Sunday, 24 May 2009

Pictures tonight , words tomorrow

The view of Kew bridge from the pub wall lunch time today

An amazing plant inside the Palm House in Kew Gardens

The flowers in St James's Park

London skyline with St Paul's Cathedral and the Gherkin.

The woods near Mei's house

The Fairy tale rooftops and the London Eye taken from the bridge in St James's Park


lakeviewer said...

Lovely views. Thanks.

miss*R said...

thought I would pop over right now just while I remember to, so that you know that I think of you even if I don't visit right now xo! gorgeous photos and I am not 100% sure but that amazing flower could be of the Allium family.. as I said, I could be wrong..
I love your photos in this post, thankyou xo
and facebook: for me right now, it is a very quick way to put down how I am feeling.. stay well dear Pixie Friend xo

Sorrow said...

Looks like some one is having a great big spot of fun!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful photos, Fire Byrd. Love the color and space. <3

Mel said...

Oh......very cool. Someone went on an adventure! :-)

Val said...

thanks for these! I love london and have always wanted to go to Kew Gardens. Amazed you had time to take such gorgeous photos with the schedule you had. Cant wait to hear all about the weekend xx

Paula said...

Seems to have had a blast. Fab picture. Visited your blog several times over the weekend, actzually not really sure what touched me so deeply but I kept reading about healing over and over again. By now I am reading chapter of your book. Thanks for sharing. Big hug, Paula

Walker said...

Great pictures and beautiful scenery.