Saturday, 9 May 2009

So I've got a very poorly nose! I was walking Trix last night as I always do around 10pm in the school grounds opposite my house. I can find my way round them blindfold I've been walking in them for the last ten years. Except last night, I was gazing at the full moon, totally oblivious to where I went, only to fall over a tree stump and land fully sprawled with my nose hitting the ground with force.

It's really weird falling over as an adult. I wanted to cry, I certainly wanted someone to kiss me better. I did get a wet nose stuck in my face from Trix as the blood poured down my face! I had to get up and walk the rest of the way home snivelling and bleeding, not a good combination. There was no-one in to tell, so I sent a text to get some sympathy, which worked.

It's odd when I was away I missed Trix,much more than I missed my sons! I've got so attached to her in the last few months. It's almost as if she's been part of the family for ever. And I never thought we'd get to where we are with her now when we first had her.I was scared of Alsatians before she arrived, I got bitten by one when I was seven. Which meant I had a lot of obstacles to overcome within myself and then with her.

The challenges initially were enormous and so frightening and for two pins I would have sent her back to the rescue people. Now there are still challenges, but they are manageable. The newest one is letting her off the lead when walking her. We have taken the precaution of putting a muzzle on her as she isn't save without. She is still scared of strangers which makes her difficult. But the muzzle stops her from taking chunks out of people and dogs she encounters... much to their relief! And mine!!

She is great now with people in the house, she is happy to have people in that she knows are invited and barks like mad when there not. Double glazing salesmen don't hang around long.....

And I couldn't ask for a better pal during the time I'm alone. Wherever I am in the house or garden she'll be there too, sitting close to me. This of course is particularly useful in the kitchen when I'm cooking and she is in front of the cooker! And why when I'm sitting on the garden swing seat she has to hog most of it, I don't know.

So this means I can now talk out loud all day long having a conversation with her, rather than talking to myself. And since she has the worlds biggest ears which show her every emotion I can tell that she is listening to me, even if she thinks I'm talking gibberish!!

I would have put a pic of her up, but once you've seen one picture of one Alsatian .....


lakeviewer said...

Welcome back. Was the trip as you anticipated? Tell us more.

Cynthia said...

I know what you mean about unexpected accidents. They happen so often as a child but rarely as an adult...suddenly, you want comforted because your trust has been broken. You feel a bit betrayed and want someone to comfort you. I hope you didn't hurt for long.
Love to you <3

david mcmahon said...

.... we all need to walk in the moonlight regularly. With cameras!

Merry ME said...

Can one ever see too many dog pictures?

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Aw, do put up a pic of Trix! No one dog ever looks the same as another, their personalities always shine through. And you have in her, I think, a devoted friend for life.
A friend also had a rescue Alsation and her dog, also a problem child initially, grew, with love and training, to be a wonderful creature.

Hope you're not too sore after your fall.

justme said...

Your poor nose! Hope it is all better now. x

trousers said...

In anticipation of receiving visitors a couple of nights ago, I'd done a big blitz of the flat, cleaning and tidying.

Which meant that the vacuum cleaner wasn't resting in its usual spot.

Which then meant that when I got up briefly in the early hours, I walked straight into it, cutting and bruising my shin, and ending up in a rather undignified heap on the floor with the cleaner on top of me.

Fortunately it was mild enough to make me laugh at my own silliness rather than to get upset, but I imagine it's a different state of affairs when you're outside somewhere, and you've hit your face not your leg. Hope all's better now.

Oh and that first photograph is just amazing, it's now my desktop background.

Lady in red said...

As a child I was terrified of dogs after some scary incidents. Our neighbours had two alsatians that scared the life out of me whenever I saw/heard them.

Aged 15 I got a part time job as a kennel maid (talk about facing your fears!) by the time I left there after 18 months my favourite dogs were the two alsatian bitches

Now I am still wary of dogs I don't know but I don't cross the road to avoid them anymore

MarmiteToasty said...

I tell me maties that if I trip or fall over now as an adult with me dodgy knee (I just wouldnt be able to get up lol) to just leave me there and get me a pillow and a blanket and a pepsi and walk around me lol

Why does it hurt so much to fall as an adult?


Dark Side said...

I am so sorry to hear you fell over after you have felt silly it hurts like hell.

I would have loved to be there to pick you up.

I know what you mean about Trix, it's great being able to talk to animals and see there reaction.

Put as many pics of her up as you like, I love alsations I was brought up with lots of them..xx

Mel said...'s good you missed the puppy. I'm sure she missed you and the ramblings. ;-)

This is why I keep the Brit, yaknow! His presence makes me appear sane when I'm going on about nothing in particular..LOL

Helen said...

I can sympathize ... I fell twice this year ~ already ~ on both knees - on concrete. Oh, those full moons can certainly play a few tricks on us. Glad you are OK.

nitebyrd said...

You're poor nose! :-*

Trix is a lovely dog. It's beautiful that you've become such good friends. Dogs are love.

Walker said...

Oh thats smarts to.

Your best friend will always be your pet if you treat them that way and they can feel your pain.

Frick, my whop is more dog than cat i may add is never to far from me as he is now sitting in his own computer chair.
Yes he has his own laptop to.