wrapped up in an impish grin..

Pam said...

That's beautiful Byrd!! I think I'll start collecting illustrations of butterflies after reading this, in anticipation of an art piece. You are an inspiration!xx

Paula said...

How beautiful. Thanks Mandy!

Dark Side said...

That was very lovely Mandy...and so very true of all of us I feel..xx

Barbara said...

Looking forward to the next time our wings touch in passing flight! I love the concept of the Blogger community as a bunch of beautiful butterflies!

Angela Recada said...

What a lovely way to describe this blogging community!

Mel said...

What a lovely piece to share with all of us here. I'm glad it didn't get missed in the comments.


miss*R said...

I think you are a butterfly in my world.. thankyou... Pix, you are an amazing soul... and funny that I come to read this post just near the anniversary of Daisy's death.. butterflys are a sign from her.

e said...

What a beautiful posting!

Picsie Chick said...


You're beautiful. Thank you.

Hugs and butterflies,