Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Now you know me, and how when I do something I do it at breakneck speed with as much as possible crammed in to make it worthwhile. Well this coming weekend is no exception.

Going off to Oxford tomorrow night, after work to stay overnight with old friends, so as to save some travelling time the next day.

Friday drive to where my son lives in London and park my car and walk away.
Sort myself out on the tube and get from west London to North to meet the lovely Mei, who seems to have stopped blogging, but not stopped being a mate.

Quick lunch with her and then back into centre to go and meet Absolute Vanilla (Nicky) who is over from South Africa. And has organised a grand meeting of folk. So she will be the sounds of it, be able to give us all five minutes before someone else wants to say hello to her.

Back to Mei's for the night, and a breather as I don't then have to be anywhere till Saturday afternoon when I met up with my cousin for a bite to eat.

Leaving him in time to go back to west London to see Kit, who will have arrived back from Paris by 8pm.

Sunday I'll phone up CheekyDani and if she's around we are going to try and met for coffee. Otherwise it's off to Kew gardens with Kit and I'm going to meet his girlfriend for the first time.

Lunch will be at a pub by the Thames near Kew bridge, and then I can get in my conveniently parked car and drive home. So saving me a ridiculous four hour train journey that involves 4 changes cause it's Sunday and the rail network is dug up so increasing journey length by three hours.

Then I get a bank holiday to recover on Monday and to plan my next jaunt..... Philadelphia three weeks later!!! Which I really hope I my beloved friend Sorrow can get to for a few days ( no pressure then hon!!!)

Pic is off my eldest looking suitably bored with me for taking yet another pic.With Big Ben and the South African Embassy (that's apt!!) in the background taken in Trafalgar Square on the steps of the National gallery


Dave King said...

Quite an agenda. It makes me feel tired, just reading it. May the force be with you!

Val said...

sounds brilliant - an impressive schedule! what about Trixie??
have a great weekend and look forward to hearing all.x

karen said...

Wonderful! enjoy your sociable weekend, and great that you will be able to meet Nicky! So sorry I couldn't have met up with you a few weeks back.. would've been great (sigh). I love that photo - poor long suffering lads, I have several similar bored posed young men photos! xx

Angela said...

Yes, tell us all about it afterwards! My, what a schedule! I especially want to know how Nicky coped with all her friends and admirers! And if you got a chance!

lakeviewer said...

Wow, I'm tired already.( I see Dave shares my age-related response). Say hi to Nicki from me. You are lucky to make both virtual and real friends.

Helen said...

.. smashing photo! Sounds like a trek I would love to take. Enjoy.

Sorrow said...

Oh no
no pressure..
He is such a handsome bloke, even if he does have that sardonic bored look.
I need to take a few lessons from you in how to cram as much into living as possible.
You are amazing..I am exhausted just reading your list!

Anonymous said...

also in london this weekend but not quite as hectic as you and by train unfortunatley

Dark Side said...

What a busy bee you are again, hope you get to meet Dani because I haven't had that pleasure but love her to bits all the same...xx

Lady in red said...

can you see how green with envy I am

have a great time and give mei a hug from me and dani too if you meet her

anya said...

Good grief you're a busy woman!

Sounds like a great time though. What fun to actually have been able to meet and get to know some of your blog friends in person.

Do you ever get out towards Colorado?

Merry ME said...

Goodness, I had trouble getting out of the driveway this morning.
Hope you and Sorrow can hook up and you get a picture!

Paula said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Sure you guys will have a blast. Looking forward to you shares. Paula xx

Lola said...

No time for idle and lallygagging on this weekend! Have a great time and say hi to Nicky from me. Ciao have fun

Mel said...

No half measures for YOU. LOL

What a cutie....

Walker said...

I'm tired
Are you on speed?
You have a busy weekend ahead of you.
I hope and know you will have a great time and spread the love.
If there was an Olympic Medal for cramming, you'd get it.
Now I'm going to get some rest

Jenny Woolf said...

Well, I was present at some of this planned weekend, at the RFH, and it was great to meet you and chat with you! Are you on Twitter? if so what's your name... mine's the very original one of "Jennywoolf" !